Question how good is a refurbished wd blue/black/green 500gb hard drive ?

Jul 1, 2022
hello my hdd is about to die and now reached 133 reallocated sectors, it already got ejected by the system and would not load a few times so it does not have long and i may not be able to get a new and higher capacity hdd at the moment, i am looking at 500gb western digital blue/black/green hdds
right now and i wonder if they will do the job for at least a couple years. as i understand these are mostly refurbished products and date back to years ago but most of them come with like a year of warranty and seem to be cheaper where i am from, since my country is seriously screwed due to sanctions and our currency losing value some better hdds are gonna be out of my budget as a student, could use some advice on this and maybe if you have experience with those hdds i listed. i would appreciate any input on this topic, for reference i bought another piece of hardware less than a year ago and now price has almost doubled, as much as i would like to get better parts at the moment it may not be an option and i am on a deadline that could be any day now.


Mechanical HDD can last very long time.

Many of my HDD reached >40K hours of working time including some HDD I've used for Torrent (constantly read/write all day long).
And one of mine died at 5 weeks old.
Another, 7 months.

Both brand new.
Both replaced under warranty, data recovered from my normal backup.

And the 4TB Seagates in my NAS...44k + hours, of 24/7 use.
Still running just fine.