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  1. Sandywich999

    [SOLVED] Which HDD to go with?

    So I've decided to replace my dying Seagate Pipeline HDD, and this is something I didnt think I'd encounter, but the HDD space has left me in confusion. I'm looking at 2TB drives on a tight budget, and primarily gonna use it for gaming/media storage. Already using an SSD for boot. Reliability is...
  2. J

    Question toshiba z50-c-16E

    good day i have tried everything all the laptop does is the battery light flashes 8 times repeatedly when you press power button it goes orange for a moment then starts flashing again
  3. H

    Question Why my laptop's in-built keyboard is not working?

    Hello community: I have a 7 year old Toshiba laptop (specs below) that originally came with Windows 7. I updated to Windows 10 Home about 3 years ago and all went well. Just about 2 weeks ago I boot my computer and suddenly the keyboard is not working. I shut down the computer by holding down...
  4. V

    Selling TOSHIBA Laptop Need Price Help

    Hello! I have upgraded to a modern laptop, finally, and am attempting to sell my old TOSHIBA laptop. I have searched far and wide for a price I feel comfortable with, but I can't find one. The laptop model is TOSHIBA Satellite C55D-A5382. The specs are as follows, Processor: AMD A4-5400 APU...
  5. Question C850 speakers alternatives

    I have Toshiba Satellite C850 1GE The sound from its original speakers is very flat (no low or mid frequencies at all - like its only high) Using this video on youtube i can hear sound from 300 hertz to 14800 hertz I know small speakers cant have the same bass and mid as the big ones but...
  6. Mikeinator

    Question Toshiba Satellite S55T-B5273NR No Display

    Hello, I need help for my Toshiba Satellite S55T-B5273NR. It’s currently running Windows 10. When I power on the laptop my screen isn’t turning on and there’s no beeps or anything to signal errors. The keyboard lights up and I can hear the fans running, just no display. It had been doing this...
  7. morcar

    Question Laptop not showing hard drive

    I have a Toshiba Satellite C660-2KF which as of now won't show any hard drive in the BIOS. I have tried many hard drives with no success and I am hoping some of you clever people will be able to solve the problem.
  8. C

    Question Is it possible to upgrade a Toshiba 1366x768 to a higher resolution?

    Im currently running a Toshiba Satellite s55 c5274 i7-5500U 12GB RAM Intel HD graphics 5500 the lcd screen is on a 30 pin connector and i was wondering if there was any way to upgrade the LCD to a 1080p display?
  9. C

    Question Windows 95 Not Booting

    I have obtained a Toshiba Satellite 305CDS from the 1990s, and it no longer wants to boot. I tried installing Kid Pix Deluxe 3 from an original CD, and after a while the install just completely froze and the computer locked up. I, being an idiot, restarted the computer. Now it refuses to boot...
  10. H

    Question Will the P755 lid work with the L755?

    So recently, I took apart my 2011 Toshiba Satellite L755-S5214. While I was taking the palmrest off, the left corner fell apart. So I ordered a new palmrest from Ebay, and it was a blue brushed aluminum version. I liked the design, and it fits perfectly on the laptop. However, when I tried...
  11. P

    Question Random audio drop out from Notebook's Loudspeakers

    Hello Forum, hope some expert can give me a heads up on a audio issue I've never been trough. I'm an audio enthusiat and have worked on PC desktop recording independient band a music projects. Recently bought an used laptot since im traveling ( nothing high end, as everything is super expensive...
  12. L

    Question On and off random keyboard typing - cant get passed log in

    Wondering if anybody has any advice: few weeks ago I was streaming a sports game (paid for, legit stream) and suddenly my laptop screen goes black and kicks out to the log in screen, weird, tried to type in my password to get back in, but I had no control over the keyboard to get anything in the...
  13. D

    Question Toshiba Satellite E55-A Not Recognizing it's Wireless Network Adapter

    My Toshiba Laptop is not recognizing that it has a wireless network adapter installed. Going to Device Manager > Network adapters only shows Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller. I've tried "Scan for hardware changes", tried multiple reboots/restarts, and the laptop is plugged in and fully charged...
  14. S

    Question how do i reopen the ?helper shortcut on my laptop?

    Hello, I have a very old Toshiba (Satellite 645series) and it had this "helper/shortcut" rectangle thing(forgive me I'm not the most tech savvy and am not sure of the terminology) hidden on the side of my screen display that if i touched the edge of my cursor would open to full-size (meaning the...
  15. T

    Question Toshiba Laptop fan stopped working

    Hello, I have an older Toshiba Satellite L50-C and the fan just wont start when I boot up causing the system to crash before I even got properly in. I took the laptop apart and cleaned it and reapplied thermal paste to the cpu and discrete gpu while also taking the fan apart and cleaning and...
  16. Pythonbites

    [SOLVED] Do VMs benefit alot from SSDs?

    Hello! So, I made a few VMs, one Windows 7, One Ubuntu 18.10, and the other, Windows 8.1. All of them boot up fine. But they have slow performance. I'm not sure why (I don't run them at the same time) I give each of them 4 Gb of RAM, 2 Cores and around 100 mb of video memory. I just can't...
  17. D

    Question Toshiba E45t-a4300 need a help to update BIOS

    I have a Toshiba laptop, model E45t-a4300. Currently, want to replace exited existing HDD by new SSD, but I cannot boot into SSD after restarting in installation process. I think that BIOS is the main reason. Current BIOS version is 1.3, and final version in support site is 1.5. I want to...
  18. S

    Question Swapping HDD (SSD) between laptops

    Hello, A cousin of mine has a Laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro C660 that is already a few years old, so he has bought a Lenovo ideapad 330 that comes with SSD. Now, I have cloned the toshiba disk (which was formatted not long ago and put on windows 10) to the Lenovo's SSD because it has some...
  19. A

    Question Can someone help me with my USB ports

    My usb port was working but my laptop turned off (not proper shutdown) after i turned it back on the port wasn't working at all and i was looking at drivers and there's 3 missing ones. are these related to the usb ports and if they are can someone please send me a link to download them: -PCI...
  20. [SOLVED] Toshiba Satellite L50D-C-18W Bios Password Reset

    Hi, I couldn't reset the Bios, please help. No bios batteries. No reset connection. No reset key. Motherboard photos: