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  1. C

    Question External HDD can be read on laptop but not desktop

    Hi All, I'm stumped. I have a 4TB WD MyPassport (NTFS) that can be read just fine on my laptop (an Asus running Windows 10), but not my desktop (custom built running windows 10). Desktop Info Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU Intel Core i7 7700K @ 4.20GHz 35 °C Kaby...
  2. Sandywich999

    Question Which HDD to go with?

    So I've decided to replace my dying Seagate Pipeline HDD, and this is something I didnt think I'd encounter, but the HDD space has left me in confusion. I'm looking at 2TB drives on a tight budget, and primarily gonna use it for gaming/media storage. Already using an SSD for boot. Reliability is...
  3. mxritz

    Question How to backup an external HDD?

    Ok, so I just recently bought a new portable hard drive (WD Elements), since my previous external hard drive failed. To prevent stuff like that I would like to backup my data regularly. Do you guys recommend any software, or online clouds that are free and easy to use?
  4. esrever

    Question Harddrive ususally hot and noisy.

    I have a 5TB HGST Deskstar NAS 5TB 7200 RPM in my PC and it's been running for 3 years. It has always made clicking noises when in use even when I bought it but has been running fine almost 24/7 for 3 years. Recently I noticed it has been getting very hot, 50C+ easily without doing much. It...
  5. bencefekete66

    Question Question Can i change 4095 bytes sector size to 512 bytes sector size ?

    I have adata gammix s11 pro m.2 ssd, but i can not install the windows on it with acronis because it shows that it uses 4095 bytes sector syze ... can i somehow change it to 512 bytes secor size or not? Thank you ... (I wrote this on wrong page ... sorry for this, i think admins can delete...
  6. heeelion

    Question HDD failure 2TB how long do i have?

    Hey so i have had this computer for a long while and its been starting to make noise and freeze my computer up, ive narrowed it down to my HDD and after browsing the forums for a bit think its my HDD ive used a healthcheck program for them the images can be found here and here this was me...
  7. L

    [SOLVED] Problems with Macrium Reflect.

    I just purchased a new Samsung QVO 1tb SSD to replace my 1tb WD HDD, but it seems that Macrium Reflect is having trouble cloning the HDD over to my SSD. Every time I attempt to clone it gives me this message "(D:) has a NTFS MFT record size smaller than the disk sector size." Just one more...
  8. M

    Question Merging 2 ssd's onto one without losing files on either.

    In my computer currently i have a 128g samsung 840 evo, and a 1tb 840 evo. i have windows on the 128g and some other drivers for the graphics card along with misc files and apps that i dont wanna reinstall. i also have files and apps on the 1 tb 840 ssd that i dont wanna reinstall. i want to...
  9. RabbitSK

    Question HDD not recognized by BIOS

    Ok so I had a Seagate Sata2 320GB HDD + Fujitsu Sata1 100GB HDD in my PC, and a WD Blue Sata3 500GB HDD in my laptop. I decided to put the Fujitsu one in my laptop and i put WD Blue in my PC. WD Blue was 100/100 on HD Sentinel right before i took it out. But for some reason the WD Blue is not...
  10. B

    Question Hard drive spinning but not detected in bios?

    Suddenly when i turn on my pc , something poped up reboot and select proper boot device , insert boot media in selected boot device. I went to bios and hard drive not detected ! I tried to unplug the cable plug it again and same , hard drive is spinning ! I tried to to replace the cable but same...
  11. broxja

    [SOLVED] Another "reboot and select proper boot device" post.

    Hi there, recently bought a Samsung EVO 860 500GB and cloned my C:/ from my 3TB HDD, PC is still booting from the hard drive no matter how i order the boot priorities. Booting without the HDD results in the "reboot and select proper boot device " error, i know this is not a cable or power issue...
  12. G

    [SOLVED] Do all external hard drives turn off automatically?

    I'm looking forward to buying an external hard drive to download my games on, so I was wondering if the external hard drive turns off Automatically while im not using it.
  13. Y

    Question External HDD has EFI-System on it, and only has 15MB of aviable space. How to fix it?

    Hello! I have an external HDD with 500GB capacity, but when I plug it into the computer, it only shows 15MB of it, and it's filled with EFI-System files on it. How can I revert this, so I can have my space back? It was an empty drive as far as I remember. Oh and please simplify it, I'm not an...
  14. S

    Question SSD upgrading - OS and performance

    Hello, I'm currently using 1Tb hdd 5400rpm. I'm planning to update my laptop with m 2 nvme ssd. I would like my OS to remain in my hdd while jus my design softwares would be transferred to ssd. Will that make a difference or should the os be in the ssd drive to make a difference? The reason...
  15. Vezium

    [SOLVED] Computer BSODs with 'CRITICAL PROCESS DIED' Whenever trying to download large files.

    Hello, See my specs below :- Intel core i7-7700k ASUS Z-170A Motherboard 16GB Ballistix sport 2400Mhz RAM 2 x 500GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD (I think it's 850) GTX 1080-TI EVGA 1000W Platinum I'm having some issues downloading large files. Everything else runs fine on my computer, installations...
  16. P

    Question I did 6 things and my system still restarts. What do I do?

    Okay... So back last summer, for some reason my computer started restarting without any signs and/or payload. After that, I did these things over a span of a year, and it's still restarting sometimes, though it's much less frequent. Buy a new case that improves ventilation Buy a new power...
  17. Alan Christopher

    Question Second drive dont show after boot

    I'm struggling with a problem after i instaled one ssd and formated it with windows 10. My second drive, Seagate 2tb hdd, appear on bios, but after windows boot it does not show. I have to open device management and make a rescan, then it works good. Also, i noticed that when i unplug it...
  18. C

    [SOLVED] Getting SSD for Boot drive, need some help with my HDD.

    So I just ordered an SSD M.2 which I plan to use as my new PC's boot drive. I have a 4tb HDD that I use as a second storage option (my current PC boots off a 1tb HDD) and was told a long while ago that if I have any data I want to keep, that I'd need to partition a portion of my HDD and send it...
  19. kartiksingh957

    Question Does this mean my internal hard drive is corrupt ?

    As I switched on my PC I got message to insert a boot drive so I knew something's wrong with windows After running system check it said boot bcd error 0xc0000098 so I tried reinstalling windows but got to know that I cant select drive because I have 0mb space I went to bios and checked, the...
  20. mxritz

    [SOLVED] My internal HDD can't be accessed anymore, also displays 0 bytes?

    Ok, here is the thing: Whenever I try to access my HDD (ST31000340NS) via the File Explorer it shows this error message: "D:\ is not accesible. The request failed due to a fatal device hardware error" When I looked it up in the disk management section it also displayed a total storage amount of...