Question Logitech G430 headphones - your opinion.


Sep 5, 2015
I'm thinking of buying a surround sound gaming headset within a month or two. My budget is $50. I realize that limits me to having to settle for virtual surround sound, but I've looked around and most "true" headsets go for $100 - $200 more...too much for me, as I don't make a lot of money.

Anyway, I noticed the Logitech G430 on Amazon for just under $50. They seem to get a lot of great reviews, but what is everyone else's opinion on them. My only concern is some reviewers on there mentioned that the construction is shoddy - as one person mentioned that they started to crack within a month of purchase at the join between the headphone and the headband. What are everyone's thoughts on that? Where can I buy another good pair for the (relatively) same price?

Thank you for any suggestions anyone has.
I had the G430, the headset was mediocre at best (both in build quality and audio clarity), and the USB sound card worked "well enough" but had serious driver issues when a simple reconfiguration was wanted (simply switching between Dolby and DTX surround modes, learned to just live with Dolby). The weakest part is the plastic that is used on the earcup hinge was brittle only after a year and broke when dropped.

Nowadays I am using a Samson SR850, Zalman ZM-Mic1 with a Sound Blaster Play!3...

The design of the samson is near indestructible with it's AGK clone roots, and not to mention the audio quality far surpasses the G430 as entry-level studio cans. The Zalman is an upgrade to most gaming boom mic headsets, and conveniently sits on the cord near the earcup. The SB Play!3 supports SBX surround so it is easily outperforms the G430 by 10x IMHO for only a slight cost upgrade.