Question Laptop types Random Characters when pressing specific keys

Jul 24, 2019
Ok as stated above when pressing the windows, enter (numpad) or any of the arrow keys there apear about 14 characters... all the same in one row but pressing another button results in a different character

My guess is that the keyboard is damaged... because the problem did not occur with a USB keyboard
I would like to know if there is a way without buying a new keyboard and replacing the old one, to get it to act normal again


Boot to a USB drive with linux on it. grab a USB drive, a copy of rufus and a linux distribution. has tons of differing linux distributions and download links. I personally am fond of linux mint with cinnamon. the utility used to extract the ISO file to the USB drive.

use rufus to extract the selected ISO to the thumb drive. it will make the drive bootable and you can run linux from the drive once done.
Reboot into linux and proceed to test the hardware. connect to internet, watch videos, await problems.
if linux is good and stable the issue is most likely inside windows or otherwise software related.
this is a test of the hardware.
boot into linux and test the keyboard there and the USB. if you get the same results the keyboard/cable/connection is at fault