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    [SOLVED] AMD FX 8350 Cores unstable at stock

    So I bought and built my first pc a few months ago, but at the time was way too busy to check for stability and i guess today im having crashes when i stream on obs while gaming any fps like apex or TF2. I think i found that the cores might be having issues after running a prime 95 stress test...
  2. Question Cannot create a new simpe volume on SSD

    Hi there, I had some 50 GB of SSD partition which was unallocated and was intending to use it to install Wamp Server on it for all my project files. The problem is that when I try to create a new simple volume through Windows Disk Manager, it gives an error saying Access Denied Could someone...
  3. aafusc2988

    Question Battlefield 1 in 2019

    Worth it for $9? It looks pretty fun and I think it averages around 3,000 players still on PC.. I do have V and I have hardly touched it though (have like 4 hours on that - paid $19 for someone's RTX code on eBay).
  4. E

    [SOLVED] Cannot enter bios at all

    Hey guys. I'm having trouble getting into my bios. I Have looked through almost all threads about getting into the bios, but sadly I cannot get any of them to work. I have tried hitting del, f12, changing keyboards (have not used a ps 2), even doing shift restart and going to advanced options...
  5. J

    Question Finally Upgrading Dell 3847 Case and Motherboard

    So, after many years I have successfully upgraded every part of my Dell Inspiron 3847, including the power supply (750w), CPU (Intel i7 4790 - non K), memory, hard drive (SSD), and graphics card (EVGA 1060 6GB SC). I have even had to replace the original Dell motherboard, which was a pain as it...
  6. M

    Question Asus N3050I-C sata expansion card

    i have a Asus N3050I-C Mini Itx setup but the sata inputs arent enough so i bought a sata expansion card. But for some reason the drive that is linked to the card is not picking up. I thought it could be kodi but the drive isnt even showing in the BIOS i already updated the bios but i cant seem...
  7. S

    Question USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)

    So I don't have a case right now and I've been using a small screwdriver to turn on my PC (case will be arriving shortly), however this morning I accidentally dropped it on the motherboard and there was a small spark (it landed right on the corner didn't appear to touch anything significant -...
  8. D

    Discussion How much can I sell my rig for

    I am trying to get an estimate on how much I should sell my rig for. I built this system a year ago for school, and I am moving overseas for a job. Intel i7 Broadwell 6 core on an ASUS Republic of Gamers RAMPAGE 10 EDITION Motherboard, complimented with 64GB of RAM, ideally specific to the CPU...
  9. S

    Question Can I connect my monitor to the motherboard while still using the installed video card?

    Hello Long story short: my GTX 1050 ti 's ports died and it won't connect to any monitor no matter which port I use. I have Team Viewer installed in my PC so even without the monitor I could connect and see if it was still working - and it did - Windows 10 boots normally and it still detect...
  10. U

    Question Graphics Card Buzzing, Game Stuttering

    That was a bad sum up for the title. But what's happening is my graphics card's fan sounds like it's buzzing. Just a zzzzzzzz. Occasionally, my game will stutter and my fan will stop buzzing until the game continues it's normal fps. Also, when I exit the game the fans sound normal again.
  11. W

    Question Is it fine to miss one standoff?

    Standoff setup looks like this o o o o o o o o x (x is the missing standoff) Is it fine to miss this standoff or should I look into buying a new one?
  12. A

    [SOLVED] LED lights on fans doesn't glow too much

    Motherboard MSI z97 I have 4 fans connected through 4 pin molex then 1 is connected to the system header fan. The LED lights on fans doesn't glow much, what is happening? I had the same fans on my asus p8h61-m le, same config yet it glows brighter.
  13. W

    Question I7 3770 with rx 590 or 1660 ti?

    So i want to play games on 1080p/60hz , I currently have 1050 Ti which is not strong enough for 1080p I saw some review that say i7 3770 will bottleneck the 1660 Ti , so will i better pick rx 590 instead?
  14. Screx

    [SOLVED] i5-4440S Can I go over its listed ram speeds?

    I read the data sheet and it says in a field called "Memory types" that it supports : 1333/1600 DDR3 ram. I was thinking of overclocking my HyperX fury 8G stick to 2400. Can I do that? Or would it make the system unstable since the rated speeds are 1600, I don't know if they're the max possible...
  15. H

    Question For people who use the thermal take premium controller

    So the control is to sync to mother board RGB, my question is: can I just go back to thermal takes RGB software simply by downloading the program? Or would I have to use the origninal control to use the thermal take software? Sorry if my question is confusing as I really don’t know what I’m...
  16. A

    Question CPU connected SSDs versus PCH connected SSDs

    I'd like definitively to know if a SSD NMVe M.2 directly connected to the CPU by 4 free lanes will perform really better "in the real world" with respect to another identical one, but connected to the PCH and then by the DMI 3 bus.
  17. Mo.R

    Question Micro atx in mid tower case

    Hi, might was wondering if a micro atx motherboard would look weird in a mid tower case. As I think there would be a lot of space left around it, if I don't do water Cooling or uservices an AIO. Is this true? I'm thinking of getting a be quiet case, because they are quiet, but they don't make...
  18. S

    Question Without graphic card

    Hi I have c2d E8400 destop pc With 4gb ram And no any ghrafic card. I played call of duty black ops 1 . But unable to play sniper elite 3 With same requirements. I want to know Is there any website or tool which tells me that either any game will run on my pc without grafic card?
  19. J

    [SOLVED] Gaming card

    Hi all I’m new here and was wondering about a wireless card that I want to install in my desktop, I have recently moved and can no longer use a hard wire connection there is one wall in between the computer and router so about 15 feet to the tower the card I was was looking at was the ASUS...
  20. Liquiddream001

    Question I have a APU A4-7300 Dual-Core What can I use to upgrade this?

    I bought this pc out on a lim and it needs some major upgrades until I can play some Pubg or Apex halo online etc can you help? Im getting confused on what I can swap out. I have OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 Other OS Description...
  21. Divinegods

    Question 2nd monitor dosent turn on

    Hi so basically i was reading a threat saying that if you plug your 2nd monitor to your motherboard it will reduce lag but after i plug in my 2nd monitor to my motherboard it just stayed in power saving mode so i tried to plug it back into my video card but it continued staying in power saving...
  22. E

    Question laptop charger port broke.

    hello all, today my laptop charger port broke, resulting in all 3 wires behind it getting detached. I have a soldering iron and can fix this, I just want to know if polarity matters. there are 3 connectors and I can provide an image. here is the google photos link -...
  23. Z

    [SOLVED] Should I use slow ethernet or fast wifi?

    Hi all! I've got a question, should I use slow ethernet or fast wifi? My wifi gets around 150mbps up & down, but I can connect my devices to ethernet if I want. The only thing is: I can only get a 100mbps switch rn, so will it be better or worse to use ethernet? I use the internet mostly for...
  24. N

    Question HUGE problem with RX Vega 64

    Hey guys, alright so I'm super frustrated. I just bought a used Rx Vega 64, guy said it was working fine, and indeed it seemed to be okay when I first used it. However, I had to reset my PC entirely, and after reinstalling everything, including the latest drivers and whatnot, I attempted to...
  25. Just a budget gamer

    Question Is a dell 275watt power supply enough fo a zotac gtx 750 ti

    will a basic dell 275W power supply that comes with a pre built dell OptiPlex 7010 mini tower handle the zotac gtx 750ti? it fits the chase and it doesn't require a power supply to GPU connector. other components being i5 3470 and 4GB ram
  26. A

    [SOLVED] Looking to upgrade PC...not sure where to start.

    CPU: i5 4670k RAM: 24gb GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Motherboard: ASUS Z87-A Mostly for gaming, built it a couple years back only changed GPU starting to get lag spikes in games and out. Any help is appreciated!
  27. D

    Question Looking to buy a Macbook Pro 15'', 2015

    I'm looking to buy a MBP 15'' 2015, for force click touchpad and better performance SSD (otherwise I'd have gone for 2014). I have a few questions: . Is 2.8ghz or 2.5ghz a huge jump from 2.2ghz as base clock speed? I believe the first 2 model can turbo boost up to 4.0ghz while the base model...
  28. R

    Question Can an oculus rift or HTC Vive work on my rtx ROG strix gpu?

    The real question is with the ports on the 2060 will I be able to plug in a oculus or vive even if I don’t have a usb c plug on my gpu. Or is there a converter plug I should use? I’m new into Vr idk what needs to be plugged in where. Help plz 👍🏻
  29. ajinkys


    Guys, Please suggest a gaming build under 1L Indian rupees CPU CPU COOLER MOBO GFX ( NVIDIA only because again I get discounts 😋 ) RAM CABINET ( BETTER AIRFLOW ESPECIALLY FROM SIDE PRIORITY SINCE ITS NEAR WINDOW ) PSU HDD ( SSD if it really makes a great difference for my purpose ) MECHANICAL...
  30. S

    Question RTX 2070 boosting too high and crashing

    I have an RTX 2070 (MSI Armour). I ran oc scanner a few weeks ago and the oc was great, no problems running games, no crashes, nothing. But seemingly all of a sudden, my card would boost automatically up to 2010mhz and any game that I am playing at the time of the boost would crash. Sometimes...
  31. D

    Question 240hz 120FPS not smooth on High end PC

    Specs i7 8086k (5.2) Gtx 1080 Ti 750w PS X62 Kraken 500 GB SSD m.2 250 GB Samsung ssd z390 e gaming motherboard asus So I have been having a problem where any fps under 120fps at 240hz feels terrible and anything under 240hz (like 144hz) feels terrible. I usually get 300 plus fps on fortnite...
  32. T


    My ram is capped at 60 in ALL games SPECS: Gtx 1060 6gb AMD FX 8320 Vengeance Pro LP ddr3 16gb ASUS M5A97 evo 2.0 Seagate Desktop SSHD 1TB Need help fixing this issue Used to get 100 - 170 fps in certain games such as CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege
  33. jalim

    Question cpu short circuits

    My laptop Toshiba satellite m40 CPU 730 when I put the laptop on it is starting everthig normal but after some minutes becomes very haught on the back side of the laptop than starts troubles in the windows When I have disassembled the laptop and I have tested components on the motherboard I...
  34. Falco57

    Question BIOS freezing with new SSD?

    Hi guys, so i bought an SSD (PNY 120GB) a couple of days ago, burned an image of Windows 10 1809 into a USB stick and tried to install Windows on it, the installation went fine, then when i restarted the machine, it would get to the windows 10 loading logo and the PC would restart, so i got an...
  35. C

    [SOLVED] Pc keeps blue screening upon turning on

    So about 2 weeks ago I bought an i7 8700k and Z390 ASRock phantom gaming 6 Z390 motherboard everything was as working well until last night when I got a random blue screen. I reset my uefi to defaults and everything worked fine then this morning as soon as I sighned in my pc blue screened and...
  36. Y

    Question Installed new motherboad and CPU, now I cannot boot directly into Windows 10.

    I just installed an Intel i9-9900k on the ROG Maximus XI Hero. Windows is installed on my 250gig Samsung Evo SSD, but now I can't boot to windows unless I do it through the BIOS. Is there some setting I'm missing, or do I need to re-install Windows?
  37. dillybaggins

    Question any 1 have experince with b450 aorus elite board

    im trying to get my memory to run at 2666mhz on my b450 elite aorus motherboard Specs are Memory Vengeance LPX 2666mhz Cpu ryzen 1700 Mobo b450 aorus elite hx750 PSU rx vega 64 gpu Now ive tried just using XMP profile and it just boot loops 3 times then resets back to default ive uppd the...
  38. B

    Question Flat RGB Keyboard

    Hey there! I'm currently buying a new gaming PC and already picked all the components, but still can't find a keyboard. Since I used laptops all my life, I'm looking for a keyboard with flat laptop-like keys and RGB lighting (it doesn't matter if it's mechanical or Rubber Dome). An example for...
  39. N

    [SOLVED] moving everything to another pc

    i want to move literally everything on this pc settings - games - even wallpaper, to another pc, whats the best, easiest, quickest way to do that ? basically move this pc to another. this is a dell inspiron 3650 pc
  40. H

    Question Can most RGB fans look like this?

    Description says cooler master but I prefer thermaltake or Corsair. But the way it looks in video I’m hoping these can look that the coolermaster View: