Question Liquid freezer 2 280 weird noise

May 17, 2021
I Built my PC in Dec 2020. Everything was fine until recently (last week), my AIO started making a weird noise, i thought maybe it was a fun or something.
The sound:

I thought i might be fan or something so, I opened my PC, cleaned any dust, checked every fan and cables and found nothing. Then i realized that it was the AIO and it was the part that it was on top of the CPU.

Anyways, this happened when my pc is "overloaded" (so lots of AIO's fans RPM) but today it started doing it constantly...
I tried everything: adjusting my own RPM curves (even at 20%/100% constantly), flipping my PC sideways (this "helped" for like 5 seconds but then it was making weird water/pumping noises like a lot, was scared for a moment) etc... but nothing worked.

The thing is i dont know what that noise is. It's so weird coming from that part, the cooling is excellent though.

Any help would be appreciate it.

This AIO has a little fan: View:

Not sure if that's causing it (although it comes from that "point")


A picture of the interior should shine more light here. Remove the side panel if you do that, to avoid certain reflections.
Post through imgur like you did before.

As for the sound, it sounds like a cable or cable tag is rubbing against moving fan blades.
Heck, maybe a bug carcass got trapped in the fan housing and the blades constantly rub it...


I see that the front fans are backwards; they're currently exhausting air out the front.... so where's the intake?[Flip the fans around.]

The VRM fan is not closed. It is open at the top:
And something could get pulled in that way, and get stuck at the bottom side, which would be closed.
And you already tried stopping the fan like in the video, only for it it still make noise?

Might have to contact Arctic to set up an RMA.

Yeah, the product is good, but unfortunately the VRM fan only sets up another point of failure for hybrid coolers.