Question Low GPU and CPU usage 4080

Dec 13, 2022
Long story here sorry. a few weeks ago i upgraded my 1080 to a 6950xt big upgrade so i was expecting big performance gains however this was not the case. i put the new gpu in uninstalled the old drivers and installed the new ones the gpu preformed only a small amount better than the old 1080. at first i thought it was something to do with my setting but i feel like i've tried everything i can think of, i tried a fresh windows install, fresh clean driver install with ddu, new psu 750w to 1000w, older versions of drivers, the bare bones drivers, i have check the power setting for pcie and performance. nothing seems to help. so I figured I have just got a bad gpu. however this cant be the case i have returned the 6950xt and bought a 4080 i am having the same problems with this really low cpu and gpu usage other than in benchmarks (i got a time spy score of 20662 total 26025 graphics and 9532 cpu).

The games i play primarily are WoW apex and league not even that intense i thought a 4080 should smash though these on 1440p. I'm getting around 120 - 200 fps in apex, 40-160 frames in wow this is the one I'm most concerned about. i barely go upto 30% gpu usage and 40% cpu usage. i know my cpu will bottle neck a bit but I wouldn't have though this would be the issue at framerates this low

please if anybody has any information about why this could be happening i would be grateful
specs are below:

rtx 4080
ryzen 3700x
16 gb ram 2 channel coarseair vengance 3200 (not too sure about the speed)
taichi x570
gigabyte 1000w psu


Sep 9, 2015
That WoW fps sounds a bit low. MMO's in general have poor FPS even with great hardware because of the nature of those games and their engines, though there are exceptions. If you are playing with a Ryzen 5800X3D and a 4080, at 1440p maxed out graphics, you will experience anywhere from 220 fps on average. This does not include RayTracing. Considering the Ryzen 5800x is roughly 20ish% better??? It shouldn't be that low.