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    Question PC turns on but peripherals and montior won’t

    I’ve had this problem for the last week or so but it would eventually turn on fully after turning it off and back on a few times ( have to hold off button to shut off). Now I can’t get it back on. I’ve changed the motherboard battery but no luck. The parts are also brand new, about a month old...
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    Question M.2 keeps crashing/disconnecting

    So I recently bought an M.2 WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB PC SSD - SATA III and I'm having a problem where once I put it under some load it disconnects from my computer while running. My programs crash and the drive no longer shows as connected until I restart. I'm on the AMD x370 platform. I have...
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    Question My computer randomly started going slower

    So i'm a gamer and i usually watch Netflix or YouTube while gaming, recently over the past week or so my browser has been lagging while gaming. which it did not use to have this issue (to clarify it happens when loading new maps or just running around in games, which my computer is more than...
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    Will the Sapphire R9 270x 4GB work with my computer?

    I have a Dell XPS 8100 Intel i7 860 with 350w psu, I plan to upgrade the psu to a XFX TS Series 550w if that's any info.