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  1. D

    Question Home built NAS solution for baskup?

    Hello all, Recently I've thinking of making a basic NAS server for my backup need to basically get the photos and other important documents off my phones and on something more central. I looked around and most people recommended FreeNAS. Upon looking into it, it seems really powerful but it's...
  2. Z

    Question External HDD no longer showing up in explorer

    I have a WD Elements 4T external drive that worked fine I went on vacation had it unplugged and now it won't show up in explorer. I can see it in Device manager and it says it is working properly, I tried to update drivers even uninstall the device, when running diskdrive get status it shows as...
  3. J

    Question Why Won't PC Recognize New HDD?

    I have a Dell Optiplex 390. I have an HDD with Windows 10 installed but when I connect the SATA and Power Cables to the HDD, all I see is a little white line up in the top left corner blinking with no response from the keyboard or mouse. I have started and restarted my computer but I have...
  4. TerraCorbix12345

    Question PC makes noise that sounds like someone is shoveling snow. What is this a sign of?

    Recently got my HP 750-287C's PSU knocked out by a power surge but had it replaced. Now, when I use my PC, there's a sound coming from it that sounds like someone is shoveling snow outside or the printer starting to print something. What is this a sign of? Is it a sign of a component failing...
  5. Mwigh

    Question Burned HDD with bitcoins. What can I do?

    I was going to recover an old SSD with some bitcoins in it. Not much, but enough to spend some time on it (USD 3k). I put the hdd into one PSU, and the HDD sata into computer using another psu. Not sure if this was the reason, but it burned something (close to the power supply) on the HDD. See...
  6. Viperajlx

    Question HDD won’t show as boot option in BIOS

    I just had to replace my motherboard and it finally came in today. I had been working for hours putting everything back together and finally got it up and working. When I got into BIOS I noticed that it only had my NVME M.2 SSD as a boot drive option. When I originally built my computer a year...
  7. TwinDenis

    Question Hearing a higher pitch noise on the front panel fan

    Hello, I am currently having a PC which is relatively new (purchased last year) the PC seems to be making an odd noise lately that possibly comes from the front panel fan (Corsair 400q default fan on the front), it could be the hard drive as well but it is hard to tell (the hard disk does not...
  8. PrabhakaranKaruppaih

    Question How cheap can we convert an Internal HDD to an External HDD Now-a-Days?

    Hi All, I am Prabhakaran from India. I need to convert an Internal HDD to an External One. How cheap can we do it now? Please reply. Thank You. Regards, Prabhakaran 1 TB SATA Western Digital (WD)
  9. S

    Question HDD read speeds suddenly reduced.

    Hi, I have a windows 11 PC. My C drive is an SSD and I have two HDDs installed. One is used for back-ups and the other for multimedia files - video, music, photos etc.. About two months ago I noticed that I was having problems with the multimedia drive - see below: File manager would take 2-3...
  10. G

    Question Keep getting an error 0x800701b1 on internal HDD

    Hello. I've recently updated my computer by adding new hard drive to it. After doing that my OS (win 10) broke and i installed it clean the same day on my SSD (i had to format it). Now my new HDD works fine i believe but my old one (which was not formatted) keeps disconnecting, and whenever i...
  11. Question Seagate HDD bought for laptop last September has suspiciously high "load/unload cycle count" ?

    As the title says, this HDD was bought last september and it seems already halfway through it's rated load / unload cycles? Is that normal. While I do have backups for the important stuff, I would very much like to avoid the annoyance of losing the whole drive in a couple of months, so if...
  12. M

    Question Tool to scan HD - to detect if has something wrong.

    I have the opportunity to buy a laptop of second hand in well state from a member of my family. My unique concern is the HD. What is the best tool recommendation to install or mostly to load through a Live USB to scan quickly the HD to detect if has something wrong. For example bad cluster for...
  13. Y

    [SOLVED] Is my HDD in need of replacement?

    Hi, I've had a couple of problems with my internal hard drive, and I would appreciate a knowledgeable opinion on my drive's health. I have a ~200MB internal HDD with my windows installation and my programs (drive letter is C), and another internal HDD that's 2TB, and it has all of my work on it...
  14. P

    Question Laptop hdd change

    What needs to be checked for a hdd change on a laptop? Can an hdd from another laptop brand be used on the other, fpr example using a dell laptop hdd on a asus laptop, is there any universal size for the hdd or do each laptop have a specific size or fit ? In this case its for a Toshiba c45...
  15. M

    Question WD Elements makes weird sounds in IDLE (SMART data looks OK) ?

    I've got a WD Element 2TB which makes weird noises even when it's in IDLE. And sometimes when it's not even mounted. Here is a sample audio. I remember it making these sounds the first time I plugged it in and tried to format it as ext4. Sadly I thought it was related to the filesystem as the...
  16. P

    Question Toshiba Satellite laptop "no bootable device"

    Hello, wanted to write this to seek some possible help on a toshiba satellite c45, when turning on it didnt get past the loading toshiba screen it wouod just pop up the text with "no bootable device please insert..." i tried some toggling on the bios menu by pressing f12 but wasnt able to get...
  17. R

    [SOLVED] Does my HP Laptop need a SSD?

    Hi everyone Hope I've posted this in the right section. I have a HP ENVY Notebook - 14t-j100 CTO which I've been using for about 5 years now. It has been a couple years now that whenever I run ANY programs, the "Disk usage" spikes to 100 and stays there for a solid 3 minutes before it goes...
  18. J

    Question Did I break $3000 worth of HDDs?

    I was moving around to talk to my cat (had to make a moment (new kitty)) and my knee smashed into the hard wood desk that contains 13 HDDs (external, stacked). The force was kind of large, I could have hit a kick ball around 20-30 feet. Is it possible that I damaged my HDDs? (I think I know...
  19. G

    Question HDD Seagate Barracuda weird sound

    Hi everyone! Just 2 days ago I bought new Seagate Barracuda 2TB drive (ST2000DM008). I plugged it in, set it up and everything was fine till I found out that this disk make weird noise while under load (for example launching and playing a game which is installed on this disk). It makes some...
  20. TheFlash1300

    Question How do i check the number of write/erase cycles my USB flash drive has?

    Is there a way to check the number of write/erase cycles my USB flash drive has, and the health of the USB flash drive? Is there a way to see the S.M.A.R.T status of the USB flash drive? With CrystalDisk, you can see the health of your SSD/HDD. Is there a software like CrystalDisk, but for USB...
  21. fitzy_rs

    Question Increasing UltraDMA (UDMA) CRC Error Count

    Hi team, I've been running a Toshiba MQ01ABD100 1TB HDD in our Inspiron R 5537 from factory since 2014. Approx. 2016 a completely fresh install of Win10 Home was made. I wouldn't be able to graph the progression, but currently, the laptop takes minutes to load all the background processes and...
  22. O

    Question Low space HDD corrupting files but not showing errors

    My 3TB Seagate HDD has about 400GB left in storage, but when I try to download or add something to it, it'll corrupt that file and won't let me do it anything with it. When said file is being read the disk usage goes up to 100% with no Reading/Writing speed, it just hangs. Checked it with...
  23. H

    Question My computer is stuck on the motherboard screen.

    Okay so this all started a couple days ago—my computer crashed with the windows blue screen of death and I thought nothing of it. After it restarted, my computer would only boot into bios. I found out that my motherboard was no longer detecting my m.2 ssd for some reason and therefore couldn’t...
  24. D

    Question 1 hdd drives shows as 2 different drives, not partition

    I have 1tb wdc blue and i cant install windows in it, i formated both while installing windows and they still shows as 2 different drives, when i procceed to install in one of the drives it says "reboot and select proper boot device" i tried to clean from diskpart still no luck, i tried to merge...
  25. vikaskumar2299

    Question Does it mean my external hard disk is internally damaged/corrupted?

    I bought a new Seagate Expansion 2 TB hard disk yesterday. I used it and copied 200 GB data on it. Which copied successfully. Then I copied some more data but during that I lifted my laptop to place it somewhere else but I forgot that my hard disk is attached to it with USB. So the hard drive...
  26. AugustusF

    Question Can I remove my HDD (not the OS drive) and add it to new laptop?

    Hey there! Recently updated from Lenovo Ideapad 3 Gaming (1650, 256 gb ssd and 1tb hdd) to Asus Tuf Gaming f15 (3060) which came with 512gb ssd. Wondered if I could take out the hdd from ideapad and fix it in new one.
  27. Question HDD low performance in crystaldiskmark

    Today i done couple of crystaldiskmark tests and i noticed very low performance, hdd is new (wd black 10tb) ,could it be because disk is 78% full? I posted screenshots of empty drive and 78% full:
  28. HewieHG

    Question Disk usage at 100% then HD beep.

    For a while now, usually when i'm playing a game with high HD usage, the game might stutter for a bit (HD usage jumps to 100% and stays there), then my hard drive starts to make this weird "beep" sound, until returning to normal. After some troubleshooting, I'm certain that this is an issue...
  29. L

    Question My PC is dying PLS HELP

    my specs are Cpu Amd fx 9590 Gpu msi GeForce 1060 6 gb gaming x Motherboard asrock 970a-g/3.1 Psu evga 700 b 80 plus bronze Cpu cooler thermaltake water 3.0 240 argb sync tt premium edition Storage multiple ssds and hdds Ram 24 gb My problems. I built this pc in let’s say 2016 Only played rust...
  30. T

    Question HDD suddenly became unallocated

    My internal hdd all of sudden became unallocated space. Its only 3 years old and has been operating without a hitch ever since it was first installed. We recently had some power issues in the home, blackouts and brownouts which I think may have done it. I was searching for fixes as the data...
  31. mcan226

    [SOLVED] Changing HDD for SSD with new OS, what does it happen to the old one?

    Hello, I'm upgrading an old desktop computer (i3-4170, 8gb of ram and asus h81m-a) with W10 . I bought a new WD 240gb ssd and I'm gonna install W10 on it. But I'm gonna keep using my old WD 1tb HDD for general storage usage. The thing is that HDD has W7 installed on it. Once I have the new os...
  32. hungngat1cf

    [SOLVED] HDD continuously making start up noise.

    I have been using a WD blue 20EZAZ along with a 1TB WD blue for more than a months ( both are internal 3,5 inch drive). About 4 days ago, the 20EZAZ started making spin down then spin up sound ( like it is booting up or turned back on after the computer sleep), the sound occurred once every 1...
  33. A

    Question Bad HDD performance | HDD showing as an SSD in defraggler

    Hello all, my wife is currently using an old gaming PC of mine and it's safe to say it's on it's last legs. With the components being nearly 10 years old (AM3+ setup), you can understand it struggles to run games at good graphics. The issue I do have though currently is a relatively new HDD...
  34. F

    Question HDD performance s.m.a.r.t attributes value increase

    I bought new hdd, and i did extended s.m.a.r.t. scan (no problems detected) but i noticed after that test 2 performance parameters have increased value and some error code (throughtput performance and seek time performance), should i be worried? before: https://postimg.cc/JDsvX6yF after...
  35. F

    Question HDD ESD damage?

    i cut off the anti static bag and made a flat surface (inner side) on which i put the hdd (bottom unprotected side where electronic is), can it damage HDD? Anti static bag is silver one from HDD.
  36. D

    Question Restore files after format?

    I've used new Microsoft tool for crating bootable usb flash. I don't even know why the f they say choose backup location or smth like that. (Obviously it was not the case). I've chosen my hard drive partition. I thought I need to choose backup location. Now my hard drive has 32gb formatted with...
  37. rumalg001

    Question Should I replace the external HDD?

    I have checked my external HDD using Crystaldiskinfo.After I copied some files to the HDD Reallocated sectores count increased to 3360 from 3352 in Raw Values sector.What does this means? Should I buy a new HDD? Here are the Screenshots Before copying files https://ibb.co/922cd5F After copying...
  38. L

    Question Drive count limits on MacOS?

    Anyone know how many drives can be daisy-chained to a late 2017 iMac via USB hubs?
  39. X

    Question big problem with moving windows from hdd to ssd

    So, I've gotten my new ssd thinking i'd just copy and paste the windows folder from my hdd to the ssd but before doing that i checked yt and it was a whole different thing.. i found out that i have to clone the hdd (1tb) to my ssd(240gb) and my partition containing the windows files is a 475gb...
  40. Vosso

    Question can't access WD external hdd

    I have an external hdd from WD, which I connected to a laptop to transfer some file. The transfer was successful and then have safely ejected the hdd. Then directly connected the hdd to another laptop, however I wasn't able to access the hdd. The other laptop recognized the hdd but couldn't open...