Question RGB header to mobo USB

Nov 27, 2022
I am building a pc for a friend with my old Asus P8Z77-V LK motherboard (they dont need a new one for cpu's with 8+ cores, the cpu I have already works just fine with what they're doing), but the fans with the case they selected came with a 4 pin RGB header and the motherboard doesnt have one. I know I could just buy a RGB controller though I dont want to go to that just because theres only 1 4 pin RGB header, I dont need the 3+ headers that a RGB controller has. Is there any that directly go from the usb on the motherboard to a RGB header?
No. And it wouldn't matter if there was because it still couldn't work with no controller involved. There must be a controller for RGB and A-RGB fans to work. So with a board that old your options are either don't use the lighting or get a controller.

Or get a different case that comes with an integrated controller.
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