Mar 9, 2010

I've got the following problem, i've changed my Motherboard to ASUS P5QL Pro few months ago and when i needed to connect the pins from my Case pannel to AUDIO (AAFP) i just didn't knew how to do it. I reformatted my system then i installed all the drivers, the ASUS program for audio aswell. But the problem is that my sound is really low and ye i have all the settings turned up like the program volume and the volume, i've tryed with it with my Headset aswell with my other things. The sound is really low compared to my old motherboard.

Could it be the AUDIO (AAFP) thing? I have this things that go from my Case: (M IN, M BIAS, SPK R, SPK R, SPK L, SPK L, GND) and i have this from Motherboard: ( PORT1L, PORT1R, PORT2R, SEBSE_SEND, PORT2L, GND, PRESENSE#, SENSE1_RETUR, SENSE2_RETUR). I looked at the ASUS P5QL Pro User's Guide but it has these names and they are not the same so i don't know how to connect it.

Could it be some setting in BIOS aswell? But i mean i can't change it if i don't have the AUDIO (AAFP) connected?



Your motherboard only support cases with front panel AC97 or HD modules in them. From what you list, speaker out, your case only has audio pass thru. IE - They do not amplify/process the signals.

You can try changing the setting in the bios to ac97 and hope your case does have the correct module. You'll find "Front Panel Type" listed under the "Onboard Devices Confuguration" and the default is "HD Audio"