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  1. digitalkreation

    Question Internal 10TB NTFS drive not visible after moving to USB3 enclosure

    I have a Seagate 10TB 3.5" drive which I was using as a large single drive to copy the contents of my 8.5TB RAID5 volume, so I could back this single drive up to the cloud and get away from using a RAID array. I'm running Windows Server 2008 R2 on the machine. Drive is formatted NTFS and is...
  2. Lil’bertz

    Question can i swap two working hard drives from one pc to another?

    Im going to swap the hard drive of the family PC (the PC that every family member uses) to my pc (lenovo) cus thay fam PC has a better CPU than my pc Family PC: i5 6400 My PC (old lenovo PC): i3 6100
  3. A

    Question A question on adding a new hard drive to my old Intel Motherboard!

    Hey! I want to install a 1 TB hard drive in my old PC that runs on a GIGABYTE H61M-S series motherboard. What should I look for in the online market when I'm shopping for HDDs for it? Thank you! My Specs: Windows 8.1 64 bit (will upgrade to Win 10) 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 RAM...
  4. T

    Question Failing HDD?

    Hi everyone, After my PC started lagging in one small folder, I decided it was time to check the disk. Some HDD utility told me there are 8 unstable sectors. Overall health looks fine, only 0.2% of the disk being "bad". I ran chkdsk once (from the properties tab) and it found no errors...
  5. T

    Question SppedFan's in-depth online analysis feature isn't working

    This has been happening for several months. Whenever I select a HDD and click on the in-depth online analysis button, nothing happens. I can't seem to find anyone else who has this issue. Any assistance would be appreciated. Windows 10 Pro 1903 x64 SpeedFan 4.52 (attempted as is, as...
  6. K

    Question Formatting NAS HDD

    Hi, I have 2 NAS HDD`s that I ran on a buffalo linkstation in raid 1 that I retired as it started producing errors. However, I am unable to reformat the drive as it is not recognised in windows or linux. In both of the OS, the disk simply does not show up when plugged in via an external adapter...
  7. S

    Question Disk space being massively under-utilized. How can I use this space?

    I have a 2TB hard drive on my computer, but my C: drive only accounts for about 200GB of this. Meanwhile there is another D: drive that seems to be virtually empty with about 1.8TB allocated to it. My computer was set up this way since I bought it, but my C: drive is filling up and I want to...
  8. T

    Question Sata Ports in the motherboard

    So my motherboard is msi h61m p20 g3 and it has 4 sata ports its written near everyone like (SATA1 , SATA2 ,SATA3, SATA4 ) so i was thinking of getting a gtx 1050ti in there but i was too afraid the sata 1 and 2 which had my ssd and dvd thing plugged would get blocked by the gpu , so i plugged...
  9. nimonster

    Question Overvolted an HDD and now it's unallocated

    I accidentally supplied 48v to a 12v external HDD. Heard a spark and smelled burning. Took it out of the plastic and plugged it directly to SATA. Disk management shows one partition as RAW and the other as unallocated now.
  10. JustKevin

    Question How to Sell A Laptop With A Broken BIOS?

    I have a HP Notebook - 14-am125tx. One day I was updating the BIOS after the Laptop was fixed, the chip got reballed. Because I accidentally use a wrong type of alcohol to change the thermal paste. Anyway, back to the BIOS. After I updated the Laptop BIOS through the HP Assistant. Suddenly the...
  11. L

    Question Hard disk reader scratching the disk!

    Hi. My external hard drive wasn't working, so I looked online and followed a very suspicious tutorial, openned it and the disk had some marks, like if the reader head was "scratching" the surface. I cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol 99,8% pure, closed it and tried again, but the sound was still...
  12. M

    [SOLVED] WINDOWS Install

    I have a friends MSI Laptop that I fixed the other day. It had a corrupt Windows 10 when it came in from Amazon. I wiped the hard drive entirely and installed a completely new windows on the HDD(not the SSD). This laptop has a 15 GB M.2 SSD and a 1 TB hard drive. The computer was slower than...
  13. orbitingful

    Question Will a 3.5 inch hard drive mounted behind the motherboard get too hot?

    For my micro ATX build, I am using a 3.5 inch hard drive. I would like a budget case with good airflow. I initially decided to get the Cooler Master Masterbox Q300L but then I read a review on Amazon which talked about the 3.5 inch hard drive mount being behind the motherboard. My question is...
  14. kartiksingh957

    Question Does this mean my internal hard drive is corrupt ?

    As I switched on my PC I got message to insert a boot drive so I knew something's wrong with windows After running system check it said boot bcd error 0xc0000098 so I tried reinstalling windows but got to know that I cant select drive because I have 0mb space I went to bios and checked, the...
  15. C

    Question A Question about my old hard drive

    Hello, there So earlier i had few problems in games which is caused by my hard disk while i'm playing battle royal games specifically the game start to fps drop from 100 to 3 - 4 for just a sec or something that's really annoying. So while playing battle royal games i opened task manager and i...
  16. [SOLVED] Hard disk Holding the entire system back

    Recently i got some upgrades to my system (B250+G4400-->A320+R5 2600) . But now I feel like everything is slowing down. I suspect this could be a Hard drive issue because every time it slowing and freezing, HDD usage is at 100% and other components seems to have normal behavior. Some games...
  17. R

    Question Quick, I need help: My HDD with the MBR just died.

    My HDD which has the MBR just died. This windows I am using works fine for now because its in different HDD. But I am worried it might not boot the next time I boot. Is there something I can do here now? Please help.
  18. J

    Question Organizing and compiling my file structure.

    Hi, this isn't a critical issue of mine, but I would just like some advice on how you would approach my "issue". Simply put - I want to, effectively, create a file structure that is appropriate for my needs - video editing. Previously, I placed multiple folders on my Desktop, which was located...
  19. I

    Question I pressed on load default setting in my bios and now my pc won’t run

    I pressed on load default setting in my bios and now my pc won’t boot normally and it says “Reboot and select proper Boot device or Insert Boot media in selected device and press a key” but when I go to my boot priority it doesn’t say the names of my devices but only [Hard disk] [CD&DVD]...
  20. Saminda86

    Question Hard disk S.m.a.r.t error

    "Hard Disk Test" Failed "Hard Disk 1Quick" (303) "Hard Disk 1Full" (305) "Hard Disk 1SMART" (301) System Diagnostics F1 System Information F2 Start-up Test F3 Run-in Test F4 Hard Disk Test F11 Eroor Log ESC Exit for more information,please visit :www.hp.com\go\techcenter\startup What this...