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    Question Hard Disk thrown on concrete floor by delivery person

    Hi, I'm new here, and I have a question about possible damage to an external hard drive. I ordered a 2tb WD hard drive online to give as a Christmas present. I wasn't home when the delivery person came, and they threw it over the wall surrounding my property, and it landed on the concrete floor...
  2. G

    Question Surveillance hdd vs Normal desktop hdd in gaming

    So I'm thinking of buying a 1tb hdd and the surveillance one seems to have a faster transfer rate and the cost difference isn't as much. Can the surveillance hdd be used for gaming and other everyday activities in a PC? Does it perform them better than a normal desktop hdd? And in the end which...
  3. L

    [SOLVED] Installing Windows to new SSD

    Hi I am currently using a 1 tb hard disk and very recently got an ssd. I want to install a fresh copy of windows onto the ssd. I was initially going to clone but based on some of the advise I received here I decided to do a fresh install instead. However I have a few doubts. After installing...
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    Question How to format the disc drive?

    Hello, I have one disk drive of 80gb on my pc, want to format it to start again fresh, can it be formated to factory like condition? If formated do I need to re install a windows?
  5. rank1337

    Question Is it possible to recover data from this drive?

    I used this drive about a year ago, and I shut off my pc because it was running slow, so I went to sleep. I woke up and it took minutes to boot into windows, which is irregular because I run a 7th gen intel chip and a NVME m.2 boot drive. this one terabyte drive was missing, and I now want to...
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    Question How to clone only C drive to SSD?

    Hi! I got a Crucial bx500 240 GB ssd recently and I am having some trouble in figuring out how to clone my c drive from my HDD which is 1 TB in total to the ssd. The C drive is around 200 GB and I have got 3 more partitions other than that. All of my programs, except few games are in the c...
  7. slavi132

    [SOLVED] Hard disk issue

    Hello guys , recently my hard disk decided to decrease its perfomance by alot and everytime i try to open a file , video or whatever it just starts to freeze and stutter and sometimes it stays at 100% active time when nothing is happening, my games on it also stutter. I did alot of tests like...
  8. Dranzerr

    Question Why is my external Seagate hard disk 1TB clicking when I add additional RAM?

    Specs SMPS 450W, i3 3220, H61 m s gigabyte board, Ram DDR3 slot1 slot2 4gb each. Peripherals including normal mouse, keyboard, WiFi adapter, and SSD 120GB as main storage.
  9. K

    Question Cpu powers on, but stuck at oem logo ( motherboard oem logo )

    I bought a custom built pc, everything was working fine, suddenly when i started my pc today the red light ( HDD LIGHT) keeps on and doesnt go past motherboard oem logo, after few minutes it says no bootable device found, and after restart it reads the hard disk, what i have tried:- cleaning...
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    Question How do I change Windows 10 from AHCI to AMD RAID?

    Emphasis on the AMD. I have found dozens of articles that state that you either need to boot into safe boot and let Windows install the driver or you enable the driver by altering a few registry entries from a '3' to a '0' (iaStor, iaStorSVC, ahciStor, etc), some articles state that you need to...
  11. Question Diskpart Formatting stuck at 51%

    Hello, I have 128 GB SSD when I'm trying to format using diskpart in cmd then it's not move from 51%, what can I do? I tried several times and tried in different devices but I got same issue. Please help me!!!
  12. xslabs.sai

    [SOLVED] Will I be able to clone a hard drive if I just copy it's contents to another?

    I have a laptop with a 500gb 5400rpm drive. I got a new 500gb drive at 7200 rpm. I want to replace the slower one with the faster one. I have a PC to which I can connect both the hard drives and copy the data. Will copying the contents work in my laptop? Can I use it as a boot drive? (booting...
  13. Y

    Question External Hard Disk

    I have a Seagate Skyhawk 2TB hard disk which contains:- C: D: Anime, movies, songs, softwares (1TB total space) E: personal documents and files I want to convert it into external hard disk (don't ask me why), so how will the process work? I mean I saw various videos to buy a case and we just...
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    Question Western Digital 4TB HDD vs WB Blue 1TB 7200 RPM?

    Hi guys, I already have 2 HDDs in my PC, both of them Western Digital Blue 1TB 7200 RPM. Due to needs of more storage space, i decided to get myself Western Digital Blue 4TB HDD, will be used for gaming only. But there's speed differences between both types of HDDs (7200 RPM vs 5400 RPM). I...
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    Question Can I change hdd in my laptop?

    I have a msi gs63 7rd-224 and I would like to upgrade it to 1 tb hard drive, is that possible?
  16. [SOLVED] Question about Molex to SATA cables

    I am aware of the old adage "Molex to SATA, lose all your data." but I don't have enough money for a good PSU at the moment, so I have no choice but to use one of these adapters. I understand that I should buy the punchdown-type cables instead of the molded ones since the latter always ends up...
  17. H

    Question Broken Hard Drive?

    Some time ago I tried to install windows 7 on a HDD. Somehow I think i broke it. Now if I try to install windows 10 on it , it takes very long to load the instalation( preparation phase ) and now I see that the it doesn't even see the HDD when creating partitions, it says "We couldn’t find any...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] My Internal HDD keeps disconnecting and reconnecting after a few seconds.

    My internal Hard Disk Drive disconnects at times, and reconnects after a few seconds. I don't know why this is happening. HDD's health is still at 100%. I'm using a SSD for my OS boot and the HDD is for my files, games and other applications. I'm stuck and can't find solutions to this problem...
  19. L

    [SOLVED] Crackling sound from pc

    I heard a crackling sound from my pc. I think its coming from the hard disk area. It happens when I turn my pc on and lasts for about 2 or 3 seconds and after that its working fine. My hard disk is relatively new and I have had no problems with using my pc normally. But I have a fear whether...
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    [SOLVED] Sound From HDD

    Hi, I hear some strange sound while I use my external HDD Is the condition of the external HDD good or not good? The sound of a external HDD while doing nothing, The HDD is running and goes to sleep/off at the end The sound of a external HDD while copying files The fan like noise is not the...