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  1. H

    Question How can I enter Bios mode on an external monitor?

    Hi, I have a Toshiba satellite laptop p55w-b5220 that had it's screen broken. I can't see absolutely anything and used to use my T.V as an alternative display. Laptop was accidentally shutdown while in a Windows update so I'm trying to recover it but can't access the Bios mode since the screen...
  2. GG1234635

    Question Toshiba C660-173 Over heating issues

    I have a toshiba C660-173, i know its an old machine and really should be retired but its still a good machine, I seem to be having a very odd issue with it over heating. On a level surface it seems to be fine, but as soon as you tilt the machine from the touchpad edge upso the pivit point are...
  3. Didou21

    Question toshiba usb3 hdd does not work with my motherboard

    i search a lot in the internet and tried many things but nothing worked for me, My 1tb toshiba hdd is not working in my pc only ,i tried with windows 7,8,10 but get the same result in disk manager it said "Disk is not ready" when trying to initialize it. it works with other PC an even with my...
  4. M

    Question Mastercode for toshiba

    Hello everybody i need mastercode for Toshiba hdd MQ01ABF050 2.5" 500gb. Had to do plate swap (everything on old hdd died and client had some data on it so i swaped plates and got Enter user code and than master code.... -.-' As with all big company's didnt get respons.
  5. G

    Question No UEFI on Qosmio x875-Q7280. Neccesary?

    Hello to all! I own a Toshiba Qosmio x875-Q7280 that I purchased new in 2011. During these years there have been many BIOS versions have been released but I haven't installed any because I was afraid to ruin it as once I upgraded the BIOS and my laptop started to overheat. Hopefully I was able...
  6. vkatsarelias

    Question Toshiba laptop suddenly turned off and really unstable after restart

    My relative has a Toshiba Satellite C50-A-19T laptop with an Intel Celeron 1005M. She left it for a bit, just sitting there with Chrome open. Then it decided to lock on its own and restart abruptly. 5 seconds after the restart it completely shut down and did not start again. I checked the...
  7. N

    Question New 2.5-inch SSD not recognised on Toshiba Satellite C45 ?

    Hello, hope whoever finds this thread is having a nice day. I have a Toshiba Satellite C45 ASP43010FL from a client that needed a few repairs and upgrades after a long time of not using the laptop, so i upgraded the RAM and SSD (laptop didn't have storage in the first place was scrapped and left...
  8. M

    Question Valuable parts of old IDE drives

    Which valuable parts can a used functioning IDE/PATA drive have? I discovered a working Toshiba MK2018GAP HDD2164 drive (similar to , probably the same) at home, and some folks (who disappeared from my view and whom I cannot ask any longer...
  9. Dan_replcntC

    Question Entering BIOS in Toshiba Satellite C665-P5010

    I've an old Toshiba Satellite C665-P5010. I don't know its password, so I can't log into it. To recover my system, I've a bootable USB with a software in it. But, I don't know how to enter the BIOS set up of my lap. I want to enter its BIOS set up and change the boot from option to USB. I...
  10. Vickydcl

    Question SanDisk Ultra 512gb & Toshiba Satellite

    Hi! I wanted to know if my Toshiba Satellite s855d-s5120 is compatible with a SSD SanDisk Ultra 512gb. I bought this computer in 2013 so its a little bit old. My second question is, in case if it's compatible, what things should I keep in mind when installing it. Thank u.
  11. elric91

    Question Stuttering after change to ssd and clean windows 10 install on a toshiba laptop(from 100 fps to 60 fps)still stuttering

    i have a toshiba laptop with a gt740 m nvidia card and a hd graphics 4600( i now they are old) ,i change the hhd hardrive for a crucial bx 240 gb ssd.before the change i was playing games normally smooth on 80-120 fps,on 1280x720 ,on low textures and everything,Now with the change i am playing...
  12. mijwalsh

    Question Will an led screen for a different laptop model work on mine?

    hi i have a Toshiba Portege z30-A-1D6 with a broken screen, and i just ordered a new one off ebay. i just realised that in the description it says its made for a portege z30-C-112, but they both have the same resolution, size and aspect ratio(13,3", 1366x768, 16:9), and im pretty sure the same...
  13. R

    Question Signs of laptop will broke soon

    My 6 yrs toshiba satellite(turning 7 this january) is too old now? What signs and symptoms will happen since my laptop still fast(but im in power saver plan so the cpu is slow to dave battery but balanced is running well) also i still received windows update(until i turned off).
  14. I

    [SOLVED] constant fan noise - Toshiba Satellite pro c50-e-101

    We purchased 5 laptops - Toshiba dynabook Satellite pro c50-e-101 with an i5 8250u. The problem is the constant fan noise, with it increasing and decreasing all the time. I'm on the Windows 10 welcome screen. It's asking me to create a user and to connect to wi-fi and it's already ramping up...
  15. beethebee

    [SOLVED] Toshiba HDD + SSD Combo Issues

    I'm new to building PCs, but I built one this week (here's the part list in case that is useful: I installed Windows 10 65Bit onto the SSD, and now I can't access the 3TB Toshiba p300 HDD while the computer is running. It's really confusing me. I know...
  16. hendrik9921

    [SOLVED] need BIOS chip id for TOSHIBA QOSMIO F25-AV205

    Hi! So I have this old Toshiba laptop and I want to make it work again. it used to work quite well until I disconnected by mistake. after that, it turns on, but the screen does not show anything. I have been trying all the options to make it work again (new termal paste, new CMOS battery, try...
  17. Mashuplol

    [SOLVED] Toshiba external drive not letting my boot drive well boot?

    So I have a toshiba canvio basics 1tb and paired with a Samsung 860 EVO 500gb and obviously use the SSD as my boot drive, about a month ago a turned on my PC and it was stuck in a bootloop. So I as anybody would do Install windows again but it was horribly slow so I restarted my PC and then I...
  18. T

    [SOLVED] Desperate For Help - Toshiba Laptop Won't Start

    Hello, I am in dire need of assistance. I have an older Toshiba laptop that is either a L55 or something for the model from 2012 (don't think this is that important) that won't start up. It was working fine as of last night, it isn't a virus or anything, and I do not believe it recently updated...
  19. L

    Question How to fix Laptop Black Screen of Death right after CMOS battery replacement

    I was working on repairing my Grandparent's 7 year old Toshiba Satellite laptop so that we could give it to my young cousin. I got the repairs finished when it came time to replace the CMOS battery as it was getting old. I removed the battery and put it back in after some time. I then attempted...
  20. H

    [SOLVED] Windows can't access Toshiba external hard drive

    So recently I moved from one state to another and after I set up my PC and tried to look at some files I needed from my Toshiba external 3.0 external drive but I can't access this disk. In windows explorer my drive only shows up if I view hidden items. If I double click on it, it tells me to...
  21. D

    Question Toshiba Satellite BIOS password problem

    I have a Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5300 laptop that worked fine previously, but has been stored for a few months. I never set a BIOS password for it, but when I took it out a couple of days ago, it would not boot at all without one. It doesn't make sense, but it seems something must have reset...
  22. Ahmedturkuman

    [SOLVED] Plugged in , charging but not really charging

    When i plug in my Toshiba laptop it gives me that it's plugged in and charging but it's not really charging and the battery continue declining The problem isn't from battery nor charger I tried another ones. The laptop cannot start if the charger is plugged in only (and the battery removed)
  23. A

    [SOLVED] Old Toshiba TV with VGA - can I use as monitor?

    I'm certain I've asked this before but searching through my content I can't see it anywhere so I'll try again! I've got an old Toshiba 20WLT56B TV which I occasionally use for playing PS3. The inputs are 2x Scart, Component, S-video and a PC-RGB (VGA) input. I want to use it as a monitor...
  24. Alter103

    [SOLVED] Would Toshiba S55 Series laptop operate ECC ram?

    Hello dear forumers. My Toshiba S55D-5383 laptop has DDR3 2x4GB 1600 Non-ECC 1.35v rams installed. I need to upgrade memory and the max is 16gb, thus 2x8GB needed. I see affordable options with Apple Rams, specifically Apple SO-DIMM DDR3 1867MHz 2x8GB ECC ( Product code: MLFY2G/A ). Upon...
  25. C

    Question Toshiba RDXV59DTKB Fault

    The previously fully functional Toshiba HDD & DVD / Video Cassette Recorder RDXV59DTKB has a fault. Five LEDs (on/off + Dubbing + VCR + HDD + DVD) continuously blink on and off and RDXV59DTKB does not work. Have searched through pdf of the RDXV59DTKB Owner's Manual and did not find this fault...
  26. brxbrxbrx

    [SOLVED] Laptop won't power on and no display after dissassembly and fan cleaning/applying thermal paste

    I'm seeking help for my laptop which doesn't turn on. This is after I disassembled it and clean the fan, also re-applying a thermal paste as its temp reaches too high to the point of frequently shutting down. Upon my first re-assembly, the laptop won't turn on, without display even with...
  27. J

    Question Mystery piece. Please help identify.

    Hi, This mystery part fell loose while removing my back cover on a Toshiba Satellite S855. Can you help me to identify it? It was near the wi-fi adapter. Image1 Image2 I was removing the cover to replace the top panel which contains the touchpad/wristrest. I proceeded to move all the...
  28. A

    [SOLVED] Tosgiba R30c : Downgrade from M.2 to 2.5in

    I just bought a toshiba R30c refurbished laptop, not realising that it is equipped with an M.2 sata SSD. The size of the SSD is small for my usage, and would like to replace it with my existing 2.5in SSD. But the internal cable seems to be customised and built-in for the M.2 tray. I know that...
  29. msrsuvo

    Question Which 4tb hdd one will be better

    Please check these and let me know which one will be better. And can I use 4tb hdd and 256gb ssd with gigabyte ga-b75m-hd3 mobo? I am using 16gb ram. Toshiba 4TB Sata Desktop Hard Disk (RPM- 7200) Seagate Barracuda 4TB SATA 3.5 inch HDD (RPM- 5400) Western Digital (WD40EZRZ) 4TB 3.5″ BLUE...
  30. C

    [SOLVED] BSOD when booting SSD drive on Toshiba Tecra Z50-A

    I have a Toshiba Tecra Z50-A (part # PT545A-01W002) with BIOS version 4.30 (26/04/2018) installed running Windows 7 PRO SP1. I installed a brand new Crucial MX500 SSD drive and used the Toshiba Recovery Drive to load the disk with WIN7. The install all went well but when the system was going...
  31. P

    [SOLVED] SSD not visible in BIOS Boot Menu

    Hi guys, I hope someone can please help me out. I am about to pull my hair out. So I am trying to add an SSD to my laptop which has a HDD. I have installed the SSD in the optical drive. I have also cloned the HDD to the SSD using Macrium Reflect. Both drives are visible in File explorer under...
  32. A

    Question Toshiba laptop not booting

    Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite C50-B-14D. Recently I tried booting it however the system froze on the "Toshiba Leading Innovation" screen with the numlock key permanently lit. Trawling through various internet solutions I eventually pressed the following key combo before firing up the laptop...
  33. M

    Question NVMe freezing PC on BIOS post

    Hello everyone, I'll try to be as detailed as possible in explaining my issue. I have upgraded my XPS 7590 from it's factory installed NVMe of 512 GB (Toshiba kxg60znv512g) to a 1TB 970 EvoPlus. The issue is that my big PC being prevented to move past the bios post comes when installing the...
  34. J

    Question Extreme nonstop ping fluctuations but normal speed when more than one device is being used

    Hey, My laptop (Toshiba, Windows 10) is getting extreme fluctuations in ping going between 190-4-5k ms or more nonstop (180ms is normal here - connecting to an American TS server while in Oceania). It occurs whenever more than one device is using the internet at my home. Yet it is only my...
  35. W

    [SOLVED] SSD replacement for 1.8" PATA Toshiba MK8007GAH (unusual connector)

    I need to find a SSD substitute for a 1.8" 3.3V PATA SSD, Toshiba part number MK8007GAH. This was used in Fujitsu P1610 subnotebook and at least one similar-era Sony PC. The problem is that the connector is not a "ZIF" (zero insertion force) type; rather it is a female 2-row receptacle...
  36. B

    Question HDD Never Gets Detected

    Hello, I have an external HDD ; Toshiba Store Canvio 2TB 3,5'' (hdwc120ew3j1). I haven't used it for quite a while, however it does not show up anywhere anymore. I always used it by connecting it to my Notebook (Windows 10 in one SSD and Ubuntu in a seperate HDD). There were only data files...
  37. Question "GMR head amplitude" red on new toshiba HDD

    Yesterday I got new toshiba hdwd130 and its smart is: Should I be worried about this gmr? What I got from googling that its means that its an indicator of drive aging and/or potential electromechanical problems that will lead to bad sectors. The second value (that is 3 on a screenshot)...
  38. Sireromano

    [SOLVED] Nvme not reading

    Hello looking for help Toshiba Satellite P55w-c5200x just got this adapter to use the Nvme 960 I have . SYBA SY-ADA40087 Driverless 2.5" SATA III to M.2 SSD Adapter the laptop does not see it. Can I have help. Trying to use this adapter on this laptop. Bios version 5 is in the Toshiba...
  39. G

    Question Will this SSD fit in my old toshiba qosmio g45-av680?

    Hello, my dad has this old laptop that his brother had gotten him atleast 10 or so years ago. I went ahead and doubled the ram to 4gb. But I am unsure about what kind of SSD type will fit it and how. Below are my two SSD choices -
  40. Alter103

    Question Lost Bluetooth component in laptop

    Hello! A year ago I realized problem with bluetooth discovering in my laptop (Toshiba S55D-A5383) - no devices could be detected during BT search. I supposed it was a software problem so reinstalled BT driver, but nothing resolved. Then I realized that BT is completely lost from laptop -...