Question Laptop Keyboard Freezing


Dec 2, 2016
So A little backstory: A while back I was having issues with my laptop keyboard freezing and it would almost seem like it was dosed as when I would plug things into the USB port it wouldn't work and wouldn't even get power. I found that this would happen a lot when I used my Nvidia GPU so I made sure programs wouldn't use the GPU to prevent this keyboard thing from happening. I did this for about a few months until this one guy told me to uninstall and reinstall Nvidia Geforce as well as the drivers. It ended up working as when I play games such as CSGO, my keyboard wouldn't freeze and I thought this problem had been fixed.

Fast forward to today: I was playing Gary's Mod and it happened again. My keyboard froze as well as all the USB ports, I ended up having to restart my computer by holding the power button. I was pressing a lot of buttons because the game I was playing involved a lot of keyboard combinations.

Does this have to do with me pressing a lot of buttons at once? How do I make this stop...


I don't think the keyboard is at fault. If anything you could try and run and see if any keys are being depressed. This would indicate your laptop needing a keyboard replacement. On the other hand you will also need to see which BIOS version your laptop is currently on.

If there are any BIOS updates pending for your laptop, gradually work your way up to the latest. Speaking of laptop, what is the make and model of your laptop? An SKU will help us two fold. Lastly include the version for your OS(if Windows 10).