Question LED Stairs Lights

Oct 21, 2019
I bought the BTF-LIGHTING WS2811 UCS1903 SM16703 Mini Wireless WiFi Group Controller from Amazon to operate my stair lights. The strips have been cut to 32" strips for each step then hardwired to the next strip all the way up. I cannot figure out why the 6th light and up will not operate like the other 5. All functions and control stop after step 5, they only stay white from step 6 and up. I have soldered in a different strip on step 6 and it still won't change colors. This is a 24 volt system with 2 power supplies. I'm not sure if the signal wire just will not control that many lights since I have soldered on extension wires and connectors. Here are some specs on the LED Light strip:

Length: 20M / 65.6 foot

LED Quantity: 36LED/m, 720 LEDs/20m

Color: Addressable RGB

Input voltage: 24V DC

Working Power: 172.8W