Apr 18, 2022
Hello, wanted to write this to seek some possible help on a toshiba satellite c45, when turning on it didnt get past the loading toshiba screen it wouod just pop up the text with "no bootable device please insert..." i tried some toggling on the bios menu by pressing f12 but wasnt able to get past that screen, then i watched a video explaining where the hard drive could be a possible reazon so i opened the back part where the ram and hdd is, what i saw was a loose plastic cable conector that was under the hdd, couold this very well be the cause? I figuer it should be connected as it wouldnt be normal for a cable to be wabbling loose in the laptop, the cable is a thin plastic conector type, with one end saying pt, i dont really know where it was connected to though it was just loose under the hdd unit, so is there any advice on this, i can upload image of the cable and the hdd part where i saw the loose cable, i figure the connection should just be right around tere since its where i picked it up loose from, but would preffer advice from this community first for in case of anithing
Hey man,

I can try to help at least a little bit, but I'll definitely need that picture. These errors you see are usually caused by the hard drive being broken or corrupt or cables that don't work as intended (imagine the copper wire inside the cable breaking for instance).

It could be that the plastic flatcable is comletely unrelated, as those usually go to keyboards, touchpads and little daughter boards that only have USB ports and/or a headphone jack.

Also try to add more information about your laptop. Try to find a product number. The Toshiba Satellite C45 series has been around for years, meaning they've been designed/built in different ways. In other words, it could be that a C45 from 2 years ago looks completely different and that the hard drive could be in a completely different place.
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