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  1. DodoVln

    Question How can i connect rgb fans to motherboard(gigabyte b450m d3sh)

    Hello, as I said, I have a gigabyte b450m d3sh mobo, and this case : https://www.silentiumpc.com/en/product/signum-sg1v-evo-tg-argb/ that has these fans : https://www.silentiumpc.com/en/product/stella-hp-argb-120-pwm/ my problem is that even if I use the provided nano reset rgb connector, my...
  2. R

    Question Corsair 115i Platinum noise on startup?

    Hello guys, Not sure if this is a common question, i did google it and to my surprise i found literally nothing. Maybe im a bad googler. Anyway, on initial startup sometimes, my cooler tends to make a weird noise. It sounds like a pump trying really hard to pump the liquid but its super loud...
  3. NuclearUnity

    Question Need help with argb fan system

    Hi! Since this is my first build, I wanted to know whether I am approaching this the correct way. I am planning on buying a Corsair iCUE 465x case, which also comes pre-installed with 3 Corsair LL120 fans (just to mention, the case also comes with a Lighting Node Core so I can plug the LL fans...
  4. hithereitsjake

    Question 3 Pin RGB Controller?

    Hey everyone, I'm not very technically savvy so I may use rubbish terms to describe things... I got myself a new build the other day and have realised that my motherboard doesn't seem to have anything that'll help me control the RGB fans. I looked at what cable I had and I seem to have an 3...
  5. J

    Question How to Converting Artb to RGB

    I have a Asus ROG motherboard that is RGB 12V not ARGB 5V. Im needing a converter for 3 ARGB fans to the motherboard. Anyone know how to fix this issue? The case is a Thermaltake Level 20 MT. The Motherboard is a ROG Strix 450-F with RGB headers. ANyone know how to fix this issue? Im also new to RGB
  6. D

    Question Motherboard LEDs and RGB headers not working; Asus Aura Sync

    I have an Asus Strix Z370-E mobo which has worked flawless, including the RGB... until now...ish. I just noticed that the ARGB leds on the motherboard and the RGB headers are not working (NOTE: The ARGB Header DOES work). Aura Sync even notes the Mobo as present. Note that even before when they...
  7. S

    Question Please need help

    Hi The components in question are as follows MOBO: Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming Ram G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 (4*8) Now from what I've read, it seems there is an issue with G.skill and Gigbayte synching when it comes to RGB. However, I've uninstalled everything and related to the RGB and installed...
  8. S

    Question How to change colors on CM ML240L RGB using software?

    I have a ML240L RGB AIO cooler on a MSI-Z 390 Pro, I was wondering is there a way to change the color of the LEDs using a software or is it only possible with the controller? Below is the specs of my rig for reference: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/r9k9Qq
  9. Petko1337

    Question PC Pins connection

    Hello i bought this MB: MSI MPG Z390 GAMING PRO CARBON And this case: MSI MAG VAMPIRIC 010 And these fans: SilentiumPC Sigma HP Corona RGB Kit (3× 120 mm) SilentiumPC Sigma Pro 140 PWM ( 3x 140mm ) And also bought CPU cooler with RGB Fan too: Cooler Master HYPER 212 RGB BLACK EDITION And...
  10. R

    Question Older motherboard with rgb?

    Hey everyone. I recently had a problem with my pc and had to fix up some parts. While fixing the problem I decided to get new rgb fans for my case. I have a gigabyte Z97M-D3H LGA 1150 motherboard. I was wondering if this board would allow me to use and customize the lights on the fans using the...
  11. J

    Question 3PIN RGB fan connector (4 pin on motherboard)

    Hello, I bought a Rosewill prism black case, and the RGB fan connector seems to only have 3 pins, my mother board only supports 4 pin RGB. am I S.O.L or is there something im missing? (seems im missing the remote also?) Case(rosewill prism S black) Motherboard (MSI MPG z390 gaming)
  12. S

    Question Connecting CPU water block RGB to non RGB motherboard

    Hello peeps (Apologise if this is the wrong thread to create this topic in) I've spent quite some time researching and asking for help, but I still haven't found the right solution. I've spent so much money already on my water cooling setup, so I'd rather not waste any more on stuff that won't...
  13. WrathofGod

    [SOLVED] Best RGB Build under $1600 (including monitor)

    Hi, I want to build a RGB PC this summer that can handle 1440p gaming @ 60+ FPS. Additionally, I need a (new) monitor as I currently only have a old, bad monitor lol. Thus, I'm looking for recommendations for the best build that has RGB, a good monitor (144hz 1440p or 1440p 75 hz), and is under...
  14. M

    Question Ducky One 2 Keyboard not working

    I was playing League of Legends yesterday and I pressed a couple of keys around the Enter, Backspace and F keys area. For some reason the keyboard just outright stopped working for some reason. I have tried all USB ports on my computer, I have even tried just plugging the keyboard into a 5V...
  15. cbob74

    Question g.skill trident z RGB light problem weird on rainbow on Mystic Light

    My ram is having a flickering issue on rainbow where it will cycle thru the colors and then it will reset or something causing it to look bad. Its 16gb of Trident Z Rgb I have reinstalled mystic light Reseated RAM Tried Mystic light 3 (still did it) I would use g.skill software, but it uses a...
  16. Question How are standard 12v 4pin RGB headers wired on a gigabyte gaming SLI

    My Gigabyte z390 Gaming SLI has a standard 4pin RGB header onboard that syncs a strip with the onboard leds. The onboard LEDS are blue to match the rest of the build, but I want the strip, which is under my desk to be white. I assume the way they work is the 12V pin provides voltage for all...
  17. A

    Question My RAM is not showing in Armoury crate, asus aura or G.skill

    So i have 32gb of trident z royal i built this pc about 2 months ago and there was no problems i had aura and i could control rgb and everything but the other day i turned the computer on and went into aura and it no longer showed up and is stuck in its deafult rainbow mode. I have tried so many...
  18. L

    Question P400a cant get RGB to work

    I built a pc in the p400a DRGB case. When i was done and turned it on the rgb on the preinstalled front fans wasnt working. The fans were working perfectly, but not the rgb. I tried switching the cables around and connecting everything differently and do everything i could. Im really lost, can...
  19. AndrewSem

    Question Enermax white 360 RGB Cooler

    I have tried everything to fix the rgb but it seems that only 2 of the rgb leds will light up, the 3rd and the 7th. The third led is stuck on red and the 7th on green. I am worried that something shorted. I have tried using the controller and everything else. I unplug the controller the leds...
  20. E

    Question Please Help For Phanteks Eclipse P300

    There are 3 cables on the chassis, one of which is double output, connected to the power button. One is the sata power cable, it's obvious. How will I install the others on the motherboard? The related photo is here: https://hizliresim.com/fQTkh2 There is also a short rgb led in the lower...