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    Question I need help on setting up my RGB case fans

    I have a Corsair iCUE 220T RGB case, and a Gigabyte B450M DS3H mobo...i need help with getting all three of the fans to spin, i got them all to light up but i can only get one to spin, please help this is my first PC build
  2. M

    Question Bizarre RGB Fans Issue

    Hoping someone can help. I have 6x Aerocool Eclipse ARGB Fans which are connected to a 6 fan hub which is controlled by an RF remote (controls fan speed, lights, etc etc). If I run the fans on low speed, I get the LEDs flickering on several of the fans. Ie, on orange they'll keep flicking white...
  3. S

    Question Asrock Polychrome Sync software not working on windows 10.

    Hello, I am new to pc build. Just completed build with AMD Ryzen 5 2400G and Asrock B450 Steel Legend Mobo. I am trying to use Asrock Polychrome Sync software download from asrock website to control the RGB lights on the mother board. (I have not installed any additional RGB lights) The moment...
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    Question Question about open/unused fan splitter/argb splitter head, is it safe?

    Hi, i would like to ask the community if it is safe to have an unused and open fan header on my splitter. My current argb/fan splitter is 1 to 4, however, I only need to use 2 out of those 4 headers on the splitter. is it okay to leave the other two unused?
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    Question Connecting ARGB controller to 12V connector on my MBO, will it work?

    Sorry for a longer thread! Hello guys I do have a more specific question than those on this topic that I have managed to find on here. Recently I bought a single cooler master RGB fan after which I realized I need a controller so bought that (similar to those above, but a bit bulkier) which...
  6. Grievous190

    Question Rate my build

    Rate my build Gaming PC Case: Antec DP501 ATX ARGB Mid-Tower Tempered Glass White Gaming Case Motherboard: ASUS TUF Z490 PLUS ATX Motherboard Processor: Intel® Core™ i9-10900K Processor (3.70Ghz, 10 Cores, 20 Threads, 20MB Cache) Memory: Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 UDIMM...
  7. Josin12

    Question Case Fans Not Working please help

    Guys so I see this guy is able to get all those case fans running without the motherboard View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Qlaf98PvMI I am a new builder and everything you see is new. My pc case is Enermax SF30 and PSU is RM 750x. I'm not able to get any running at all, I just don't get...
  8. Grievous190

    Build Advice High End Build for gaming for $7000 aud or under

    I'm an average pc builder at best, can anyone put high end builds together for me with parts and a place to get it built? I'm in Australia if that makes it easier for suggesting a build. RGB if possible please.
  9. Samsonob12

    Question best prebuilt for $7000 and under

    Want to buy a pre-built gaming pc with 1440p at 144hz that can go to 4k at 60hz but want to know the best for a budget of 7k and under. Have looked at a few like the Alienware Aroura, MSI Trident and Predator Orion but would like to know about other ones that may be better or cheaper and the...
  10. Question think i just fired my motherboard with RGB pin connector

    So today i spent a good amount of time putting together my own first build outside of upgrading and everything was going fine i had tested fans and even the lights on my Eclipse P400 before going forward with cpu and the rest of my build however i had noticed the RGB stripe that i connected...
  11. M

    Question Where do i plug in power sw, reset sw and H.D.DLED

    Please help. My motherboard is ASRock x570 phantom gaming 4 atx This is my first pc build and my case contains 3 fans extra which I have trouble connecting to. I have managed to connect Audio and U.S.B ports They all have 2 pins, motherboard contains inputs called RGB_LED1, ADDR_LED1...
  12. T

    Question How can I correctly synchronise my rbg ram with my motherboard

    Hi I have the X570 Aorus Elite (https://www.gigabyte.com/be/Motherboard/X570-AORUS-ELITE-rev-10#kf) and the G. Skill Trident Z DDR4 3200 ram dimms. I can't get them to correctly sink the rainbow between the 2 in the Aorus software. The color doesn't match between the motherboard and the ram...
  13. M

    Question How can I get RGBFusion 2.0 to work?

    For 3 months, my RGBFusion 2.0 refuses to start up. I am running the latest version of RGBFusion. When I start it, it just closes on its own. I am running a Gigabyte Aorus RTX 2080 Xtreme 8G. My motherboard is an MSI Z390 Tomahawk. Any help much appreciated!
  14. DodoVln

    Question How can i connect rgb fans to motherboard(gigabyte b450m d3sh)

    Hello, as I said, I have a gigabyte b450m d3sh mobo, and this case : https://www.silentiumpc.com/en/product/signum-sg1v-evo-tg-argb/ that has these fans : https://www.silentiumpc.com/en/product/stella-hp-argb-120-pwm/ my problem is that even if I use the provided nano reset rgb connector, my...
  15. R

    Question Corsair 115i Platinum noise on startup?

    Hello guys, Not sure if this is a common question, i did google it and to my surprise i found literally nothing. Maybe im a bad googler. Anyway, on initial startup sometimes, my cooler tends to make a weird noise. It sounds like a pump trying really hard to pump the liquid but its super loud...
  16. NuclearUnity

    Question Need help with argb fan system

    Hi! Since this is my first build, I wanted to know whether I am approaching this the correct way. I am planning on buying a Corsair iCUE 465x case, which also comes pre-installed with 3 Corsair LL120 fans (just to mention, the case also comes with a Lighting Node Core so I can plug the LL fans...
  17. hithereitsjake

    Question 3 Pin RGB Controller?

    Hey everyone, I'm not very technically savvy so I may use rubbish terms to describe things... I got myself a new build the other day and have realised that my motherboard doesn't seem to have anything that'll help me control the RGB fans. I looked at what cable I had and I seem to have an 3...
  18. J

    Question How to Converting Artb to RGB

    I have a Asus ROG motherboard that is RGB 12V not ARGB 5V. Im needing a converter for 3 ARGB fans to the motherboard. Anyone know how to fix this issue? The case is a Thermaltake Level 20 MT. The Motherboard is a ROG Strix 450-F with RGB headers. ANyone know how to fix this issue? Im also new to RGB
  19. D

    Question Motherboard LEDs and RGB headers not working; Asus Aura Sync

    I have an Asus Strix Z370-E mobo which has worked flawless, including the RGB... until now...ish. I just noticed that the ARGB leds on the motherboard and the RGB headers are not working (NOTE: The ARGB Header DOES work). Aura Sync even notes the Mobo as present. Note that even before when they...
  20. S

    Question Please need help

    Hi The components in question are as follows MOBO: Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming Ram G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 (4*8) Now from what I've read, it seems there is an issue with G.skill and Gigbayte synching when it comes to RGB. However, I've uninstalled everything and related to the RGB and installed...