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  1. C

    Question Black rectangle present in certain games (not related to aspect ratio)

    I've run into a strange problem that I've never seen before. While playing certain games, there's a black rectangle that appears on the left-middle part of the game's display. Here's a couple of examples: View: https://imgur.com/a/QJaWaVt View: https://imgur.com/a/1FTFA6C This issue...
  2. S

    Question Games with high FPS count but laggy performance

    Hi, I've been encountering numerous performance issues with gaming on my PC which I believe has reasonable specs for 1080p gaming at least. I have a GTX 1650 OC GPU, i3-10105f CPU, 32GB Ram, 500GB Samsung EVO SSD, and 2TB HDD. An example of the issue I'm facing is playing 'Crab Game' and get...
  3. J

    Question Help with "Kernel 41" error ?

    I have been experiencing random Kernel 41 category (63) reboots ever since I upgraded from a powercolor radeon 6700 xt to a Reference Radeon 6950 xt. When I upgraded I also bought 2x8 sticks of ram. This has been going on for the past two weeks. The error only happens when I'm gaming during...
  4. ReHack

    Question Bug or Bad System? (Judgment on steam only getting around 30 FPS)

    The game uses DX12 as the API, weirdly enough I get the same FPS on any setting (extra low-high at 1080p) I get around 23 fps - 32 fps (23 on crowdy areas, 30s on less crowdy areas) , yes the framecap is on 60 , I only get 60s on the main menu and the pause menus, I get around 40s on cutscenes...
  5. E

    Question Constant blue screen crashes in certain games

    Hi, This is my first time posting and I hope someone can help I am getting constant 'blue screen of death' crashes in certain games, fully shutting the PC down most of the time. The games I've noticed it in so far are Cities: Skylines, Total War: Warhammer 2, and Total War: Warhammer 3. The...
  6. J

    Question Cpu upgrade help for gaming

    Hi, I'm wanting to play next gen titles like hogwarts legacy, can I upgrade my CPU and would I need any other upgrades to accommodate this, sorry im new to all the PC building and would really appreciate the help, here are my specs CPU: Intel Core i5-9600K Motherboard: MSI MPG z390 Gaming Plus...
  7. iHamishio

    Question Will a ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3060 Ti OC V2, 8GB be compatible with my current PC specs?

    Current PC specs: CPU - i5-7500 PSU - thermaltake 650w Motherboard - gigabyte b250m-d3h-cf RAM - 32gb Let me know if you need any further information. Thanks for the help 😊
  8. Trainenthusiast

    Question Why am I getting a sudden FPS drop in every game after 10-15 mins of gameplay?

    Seriously need help with this as I want to pull my hair out at this point. I have an HP omen RTX 2070 Max Q. I've had this laptop for over a year and I've not had any problems with it. However, I've been experiencing a sudden FPS drop in every game for about 3 days now. So I'll be getting 70-80...
  9. aidfarrell70


    My system specs : rtx 2060, i5 8440, 16GB 266hz ram I know my specs are only midrange however, I get an average of like 50fps sometimes 40 depending on the area; and this is with the lowest graphics possible (so my game looks like Roblox at this point). The mouse feels terrible also, making it...
  10. K

    Question [FIXED(?)] Help finding root cause/possible solutions for recent game crashes believed to be GPU related (D3D DEVICE HUNG/device lost)

    EDIT: for any future people who are searching for the same answers i was maybe this will help, my games now appear to be working after a fresh install of Windows (full clean no files saved, using the installation media like a new PC) when i did this, I also reset bios to defaults which meant...
  11. Nick C.

    Question High End Pc but Low performance in games

    Hello everybody! Before i state what is the problem, i will leave my specs: I9-9900K RTX 3080 STRIX OC 10 GB 16 GBs of RAM 3600 HyperX Z390 AORUS ELITE Motherboard PSU should be Cooler Master Gold 750 W (not 100% sure) SSD Samsung Evo nvME 2.0 1TB Sorry if i didn't type something correctly...
  12. D

    Question NHL 2001 for PC no longer working! (DirectX 7)

    NHL 2001 is one of the best hockey video games around! One day I decided I wanted to play against the AI in a 20 minute match. Previously it was working as I would want to game once or twice a month. I then get an error message which reads: "You do not have Directx7. Please install Directx...
  13. S

    Question which new video games are there in 2022? Playstation, Xbox, PC, Mac

    Hello Friends, which new Playstation games are there, that show future technologies; i like games such as Halo, but that show inventions that will be made in the future, i also like the game Call of Duty. I also like SIM (simulation) games. i like shooting-military games, racing games...
  14. A

    Question Why do I have delay on my new PC? some possible solution?...

    Ok good morning, I will relate the facts a little... I'm a fortnite player and I used to play on a laptop... then when I started chapter 3 I was forced to get an xbox series s because it was impossible for me to play because of the fps... then change the xbox series s for a gaming pc because the...
  15. NauseousSnake

    Question Low CPU/GPU usage, frame rate fluctuation

    I have a laptop of the make HP Pavilion ec0066ax and the specs are listed as below: I have encountered stutters, low cpu and gpu usage and the only solution to it is resetting the PC. Everything runs at a decent performance after a reset but it starts to chug again after a week or two. I have...
  16. B

    Question Pc gaming 3070ti

    Hi, as the title suggests, I would be interested in making a build for a gaming PC with a 3070ti. My idea for the build would be to spend around 1000 € (I mean without the cost of the card and without peripherals), I would like a build that would allow me to take full advantage of the graphics...
  17. B

    Question PSU for a 3070 Ti ?

    Hi, for a 3070 Ti, is a single-rail or multi-rail PSU better ?
  18. F

    Best way to connect a PS4 to PC?

    Title says all. I have a PS4 Pro and wanna go back to some of the titles that haven't been ported to PC just yet (Bloodborne, Ghost of Tsushima, Infamous, etc) There are two ways I've tried so far, both with its own flaws Connecting the PS4 to the HDMI port of my main monitor. It works without...
  19. G

    Question Why i started to have fps drops in every game, primarily in Battlefield V

    Hello guys, I am new to this forum and i have a problem now i play BF V most of the time, game was working just fine i never had any lag or fps drops and suddenly i started to get random fps drops on every map and every graphic settings, i tryed lowering it and everything an it is the same, i...
  20. I

    Question Graphics card upgrade

    I currently have a 3070 paired up with a 3700x. Looking to upgrade something since now where I live graphics card prices have come way down. I can get a 3080 for like 850$ than I’d sell my 3070 so I wouldn’t be spending much. Would I see a difference between the 3070 and 3080 or a 6800xt?
  21. ReHack

    Question Xbox 360 controller not working on windows 10

    I have an xbox360 controller, it's worked countless times before but it was always a struggle to make it work, and now the bars around the logo only lights up then it would pop up as "usb device not recognized" then the lights turn off, what can I do?
  22. ReHack

    [SOLVED] How do I make Genshin Impact use my GPU more ?

    Before, Genshin Impact used 95-100% of my gpu and was very smooth to play with (consistent 57-60 fps with gives a bit to zero stutters during gameplay). Now, it only uses 83% GPU max, and at times suddenly drops to 15% or 30% which makes it super laggy and stuttery (51 fps walking, battles...
  23. M

    Question My RX 570 isn't getting proper wattage ?

    I downloaded MSI Afterburner and I have noticed that my RX 5704gb ( https://www.newegg.com/powercolor-radeon-rx-570-axrx-570-4gbd5-3dhd-oc/p/N82E16814131717?Item=N82E16814131717 ) only pulls in 60-90w while gaming on any game. All of my games however run fine except Fortnite. There are times...
  24. W

    [SOLVED] CPU+Mobo upgrade

    Hi fellow custom-build pc enthusiasts: I'm looking to upgrade my CPU/Mobo/RAM for now. I am eyeing the Intel i5-12600K chip and looking for a Mobo recommendation! What is there to look out for nowadays and are there anything else I should consider for compatibility? I am wondering also, for my...
  25. Ziraelll2077

    [SOLVED] RTX 2060 Temps question

    hey friends! I got an RTX 2060 at the beginning of this year and ever since I've had a few questions regarding temperatures, is 32/35c normal for idles and 50 to 60c normal temps during 40 to 55% load in gaming sessions? when under 70% load up to 100% it reaches 81c which that I'm not too...
  26. M

    Question Subsistence

    Hello I was wondering if anyone in the community has any experience with the game subsistence? I’m buying the game soon and I wanted advice on base building. I was thinking of building a large metal fenced wall around my actual base to keep it secure and I think it’ll look really great. The...
  27. B

    Question Pc running low FPS

    Hello, my pc has a ryzen 3700x, Aorus b450 PRO WIFI, 500 watt PSU, and a new rtx 3070 ti I just bought. It used to have a 2060 and just upgraded, but I’m getting the same if not lower FPS than my 2060. I was thinking it might be my PSU not having enough power but I’m not sure.
  28. BohemYord

    [SOLVED] How do I fix when my monitor blackscreens and GPU fans max out but computer programs continue on normally in background?

    So I recently had an issue with my computer where when I load up a game, specifically New World, my game will black screen on startup of said game. The game continues on, programs continue, Discord calls continue, etc., but my GPU fans go full blast, and the black screen happens. When I hard...
  29. S

    [SOLVED] Which graphics card to pick?

    Hi all. Could someone please tell me if getting an rtx 3060ti would be worth it over the Rx 6600/Rx6600XT? Is the RTX 3060 a good option? Pricing is as follows: Rx 6600: 522$ Rx 6600xt: 647$ Rtx 3060: 661$ Rtx 3060ti: 885.81$ I have a super flower platinum 550W PSU. I would mainly like to play...
  30. AmeedMv

    [SOLVED] i5-11600K & a GTX 1070

    Hey all.. So I built my PC in December of last year. Here is the configuration. i5-11600K bequiet Dark Rock 4 Cooler ASUS Z690-P Motherboard 16GB x 2 | 3200Mhz GSkill RAM 1TB WD Blue SSD Corsair RM750 PSU Cooler MasterTD500 ARGB 3 Front Intake & 1Exhaust fan at the back I just got a great...
  31. Leemur

    Question Every game works except COD Warzone and Vanguard ?

    Hello, As a first time writer I will make it short as possible. So the problem is about COD Warzone and Vanguard. Every other game works fine but with Warzone I receive this error : (blzbntagt00000bb8) and with Vanguard this error : 0x00001338 (0) N. Game starts for a second and then freezes...
  32. Gamerlrmb

    Question Why are my games suddenly closing

    Hello, I just received the NZXT Starter Pro BLD kit for Christmas. I put it together with no problems. I downloaded the display drivers and got everything set up. When I play any of my games for a few minutes they will completely freeze and close. There is no error message or error code. It is a...
  33. Max Arthur

    Question My PC becomes laggy when playing games ?

    my PC is a low end but still can play games like Far Cry 5 with low graphics, roblox with high graphics, or CS:GO with medium graphics. the spec is: Intel Core i5-650 3.20GHz 8GB of 2133GHz RAM Nvidia GeForce GT-1030 450W PSU Windows 10 Pro Somedays when i play games on my pc, my house has a...
  34. 1

    [SOLVED] Making Youtube RIG

    Hello guys, Since i've been not active much at this forum like for several years, My Budget is 2000$ If possible. I need help to setting a new rig for mainly for (Video Rendering would not be heavy) Since mainly im going to make youtube videos with only Sound and Screen Record. Youtube Light...
  35. D

    [SOLVED] I just bought a 2080 and still getting 60 fps on all games

    Specs I7 8700k Msi 2080 two 6+2 pin adapter idk if that’s the problem 16 gb ddr4 ram gskillz 3000 850 g evga got the 2080 yesterday had a 1660 ti But still getting 40-60 on max watched bench marks of the same pc setup getting way more frames Played rust at at decently high setting on a...
  36. Z

    [SOLVED] Switching Wi-Fi Adapter to Powerline?

    So I've been having a significant drop off in quality in connection during Gaming (ping spike and packet loss around 5%)(I've done tests to verify it was not game server side), I've had a BrosTrend 1200Mbps USB WiFi Adapter for a couple years and I've learned it's fairly inconsistent and has...
  37. thevintagegamer

    Question My dell monitor turn blank when I run Adobe Premier Pro. Plz help!!

    Hi there, I have been facing a lot of problems lately when I am trying to run Adobe Premier Pro (15.4.1 Build 6). I am actually running a small youtube channel "The Vintage Gamer Walkthroughs" where I post walkthroughs of popular PC games. Whenever I scrub along the timeline of the video that I...
  38. theRTT

    Question New PC build: Games crash randomly. NEED HELP!

    Hello. I have a brand new PC Build that keeps crashing in games. This happens oddly enough only with Origin games (for as far as I know): Apex Legends and Star Wars Battlefront II. When I was playing Overwatch, it didn't crash. The crashes happen mid-game. So not in the menu or whatever. I have...
  39. SeBa_SCS

    Question PC Randomly Freezes, RAM RGB freezes too and Task Manager shows -1% GPU usage

    Hello I need some of your knowledge because I'm pretty lost here, My pc freezes randomly when have low loads of work (just internet browsing and youtube videos), I can see the ram RGB freezing and the system constantly getting slower and slower till completely freezes, I have to restart with the...
  40. AmeedMv

    [SOLVED] Corsair 4000D Airflow Case RGB & Airflow Tips

    Hey y'all hope all is good. Below is my current part list which I am hoping to buy next month. I wanna know what would be the best fan configuration for the 4000D Airflow from Corsair and which ARGB fans I can use without breaking the bank. I have included a CM Sickleflow 120mm 3-pack in the...