Question Laptop GPU performance issue: sudden throttling?

Jan 4, 2023
Over the last few days I have been having an issue with my laptop: an ASUS Vivobook that I bought almost a year ago.

Basic Specs
Windows 11
AMD Ryzen 5600H
Nvidia Geforce RTX 3050

The problem appears to be with my gpu. While gaming, the gpu will run normally for a few minutes, then experience a noticeable stutter, followed by the gpu usage spiking to 99% while performance drops massively, going from a solid 60 fps to below 20. The problem appears to be game-agnostic. Skyrim will normally run at around 65-80% GPU usage before spiking and Fable Anniversary (not a very intensive game, mind you) normally runs at 30-50% before spiking. I haven't tested it on any other games, however.

Looking at Task Manager, the CPU appears to be running normally. And I don't think it's a temperature issue, as the GPU is only around 65 C when the problem occurs. The battery appears fine and is not in power saving mode. The fans appear to be working fine. I don't remember making any relevant software updates, or damaging the laptop in any way.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics drivers; no success. I'm really at my wits end. Does anyone have an idea regarding what the problem might be? I would appreciate any help or guidance you all can offer.
Hey there,

Hmm, sounds like something is throttling. What temps are the CPU hitting during load?

Use something like HWInfo (with sensors) and monitor your temps via that app.

What power plan are you running? What bios version for the laptop?

Just to be clear, you are running the games with the power cord in, yes?