Question Lenovo One Key Recovery (OKR) - Backup Recovery Error - Not enough Space on Drive

Jun 25, 2019
I have a lenovo Y510p ideapad. I recently caught a virus and had to factory reset my pc. When I went to the nearest backup (made very recently) and tried to recover it using OKR. I received an error stating there wasn't enough space on the drive.

The backup is about 683gb. When I made the backup the computer was using about 860 gb with 10 - 30gb free. I've done many backups with OKR without incident and didn't know there could be issue cause of space.

The most recent backup next to this one ( I unfortunately deleted the more recent one) I have is over a year old. So I loaded that backup, and that is what I am writing to you on atm. Does anyone have any information on what I can do to recover my files or get the backup to work? It's .wsi the format of the backup using OKR.

I've tried assigning more space to the hard drive. The laptop has 2 drives, C: a 1tb drive, and D: a 25gb ssd drive. I dissolved the D drive and partitioned the 25gb to C, to increase its size by 25gb. I tried the backup again. Same error.
I have tried contacting lenovo to get information on the error and what I can do, and they have only told me its a harddrive error over and over without listening at all to what I have said.
There is no warranty or support left on this product, they even took the drivers page down.
There are no repair or recovery disks, everything is on partitions of the hard drive (see image below).

Things of note:
-Would assigning more space to the recovery partition maybe facilitate a solution to the problem? If so how could I do that?
-I don't know how to edit or touch the recovery partitions, other than deleting them (was a good youtube video on how to delete them).

-Going to try contacting nearby tech supports and see if they have any suggestions
-Ordered a new 2tb hard drive (here in a few days), and thought I would try and replace the existing drive with it, and try the backup with that extra space. Problem: I don't know what the best way to clone the hard drive is or transfer the data between drives as I am used to having repair disks where I install windows and then just use the backup. Because the backup is in OKR, this complicates matters further, and I need one key recovery loaded. I'm unsure if OKR is in the bios or not I'm doubting its that easy tho. So it becomes a case of how can get 1 drive copied over to the other larger one...I'm also a bit worried cause I partitioned D into C, and whether I should perform a factory reset again to try and undo this before putting the new harddrive in.

Any help or insight is appreciated