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  1. L

    Question ROG VEGA64 not working with aura sync on my msi b350m mortar arctic,

    ROG VEGA64 not working with aura sync on my msi b350m mortar arctic, my team T force 300mhz delta rgb works with aura, and im wondering why my gpu doesnt, Thanks
  2. C

    Question Am I doing it wrong?

    Hello to the community! I own an Asus ROG Strix X470-F Motherboard. I really enjoy the Aura Sync lighting on the board, however I have a couple questions that hopefully one of you awesome members can resolve. There is a lighting strip on the preinstalled IO cover. If you shut down the...
  3. V

    Question Can i control the SpeedFan if they are connected to a RGB Hub

    Hello, Im looking to get RGB fans that are supposed to be plugged in a fan hub that can support up to 8 fans now the i know the hub is for RGB only and i have a remote controller to change the color but my no1 problem in PC is the sound of the fan. So my question today is lets say i have 3 fans...
  4. ZuRriX

    Question Can I use ARGB fans with a Non-ARGB motherboard?

    Here is what I mean. I want to buy Raidmax NV-R120FBR3 kit, which is basically a set of 3x Raidmax NV-R120FB ARGB Aura Sync compatible fans, an ARGB 5V controller/HUB and an RF Remote. I own an ASRock H270M Fatal1ty Performance motherboard, that is not ARGB compatible, meaning it does not have...
  5. ZuRriX

    Question Do you need an Aura Sync MOBO for Aura Sync compatible fans? (RGB Aura Sync compatible fans with Non Aura Sync compatible MOBO)

    Basically, this is part of a bigger picture, a bigger problem and question I have. I want to know can I connect Raidmax NV-R120B RGB fans to my ASRock H270M Fatal1ty Performance MOBO and control the fans using Aura Sync software. Yes, the MOBO has an RGB header, but it is not Aura Sync...
  6. C

    Question Can't change amd wraith spire cooler rgb color?

    I just recently installed the Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro Wifi motherboard for my Ryzen 7 1700 which comes with the amd wraith spire cooler rgb. I've looked in the bios, I've looked in the ADMISSIBLE Gigabyte fusion software, and nowhere does it allow me to change the color whatsoever. I've had it...
  7. Arnux

    Question I got 2x4gb RGB RAM. So It's quad channel and the rgb is not combined with each other. Rainbow color changing effect is different.

    So I bought 2 kits of 2 ram sticks. OFC they got RGB but the problem is that RGB works differently from each other. Any fixes? Let's say I am using rainbow effect and all of my sticks are showing a different color slide. Sometimes they match.
  8. R

    Question Best RGB Software recommendation.

    With the release of the X570, I am torn between MSI Mystic or Aorus RGB Fusion 2.0. Asrock Polychrome and Asus Aura Sync are out of the choices since their X570 is not available here locally(Philippines). Can you please recommend and share with me your experience with the Mystic Light and RGB...
  9. D

    Question CPU fan rattling/grinding noise

    Hello everyone! This is my first post and I hope I did it in the right section. I've recently bought a new AIO cooler which is the Masterliquid ml240 r rgb. Lately the two fans have been doing a rattling/grinding noise when I play due to the increase in the amount of speed. I've looked up on...
  10. G

    Question ROG strix graphics card and corsair 570x syncing fans

    hi i have a corsair 570x case and have just bought a ROG strix rx580 card. I was wondering if anyone knew how you could use the fan headers on the graphics card and if this means you could connect these headers to the fan controller on the 570x case? so that you could sync the fans to all...
  11. Question Thermaltake versa J24 ARGB case can't change fan colors

    So my motherboard is a bit entry level: Asrock AB350M-HDV. I've changed my case very recently and bought this one: Thermaltake Versa J24 ARGB. The problem is, from day one I couldn't change my RGB fans color. It always stays Cyan in color. From the case manual, I heard pressing "R" switch...
  12. M

    Question Phanteks e350 rgb 3 pin to 4 pin connector

    Recently bought a phanteks 350 rgb case and went to install the rgb stuff into my motherboard, but the one i have seems to use 3 pin connectors and my mobo only has 4 pin ones. What is the best course of action i should take from here, a converter? Thanks in advance
  13. O

    Build Advice Does this build have merit? ($2000 budget)

    Last time I built a PC was in 2014 and it ended up a mess. I want to make another one without any of my previous pitfalls, so my priorities are as follows: Performance Aesthetics/aesthetic cohesiveness General common sense stuff (ending up with clean cables and well chosen parts that don't have...
  14. K

    Question My motherboard has a 4 pin led strip connector but rgb fans I want to install require a 3-pin. What should I do?

    The mobo I have is the MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon. All RGB fans require a 3-pin but I do not believe it has any. What was included with the motherboard was a RGB extension that allows me to split two RGB LED Strips, both having 4-pin connectors. Please let me know what I have to do. Thank you.
  15. R

    Question Control Gigabyte Aorus M2 ssd with ASROCK motherboard

    Hello all, I bought a Gigabyte Aorus M2 rgb ssd. I tried to control the leds, but to no avail. I have it installed in my ASROCK B350 pro4, which has two rgb strips connected to the motherboard. The perfect situation would be a complete sync with my RGB ssd, RGB strips and my Razer mouse and...
  16. J

    Question Corsair Hydro H115i RGB Platinum with the new MSI MPG SEKIRA 500X

    Hi, I was planning to build a new pc using the MSI MPG SEKIRA 500X that was announced at computex this year. I also wanted to use the Corsair Hydro H115i RGB Platinum for my cpu cooling but I realized this cooler isn't compatible with MSI's Mystic Light. Also, this case doesn't have room for...
  17. G

    Question Why does my Corsair K70 mk.2 SE turn red everytime I shutdown my PC?

    I use an imported RGB profile regularly, and whenever I shutdown my PC, my keyboard turns red and stays like that until I turn my PC back on and open iCUE.
  18. Trigg3rHippie

    Question Membrane Low Profile RGB Keyboard

    Hi all, I'm looking for a membrane keyboard that has the feel of a regular office keyboard (like i.e. HP KU-1156) but has RGB lighting. Alternatively I'd go for an equivalent of the low profile Apple Magic keyboard, but not low profile mechanical switches, membrane only and full sized. I'd...
  19. A

    Build Advice Want to invest in a Pc Upgraid with the upcoming or current AMD cpu´s, but I am unsure what parts to get..

    I want to give my Pc a well deserved update. Most of the parts i currently use are pretty old (2013) and I wanted to look out for smth new. I didnt want to spend far too much on the new Parts and I already set my mind on what I need. I am just not sure what to get. For starters, here is a short...
  20. Pholhy

    Question 3 pin to 4 pin adapters work?

    Hello, my masterair MA410m has a 3 pin rgb cord and is not compatible with my asus rog b450f motherboards 4 pin rgb header. Am I able to get an adapter to convert my 3 pin to a 4 pin? So that I can use asus aura on the fan.