Review LastPass Review: Great password management for a price


Jan 1, 2017
Great review, thank you.

I'd say if you can afford it for teams, DashLane provides everything and the sink, including a good GUI.

LastPass has all the things you said and there's one extra issue that drives me nuts: It's very moody when searching for things on it.

For personal use, its price is OK, but for sure DashLane and BitWarden are great considerations.

I would not recommend anyone 1Password until they get away from catering to the pump and dump planet burning crowd, their direction is not a good one right now, especially their desktop extensions/apps.
May 5, 2022
Bitwarden’s free service doesn’t run as smoothly as LastPass’s
Can you clarify this comment? Bitwarden wasn't mentioned until the very end which suggests this could be been a paid review by LogMeIn (LastPass parent company). As a paid user of Bitwarden for the last 3 years (LastPass for 4 years prior) I could easily refute that comment. Bitwarden has been much less of a headache than what LP ever was. Please do a full independent unbias review of Bitwarden pitting it against LastPass, Dashlane and others.
Lastpass is still great if you just need it on your PC.

And if limited to just one device, that might indeed matter to some or even many. (Not sure what would stop someone from using a separate Lastpass login e-mail for the other device, however...; perhaps some more work what with entering the same passwords into both login accounts, but, still doable for those who like/want LastPass, and, let's face it...who does not have 3-5 emails at their disposal anyway these days?)

Given any potential past connection with LogMeIn( current data on Google suggests Lastpass is it's own spinoff company, but, the entitites which own LogMeIn also own/control LastPass?)I'm surprised a free version ever remained/survived at all, given LogMeIn's history of utter destruction/decimation of free or inexpensive versions of things ...

'Sponsored' articles (if applicable) make it hard to be objective on comparisons....
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