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  1. C

    Question is my bad hard disk responsible for "false" memory usage failures

    View: https://imgur.com/a/tvz5CTS hello there :) my understanding of these types of things are limited. so, try to explain things as simply as possible, if you can. around May 2021, i noticed my computer was unable to run video games like it always has. this was rather sudden, over the course...
  2. Z

    Question Secondary slave hard disk error

    Disk- Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1 TB HDD I was having some troubles booting up my computer for a few past mornings and thia morning it slowly booted till the desktop but the desktop was unresponsive (i could use mouse and keyboard, but couldn't run anything. So i thought to try my spare 250 GB...
  3. N

    Question SSD PNY It doesn't want to work :(

    Help me please, I can't solve this problem! suddenly, while I was installing windows 8.1 there was an installation problem, towards the end of the windows installation setup (started from the bios). Now my drive has not assigned any letter and I am not able to use any access. I can't even...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] Windows StorPort or Storahci waking hdd every half an hour

    My hard disk (Seagate Barracuda 1Tb - ST1000DM010) has been waking every half an hour even if I don't use it. I didn't bother about it earlier, but now it is apparent and irritating. I don't get any errors while using it and no speed problems. I bought it a year ago. I checked the event log...
  5. Y

    Question How do i know if my hard drive is 3.5 or 2.5

    Hey, i have two hard drives, 1 is installed on the pc the other is not, how do I know if they are 2.5 or 3.5? I think things will be easy with the installed one, but how about the other one, is there a way that I can know without installing it, is there anything written on it that can tell me...
  6. gordonmousedeer

    [SOLVED] Can a used hard disk drive carry viruses?

    I bought a used hard disk drive. The seller assured me that it has no bad sectors. I need to know something.. Even after a hard disk drive gets reformatted or gets all of its information wiped clean, can it still carry viruses from an older system?
  7. J

    Question My HDD doesn't appear in My Computer. Only in Disk Management. Need some help.

    Hey everyone. I'm having an issue with one of my HDDs. My secondary HDD doesn't show up in My Computer. It only shows up in Disk Management but only at the bottom and it appears as "not initialized" and "unallocated". This has happened a couple of times before as well but I fixed it by simply...
  8. D

    Question Bad sector help

    I did chkdsk f: /r and i found 412 kb bad sectors https://i.ibb.co/KqPMJLF/20210311-121939.jpg Any suggestions how can i fix it ?
  9. Skydaz

    Question Local Disk Keep disconnect and reconnect sometimes while producing a Buzz sound.

    Specs ; Windows 10 Pro Version 1909 Ryzen 5 2600 Zotac Rtx 2060 16GB XPG ram B450m asrock steel legend 120GB SSD Gigabyte GP-GSTFS31120GNTD Health 97% 1 TB HDD Seagate ST1000NM0033-9ZM173 Health 100% source hddsentinel* Hi, so my weird problem is, when ever im using my PC {not idle} ...
  10. pmz94

    Question Why my HDD has slow read/write speeds?

    My laptop's HDD has been slow for a while, I had it since 2016. I ran many tests with CrsytalDiskMark and it shows around 30 - 60 MB/s for reading and writing speeds, even after defrag it. I've checked many times with many methods and basically HDD is at full health. No physical damages either...
  11. K

    Question PC slow boot times on SSD

    Greetings, a year ago I got myself an 480GB SSD from Kingston. Boot times and overall responsiveness improved by a large margin and I was very happy with it. About a month ago, I noticed everything slowed down, boot times became slower than on my old failing hard drive and after finally getting...
  12. Lorenzo-Piazza

    Question System doesn't boot after adding an internal hard drive

    Hi, I just found an old computer that I no longer used and I wanted to put it back together to use it as a server. I, therefore, needed to disable the 'halt on' option from the bios to be able to boot without having attached any external device, like screen and keyboard. I also had the operating...
  13. H

    [SOLVED] Best deal on 4TB or larger hard drives?

    I want to buy some hard drives. I need at least two (the first for main use, the second as a backup for the first). Ideally, I'd like to pay $150 or less for each of them. I'm mainly looking at internal drives, but if there are some external ones that are as good, I'm open to suggestions. I'd...
  14. W

    [SOLVED] My Seagate HDD having health issue

    https://prnt.sc/weuq06 https://prnt.sc/weutce Plz, refer to these images. Showing caution on Crystal disk info and HDD sentinel but when I checked with cmd , seatools and repair test in HDD Sentinel no issues found. https://prnt.sc/weuqxw Please help me with this
  15. TheLesko

    [SOLVED] SSD upgrade; help with windows migration

    I'am currently using a 1tb hard disk and i would like to add a 240gb ssd to use as a boot device to load up windows faster. My question is, how to i migrate only the operating system? or the only solution is to do a fresh install of windows on the ssd, in that case do i keep all my previous data...
  16. I

    [SOLVED] Replacing Hard Drive Head (Only to Recover Data (One Time Run))

    Hello! I have an Internal HDD "Samsung Model: HD161GJ 160GB" with Serial: SATA & manufactured in 01/2011, suddenly stopped working as no boot device & not shown up in BIOS. It gives a sound like click, So I searched on internet about this concern, it shows that this type of problem related to...
  17. T

    [SOLVED] Hard Disk thrown on concrete floor by delivery person

    Hi, I'm new here, and I have a question about possible damage to an external hard drive. I ordered a 2tb WD hard drive online to give as a Christmas present. I wasn't home when the delivery person came, and they threw it over the wall surrounding my property, and it landed on the concrete floor...
  18. G

    [SOLVED] Surveillance hdd vs Normal desktop hdd in gaming

    So I'm thinking of buying a 1tb hdd and the surveillance one seems to have a faster transfer rate and the cost difference isn't as much. Can the surveillance hdd be used for gaming and other everyday activities in a PC? Does it perform them better than a normal desktop hdd? And in the end which...
  19. L

    [SOLVED] Installing Windows to new SSD

    Hi I am currently using a 1 tb hard disk and very recently got an ssd. I want to install a fresh copy of windows onto the ssd. I was initially going to clone but based on some of the advise I received here I decided to do a fresh install instead. However I have a few doubts. After installing...
  20. H

    Question How to format the disc drive?

    Hello, I have one disk drive of 80gb on my pc, want to format it to start again fresh, can it be formated to factory like condition? If formated do I need to re install a windows?
  21. rank1337

    Question Is it possible to recover data from this drive?

    I used this drive about a year ago, and I shut off my pc because it was running slow, so I went to sleep. I woke up and it took minutes to boot into windows, which is irregular because I run a 7th gen intel chip and a NVME m.2 boot drive. this one terabyte drive was missing, and I now want to...
  22. L

    [SOLVED] How to clone only C drive to SSD?

    Hi! I got a Crucial bx500 240 GB ssd recently and I am having some trouble in figuring out how to clone my c drive from my HDD which is 1 TB in total to the ssd. The C drive is around 200 GB and I have got 3 more partitions other than that. All of my programs, except few games are in the c...
  23. slavi132

    [SOLVED] Hard disk issue

    Hello guys , recently my hard disk decided to decrease its perfomance by alot and everytime i try to open a file , video or whatever it just starts to freeze and stutter and sometimes it stays at 100% active time when nothing is happening, my games on it also stutter. I did alot of tests like...
  24. Dranzerr

    [SOLVED] Why is my external Seagate hard disk 1TB clicking when I add additional RAM?

    Specs SMPS 450W, i3 3220, H61 m s gigabyte board, Ram DDR3 slot1 slot2 4gb each. Peripherals including normal mouse, keyboard, WiFi adapter, and SSD 120GB as main storage.
  25. K

    Question Cpu powers on, but stuck at oem logo ( motherboard oem logo )

    I bought a custom built pc, everything was working fine, suddenly when i started my pc today the red light ( HDD LIGHT) keeps on and doesnt go past motherboard oem logo, after few minutes it says no bootable device found, and after restart it reads the hard disk, what i have tried:- cleaning...
  26. K

    Question How do I change Windows 10 from AHCI to AMD RAID?

    Emphasis on the AMD. I have found dozens of articles that state that you either need to boot into safe boot and let Windows install the driver or you enable the driver by altering a few registry entries from a '3' to a '0' (iaStor, iaStorSVC, ahciStor, etc), some articles state that you need to...
  27. [SOLVED] Diskpart Formatting stuck at 51%

    Hello, I have 128 GB SSD when I'm trying to format using diskpart in cmd then it's not move from 51%, what can I do? I tried several times and tried in different devices but I got same issue. Please help me!!!
  28. xslabs.sai

    [SOLVED] Will I be able to clone a hard drive if I just copy it's contents to another?

    I have a laptop with a 500gb 5400rpm drive. I got a new 500gb drive at 7200 rpm. I want to replace the slower one with the faster one. I have a PC to which I can connect both the hard drives and copy the data. Will copying the contents work in my laptop? Can I use it as a boot drive? (booting...
  29. Y

    [SOLVED] External Hard Disk

    I have a Seagate Skyhawk 2TB hard disk which contains:- C: D: Anime, movies, songs, softwares (1TB total space) E: personal documents and files I want to convert it into external hard disk (don't ask me why), so how will the process work? I mean I saw various videos to buy a case and we just...
  30. H

    [SOLVED] Western Digital 4TB HDD vs WB Blue 1TB 7200 RPM?

    Hi guys, I already have 2 HDDs in my PC, both of them Western Digital Blue 1TB 7200 RPM. Due to needs of more storage space, i decided to get myself Western Digital Blue 4TB HDD, will be used for gaming only. But there's speed differences between both types of HDDs (7200 RPM vs 5400 RPM). I...
  31. E

    [SOLVED] Can I change hdd in my laptop?

    I have a msi gs63 7rd-224 and I would like to upgrade it to 1 tb hard drive, is that possible?
  32. [SOLVED] Question about Molex to SATA cables

    I am aware of the old adage "Molex to SATA, lose all your data." but I don't have enough money for a good PSU at the moment, so I have no choice but to use one of these adapters. I understand that I should buy the punchdown-type cables instead of the molded ones since the latter always ends up...
  33. H

    [SOLVED] Broken Hard Drive?

    Some time ago I tried to install windows 7 on a HDD. Somehow I think i broke it. Now if I try to install windows 10 on it , it takes very long to load the instalation( preparation phase ) and now I see that the it doesn't even see the HDD when creating partitions, it says "We couldn’t find any...
  34. S

    [SOLVED] My Internal HDD keeps disconnecting and reconnecting after a few seconds.

    My internal Hard Disk Drive disconnects at times, and reconnects after a few seconds. I don't know why this is happening. HDD's health is still at 100%. I'm using a SSD for my OS boot and the HDD is for my files, games and other applications. I'm stuck and can't find solutions to this problem...
  35. L

    [SOLVED] Crackling sound from pc

    I heard a crackling sound from my pc. I think its coming from the hard disk area. It happens when I turn my pc on and lasts for about 2 or 3 seconds and after that its working fine. My hard disk is relatively new and I have had no problems with using my pc normally. But I have a fear whether...
  36. A

    [SOLVED] Sound From HDD

    Hi, I hear some strange sound while I use my external HDD Is the condition of the external HDD good or not good? The sound of a external HDD while doing nothing, The HDD is running and goes to sleep/off at the end The sound of a external HDD while copying files The fan like noise is not the...
  37. R

    Question Multilevel problems: PC turned off, undetected hard disk, no signal to monitor

    Here's a puzzler and also my first post here. I'm guessing I know the next step, but I thought I'd also try to get some input from you. 1. My PC had been turning itself off when I played games while having another video/music running in the background. Went on for some month. Temperature was...
  38. M

    [SOLVED] Do I need to replace my Hard Drive?

    This happened around a week ago, almost periodically. Around a week ago, I've noticed that windows will take around 3 to 4 minutes on the startup screen (The Win7 logo) before successfully booting and it will become super laggy before I restart it once. It doesn't matter if I clicked restart or...
  39. Arnoudtje

    [SOLVED] Hard drive not working after smoking pc.

    Hi all, Recently when putting in a new psu into my computer, my SATA cable started smoking when turning the pc on. I fixed this by replacing the SATA cable, but now I can’t boot my computer. It automatically opens to a screen that says map not found. When I fo into bios i put my hard drive as...
  40. K

    [SOLVED] installing new windows and a new start(clean wipe)

    So okay ,I'm finally gonna go from win7 to win 10 because i have like 10 years of junk accumulated on my PC. I have looked tutorials for installing and got everything but there us one thing i am not sure about. I want to delete everything from my hard drive, from tutorials i got that when i...