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  1. MysticMian

    Question I accidentally pressed the RGB button on my casing, and now the fans are not syncing with RGB fusion software.

    Everything was working fine until I pressed the RGB button on the casing and the fans changed color. (I have three fans on the front, 2 above, and 1 on the back, all are synced with each other). I tried to control them with the RGB Fusion software again, but the lights are not changing. I also...
  2. Dreadwolf91

    Question What are good RGB Fan systems to invest in now ?

    Hey, so i wanted to build a Lian Li O11D Evo with my NZXT AiO and a lot of RGB fans. Now im wondering what RGB fans have a good airflow/noise balance AND have a good and potent software to control them ? For comparison: I like the corsair iCUE software but i dont know if the LL120 are good from...
  3. N

    Question ASRock Polychrome not working after Windows 11 update | driver can not be found ?

    So after Updating my windows 11 last night I have been running into this problem of 3 driver can not be loaded and it's related to my ASRock Polychrome RGB software. It's not working and get's stuck on updating the led firmware forever. Reinstalled restarting is not fixing my problem. I get...
  4. Eershaa

    Question Did I make some mistakes when connecting my AIO Liquid Cooler to my motherboard's RGB fan header, and If so how should I rectify ?

    I'd like to ask something regarding my AIO Liquid Cooler...it's Aorus Waterforce X 360 with LCD display. In the RGB Fusion software, there shows this color gradient theme from which one can choose the AIO cooler fan's color scheme but whatever theme I choose it doesn't have any effect on the...
  5. ThenamirTheGeek

    Question How to *control* RGB from addressable Gen 2 header ?

    TL;DR Version -- I can't control the RGB colors on my system using an addressable Gen 2 header. Greetings, fellow propeller-heads, tech-savvy friends, and hardware experts. First post, been searching thru the existing threads here but so far have not found an answer. My last computer being...
  6. O

    Question One of the Ram sticks has no RGB light but still works and is detected by the computer.

    Any idea why this is? I hope the stick isn’t failing but it’s showing up as usable ram and fully operational
  7. Emma0_0

    Question My RGB EZI keyboard has issues.

    When I bought the PC and turned it on, I noticed that I couldn't type properly. When I pressed a key, it would make a sound and type the same key multiple times, and I had to wait for a few seconds. Until I pressed the button to turn off the keyboard light (Scroll Lock), and the problem was...
  8. A

    Question additional LEDs in my PC

    Hi, I have a B450 tomahawk max motherboard and this motherboard has LEDs. I wanted to add some LEDs in my computer in such a way that they are synchronized with the motherboard. My motherboard has connectors called JRGB1/2 which are supposed to allow connecting 5050 RGB LED strips 12V( that's...
  9. SilverChad

    Question RGB Cooler LED Gone Wierd

    Hi, Today one of my RGB fans which is installed on back went broken, I think its lights is out. I have this fan for 1 year, It was not used or stock. Here is a video of it : What happened to it? Should I be worried about my system power? Can this happen to other devices on system?
  10. M

    Question Case fans stopped lighting up about a year into use

    As it says, after a year of no issues one day my fan lights stopped lighting up. They will also turn back on what seems to be completely randomly but I'm not sure. I've looked it up and the things I've already tried are; cleaning PC/PSU, updating Motherboard drivers, seeing if it's an app I...
  11. KD276

    Question Corsair CX650F RGB - - - Is it possible to turn OFF the RGB lights permanently ?

    Hello, this question is for people who own this psu, since i found it in my local store at a good price. Since i do not like RGB, my question is, can i turn OFF the RGB lights permamently? I read the online manual and there is a button in the back, pressing it several times i can choose the OFF...
  12. M

    Question Can I run 13 argb cables from one controller ?

    Hi i have question i hope get right answer. I have this controller below: and i have 10 fans + 2 cable argb + 1 gpu support argb the controller suppoort only 9 argb led but i can connect all in it 7 fan case in 7 argb led controller 3 fan cpu coller tie together in 1 argb led controller 2...
  13. Lightning2348

    Question Case fans turning on and off when i start to play games

    Hey guys i just built my pc everything seems to work and i got windows installed and it seems to be good. My case fans seem to be doing something odd. When i play a game only my case fans will start to turn on and off. The longer i play the faster it turns on and off. The type of fans are the...
  14. M

    Question [ARGB FANS] Would 2,8A (out of max 3,0A for a connector) damage my LEDs? Or the MOBO?

    Title is quite chaotic so let me explain I have 7 Arctic P14 ARGB fans, and all of them daisy-chained connected to one slot would require 2,8A (per one fan - 0,4A / 5V / 12 LEDs) My MOBO states, that one (ADD GEN2_X) connector has the max rating of 3,0A / 5V / 500 LEDs So the LED requirement...
  15. S

    Question Trying to figure out RAM settings for RGB (Trident Z G.Skill)

    So, I do like the solid white. But I want to make a beautiful white wave, not the other colors. Anyone experienced in G.skill software that could help? Feed back is appreciated, thanks!
  16. P

    Question RGB fan doesn't light up ?

    Oh, I see. So i should buy a c
  17. krelidas_34

    Question What are some excellent RGB air coolers?

    I'm wondering if there are any best CPU coolers that glow in the dark. I have a conjecture that these coolers aren't recommended due to the cooler unable to cool effectively during overclocking, but I don't need to overclock. (I might, but not necessarily.) I'm aiming for Intel Core i7 Alder...
  18. G

    Question What size of fan do I need ?

    I am looking to add case fans to my current: MasterBox TD500 Mesh case. I am wanting to add a MASTERFAN MF120 HALO for the rear of my case which is 120mm. I would also like to add some for the top but i am not sure which ones? Can i just buy more of these ones or will I have to buy 140mm...
  19. W

    Question Case fans starting upon boot, then stopping, then sequentially starting

    Hi, I'm having an issue with my case fans. I have just had built a PC with the following: Fractal Designs Meshify Lite RGB case which comes with 4 case fans Gigabyte b760m ds3h ax ddr5 motherboard...
  20. D

    Question Wraith Prism Cooler RGB Problem

    I have a ryzen 7 3700x that came with the wraith prism cooler, and everything is working fine except the rgb on the cooler. To be exact, i can't control the rbg of the fan, and the outer circle. I've tried every fix and even swapping the other connector with the usb2.0 one. But when i install...
  21. M

    [SOLVED] Can you explain what's up with Logitech G513 keys?

    I just bought a new Logitech G513 Keyboard, and I noticed something is different from the images I saw on the web. This is one version But I got this version Notice that number keys and function keys are half lit on the bottom image. Also symbols are centered on the top image. So why...
  22. P

    Question Mid-tower under $100 without tempered glass or RGB?

    It's driving me crazy. I spent hours searching for a case for my next build, but all I find is tempered glass and built in RGB fans. The few solid cases I find are upwards of hundreds of dollars. I'll be using a microATX motherboard (B760M) I just want something boring and simple. Black. Some...
  23. S

    Question Smoke from GPU after RGB LED header was connected?

    Hello everyone, thank you in advance for reading this, and i hope you can help me! So I upgraded my pc build recently, cause my old one was having trouble running anything but windows. To start off I got a good deal on a 1 and a half year used GPU (ASROCK amd RX 6700 xt Phantom gaming), and...
  24. Lindmando

    Question RGB - Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 Issues

    Hello to all! I need some help. Does this board have any way to connect an RGB fan to it? I tried buying this adapter and it didn't work: COOLERMASTER PWM HUB,6 Ports for Addressable RGB Lighting with PWM, 1 to 6 Multi Way Magnetic backplane Splitter 5V/3PIN GB Case Fan Hub Adapter PWM ARGB...
  25. Thorocious

    Question RGB help needed.

    Hi guys, first time poster but long time lurker. I am about to upgrade my case to the 21st century and really want to have a nice rgb setup for it. Having done quite a lot of googling already, I am now more confused about the mess that is RGB than I was before. So I think i'm going to get the...
  26. C

    Question Does my motherboard (ex-h310m-v3 r2.0) support colored/RGB fans?

    Hey guys so I wanted to buy a casing with an RGB fan on it. So I wanna ask if this motherboard : ex-h310m-v3 r2.0, supports this type of casing with an RGB fan. Though, my current normal casing does have at least 1 RGB fan that is stick into the cover casing, in the right side (I can send a...
  27. frogalert

    Question Problem with the fans on the Kolink Observatory Lite case ?

    So some time ago I bought the Kolink Observatory Lite case because it was really cheap and I thought it looked good. Now that I have it I have one big issue: the fans are doing what they want. Using the remote works, but after some time the fans either stop spinning or change the colour mode...
  28. S

    Question Trying to operate MSI Center and iCUE ?

    Reaching out simply because majority of the cases relating to this issue go unsolved. I currently am using both iCUE and MSI Center to control my RGB and I only need MSI for the memory cards RAM and motherboard, but the mystic light feature comes and goes and my lighting settings reset almost...
  29. Shwapx

    Question ARGB out of sync on Gigabyte B660M

    Hello All, I have gigabyte B660M motherboard with one ARGB header with max power rated 5A/5V Initially my PC was build with one rear Arctic P12 ARGB and CPU Cooler with I35 ARGB fan from Arctic which are daisy chained with their ARGB connectors and plug in the one ARGB header which I have. I...
  30. Shwapx

    Question ARGB out of sync

    Hello, I have gigabyte B660M motherboard with one ARGB header with max power rated 5A/5V Initially my PC was build with one rear Arctic P12 ARGB and CPU Cooler with I35 ARGB fan from Arctic which are daisy chained with their ARGB connectors and plug in the one ARGB header which I have. I just...
  31. Trainenthusiast

    Question How do I change the RGB colors on my ID-COOLING CPU cooling fan ?

    It's an ID-Cooling SE-226-XT cooler and I cannot find an app for ID hardware RGB. I've changed my RAM and case lights and this is the only component left for the complete look. It's on a default rainbow setting which I am not fond of.
  32. RulesSpew

    [SOLVED] How to connect 7 aRGB fans to my motherboard without frying anything

    Hi, I'm building a new pc and I want to use 3 intake (front panel) fans, 1 exhaust and 3 fan (360IO coolers) exhaust fans. I want to use Arctic P12 aRGB fans for my build. My motherboard will be B760 AORUS MASTER DDR4 I've read a few articles about daisy channeling more than 3 fans at once...
  33. KKnows93

    Question Spectrum RGB Fans flickering when playing games ?

    Alphasync prebuilt with an Asus Prime B550M-K Motherboard, 2x 8GB DDR4 Ram, Asus Mini OC 3060ti, Corsair CW650 power supply, Ryzen 7 3700x CPU. Spectrum RGB fans are flickering when playing games, from what I can tell is that they are connected via a fan hub at the back of my pc, not sure if...
  34. B

    Question RGB problem with Corsair Commander Core and looking for splitting cable?

    Hello, My PC is a 5900X beast built in a Corsair Obsidian 500D RGB TG case that came with a Commander Pro built in. Recently I switched out my H115i with a H110 Elite LCD AIO cooler but had to switch out the Commander Pro with the included Commander Core for compatibility reasons and now all 6...
  35. mossi

    Question What is the best looking PC case with a tempered glass window you can think of in your opinion (any suggestions are welcome) ?

    The title is pretty much self explanatory. I've been mulling over getting a quiet case vs a good looking case but I've come to the conclusion that I can pretty much make any case silent with the right components. So I've decided to go on a hunt for a really nice looking case for my next one...
  36. Iver Hicarte

    Question What's a good Tenkeyless RGB Keyboard?

    I'm currently looking for an RGB TENKEYLESS keyboard, and specifically these are a must for what I'm looking for: Dedicated volume scroll button, Dedicated windows key lock button, Forward and backward button, Pause and play button And a dedicated mute button. Pretty much like a Corsair...
  37. D

    [SOLVED] RGB headache with 3-pin and 4-pin products ?

    Hello guys and happy new year. Even though i consider myself an pc enthusiast im not that knowledgble about RGB, i didnt ever used many rgb products in the past and the few which i had with rgb lights i didnt try to control them before(or i just disable them). But the last year after some pc...
  38. M

    Question Can you change the rx 6750xt (reference) logo color?

    I've looked in a lot of places and can't seem to find a direct answer. Are you able to change the red radeon logo on an rx 6750xt to a different color? This is for the reference edition card. Thanks
  39. D

    Question be quiet purebase 500dx leds flickering

    so i build a pc in this case, i didnt connect the argb controller to my mobo cause the case supports 5v and my mobo is 12v, i only plugged the sata power cable to the leds of the case, so at first glance the case controller works fine, you can change some effects and colors, the problem is that...
  40. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] How to control Lian Li Galahad 360 RGB lighting?

    Greetings, Firstly, apologies if I posted in the wrong topic thread, I'm not really sure where to post this issue I'm having. Anyways, I have a Galahad 360 RGB AIO from Lian Li, now I wish to control the rgb lighting through software, the problem is...the AIO model I bought is not the ARGB...