Question Laptop Turns off randomly as well as when it is moved sometimes displaying flickering screen pattern before turning off

Aug 21, 2019
Hello everyone ,

The laptop n5110i turns off unexpectedly when any of the following things occur.

  1. It may do it on its own
  2. If it experiences a mild movement, for example during adjustment or the opening of dvd tray
  3. Sometimes flickering lines appear before it shuts off ( I have a snapshot of screen but it is not attaching for some technician reason on this website )
However , after it is shutdown , I can turn it on. I am not understanding what the cause of this problem is.

It does seem to have started when I accidentally plugged it’s adapter into the power wall extension ( that is power strip with multiple connections in it ) which was already sharing a connection with another laptop of dell. At that instant , when I turned it on , it displayed horizontal lines on screen before turning off. Immediately after that when I turned it on , it had shut down before making four beep tones. Judging from some of the posts mentioned , the issue led me to clear the cmos.

After which the laptop is turning on without making any beep noises , however now it seems to have developed extreme sensitivity to mild bumps.

I have tried running the memory diagonastics , but it s screen again started displaying patterns before completing the tests. I will try that again after a while and update the post

Please advise what might be causing this
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By "mild shocks" I trust that you mean mechanical bumps and moves versus static electrical shocks.

My thought is that when the accidental plug in occurred, there was some sort of electrical short inside the laptop.

The electrical short may have caused a make and break connection in some component. Connectivity continues until movement occurs. Then the break opens and connectivity is lost. May be heat related.

Do you have the laptop's User Guide/Manual. There should be a troubleshooting section that explains the meaning of the four beeps.

I found the following:

4 beeps ---> Memory Read/Write failure.

Verify the error code. Then open the laptop and inspect. Start with the memory modules.
Computers don't like shock. If you shock it often with touch, or that one time you had it on the wrong power adabpter (not sure I get the "power wall extension which was already sharing a connection with another laptop of dell "), it is reasonable to assume that could eventually damage parts. From your pic, it could be the video cable. As a possible test, if you move the screen back and forth, does the screen change or go back to normal?
Aug 21, 2019
Thank you for the prompt responses , ralston18 & ketchup79.

I wanted to be sure to check on the response before I could post a reply. Here are the observations.

1. I removed memory modules i.e RAM one by one and performed the memory diagnostics test , the subsequent reports showed no errors.

I plugged in both the memory modules and performed the memory diagnostics test , again there was no detection of errors. And the laptop kept working fine throughout this instance.

As an additional measure , I gave some mild bumps over the laptop keyboard to see if the display was sensitive but it kept working fine without any problem.

2. Day 2- I tuned on the laptop but there was no display. Everything else seemed to be working fine for example , I could hear the fan and hard disk running as soon as the laptop was tuned on but there was no display. I turned it off , turned on again and there was no display. I left it on for some time when it again threw out four beeps. After 5 or 8 seconds , there were four beeps in succession.

I opened up the laptop , removed one module and turned it on but there was no display. I replaced the first memory module with the second one , and again no display showed up. I removed both modules and turned on the display nothing was showing up on the screen. I plugged in the memory module once again making sure it s firmly in place and it started showing display again. And is working fine ever since.

However , I think the exact cause of the problem is still not identified. I don’t have the manual of laptop.

If it is the memory read/writer failure , as the link above shows then why does it start working and not report any errors when plugged in and checked with tests.