Question Logitech G13 keys virtually stuck - software problem

May 19, 2019
Recently, my G13 has had a type of "sticky key" issue. There is no grime in the key. I am quite certain this is a software issue, although I am having trouble discovering the source.

Periodically, ANY one of the G keys will "stick" and remain virtually pressed for a few seconds. While "stuck" no other input is received. Once "unstuck" normal input resumes (a few keys pressed during the "stiction" will accompany the last few keys among the "stuck" key)

This happens both in-game and out. Here is a sample of the "stuck" input copied from notepad:


You'll notice normal input for a minute or so, including the use of the shift key. Toward the end, in this case, you see the "d" key is stuck. (Not physically stuck, but virtually stuck.) During this malfunction, I am continually pressing other keys at the same pace I had been through this test.

To rule a couple obvious things out:
-This issue does not happen with my standard keyboard.
-I have another G13 (brand new) and this same issue is present.
-This issue remains no matter the USB configuration I try.
-I have tried installing the last two versions, with no fix. (Currently on 9.02.65)

Running windows 10
Logitech Gaming Software version 9.02.65 64 bit
Mobo - Asrock z97 extreme4

This problem originated when I was moving my setup around the room. Perfect performance for many years. Moved the computer (unplugging all peripherals in the process). Plugged everything in and rebooted. G13 issue appears.


Without the LGS app installed, does the issue persist? If not, you might want to look through the macro options and if that was spammed by accident by a younger sibling. I'm actually on 8.87, purposely since I also noticed how some versions of the app would cause random spamming from my mouse as well. You might want to see if you're on the latest BIOS update for your motherboard then try reinstalling your chipset drivers. Which version of the OS are you currently on?
May 19, 2019
The G13 doesn't work without the LGS installed. I'm not sure if that's normal or not. I'm going to investigate (The G13 doesn't work without LGS running in the background), and then work my way through your suggestions.
Currently Windows 10.0.17134 Build 17134

-Just updated my USB3.0 eXtensible Host Controller via device manager (auto update). Problem Persists

-Power-outage occurs, upon rebooting (the next day) the issue is gone. No virtual sticky keys so far. Unfortunately this fix is unhelpful to anyone else with this problem.

-Problem has returned. Still troubleshooting.

-Uninstalled LGS, and found a couple Logitech folders in users\Appdata (One in \local one in \roaming) I manually deleted both of these folders after having uninstalled LGS. Upon reinstallation of latest LGS, everything seems to be fine. *One thing to note about this process. After every previous uninstall/reinstall of LGS, my profiles would still be there. After this reinstall method, I'm only left with my default profile. This leads me to believe the root of my problem is within the Profiles somewhere somehow.
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