Question low gpu usage and low fps

Oct 14, 2020
hi not really sure what im doing here but ill try to explain my situation to the best of my ability.

gtx 2080 i7-6700k ddr4 16g (benchmark )

when i try and run games my gpu is always stuck at around 40-56% usage and the fps is usually pretty low for what i would expect to get with my specs.
for example in warzone i run everything on low and get around 60 - 90 fps and 50 - 60 gpu usage and ive noticed this with almost every game ive played, rust, fortnite ect.
ive tried reinstalling my drives, factory resetting my pc, checking my gpu/cpu tempatures and im not sure what is wrong. is my gpu just being bottlenecked or is this most likely another issue.

(this is really bad sorry lol)
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Oct 19, 2020
Hi there.

I have the same "problem" here. In fact I was about to start a new post to ask for help.
In my case I've tried almost everything that this (very good) article suggests:

Here are my specs:
Intel Core2 Quad 8400
4gb RAM DDR2 800MHz
GTX 460 768MB - EVGA OC edition
Intel DG41RQ Mainboard - Chipset G41

I now its an old PC and I'm thinking about upgrading, but I'm still having fun with this.. lots of "old" games to play..
Anyway, I have two monitors, one that's 2560x1080 and the other is 1440x900. When I play I get the same fps on both. The only thing that changes is GPU usage that increases, but it stays below 95% all the time.

Games that I've tried with similar results:
Tomb Raider 2013
Metro 2033
Hitman Absolution

Here's a GPU-Z screenshot View:

The only thing that I found strange is that my GPU reports the BUS interface as 8.0 1.1 and not x16 2.0 as it should. I know about power saving, but hitting the stress test (?) didn't change the bus interface speed. I'm pretty sure that is not the problem, but I'm far from being an expert..

Here's a screenshot of in-game using MSI Afterburner View:

So far I've tried everything I could, even changed to older driver version, measured my PSU voltage, disabled HPET..

Thank you all for the help.
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