Limiting Data Usage to a client device on WiFi router

Asjad Athick

Dec 13, 2012
Hey Guyz,

I own a wireless router (ZTE W300) and due to the large number of devices in my house, and limited broadband usage, can I limit downloads/uploads (in other words, limit data usage) to a particular device over the network?

I think the stock firmware on my router doesnt allow that (and its pretty base level too). If so, do you recommend any other firmware that can do the task, and is compatible with my router?

You are likely going to have to buy another router. The feature you want is called QoS but you must actually look at the manuals to see what they mean. Some do silly things like categorize traffic as high/medium/low which has little effect. Some actually let you define rules to limit traffic to certain rates per second. There are no router that I know of that will let you us things like byte caps over a period of time.

I know some the asus routers have this feature and anything you can put DD-WRT on will also do it.