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May 27, 2016
why didn't you just create a usb with the latest windows? anyway, good day, don't care. I have problems with hardware, not windows. it must be user induced.
Had to use the one I had, wouldn’t let me make a new one on that PC because it crashed whenever I tried to do something, literally opening task manager crashed it. Since I’ve fixed windows it’s been fine, haven’t changed any drivers or any hardware so it’s just windows being a buggy mess.


if you install and uninstall lots of applications to your host machine, over time that can mess things up. buggy installers most likely.

What I do mostly is set up a host and keep it pure clean MS, and I work in Virtual Machines. Never need to mess with stuff, not installing anything that doesn't belong to the host.

As Scotty on Star Trek said, "the more plumbing there is, the easier it is to mess up" and that is truth. I literally install a host box and use it for 10 yrs until the hardware dies.

As far as I understand, the MAC ecosystem isn't as loosy-goosy as the PC world, Apple likes to have only the top drawer stuff for their OS. The fact that the PC world is the Wild West means users should really be careful about what they install. That's another reason to do all your work in a VM.

I am not a MAC hater, they are great for many purposes. Had I more money, I would probably use them too. :)
Dec 4, 2018
It all will depend on your needs. MAC is okay for certain things. PCs are best for my kind of business and the software I use will not work on a MAC unless I use Boot Camp or Parallels with Windows. I'm at that point where I need a new machine, too (Windows Vista Ultimate since '09), and really want a new 27" iMAC. But the fact that I can only use Windows for my court reporting needs makes me reconsider my options. The way I need to set up an iMAC with Boot Camp n Windows will be close near $3k or more. I can buy a PC for work purposes for way less and and at the same time, use the Internet for my needs without the expense of a MAC. The only thing that concerns me is all the virus garbage that goes with Windows. I never ever had a virus on my Macbook Pro, even when using the Windows environment. Again, it will depend on what you plan to do and your needs. I love the Mac displays. I rarely ever had an issue with Vista either. I do build all my own PC systems. Can't do that with a MAC.
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Dec 4, 2018
I have always built my own PCs years ago, but today, the prices are too low to be bothered. I use Parallels on a MAC to run Vista, and inside Vista, I installed Virtual PC 2007 so I can install DOS. Talk about archaic. But that's our legal system here.....the Dark Ages.
Sep 7, 2018
I guess it goes down to macOS vs Windows. So if someone doesn't play games (or plays only blizzard made ones ...:LOL:), here are my thoughts:
macOS still have the flare of Steve Jobs. Steve(love him or hate him) was one of the best minds of the last 100 years and his whole being is packed inside macOS (X). It is full of thousand of features that windows doesn't have even at half. It is the first OS of it's kind that still exists, it is the most reliable, it looks and works as should - at least most of the time :p and it is made from people from the "we love design" family...
The most weird thing is that macOS X was designed back in 1988... waited 10+ years on the self and still was way ahead of its time when released. It still is by a smaller margin though while actually it is the same as ...1988!!

If your job demand hours of computer work, imagine macOS as the beautiful ergonomic office with a great view, you always wanted. You get in and you smile. Many many people do not bother about looks and style. I don't know but i truly believe no-one should put beauty aside(except when you are interviewing for a new secretary...). I started using macs in the late 90's, turned to windows when the company i was working for had only windows and got back on 2015. I work with computers about 10 hours a day as a developer and designer and i have regretted soooo much for leaving macOS out of my life for nearly 10 years. I finally built a few custom macs, got a MacBook and i am freaking loving everything again for 4 years now. Of course i still boot in windows to play games and sometimes i stop and look back with a smile to all those windows hours i spent, but to be honest... this uninspired environment... this bad chosen whites... this bad chosen blacks... these picky window corners ..... this "go full window" pressure on most apps.... .. these bad designed ..blue screens...

I wouldn't bother about macs as much though, if money can be a problem and since CustomMacs are everywhere these days. They are beautiful high speced machines not affordable by all people and not needed by all people.(ex not all need a 5K screen...!! it is pure beauty but still... ). I love their design but their heart is what matters most. Their heart is macOS and macOS is the best operating system ever made, till today at least.

So go get a Custom Mac and a nice monitor! enjoy the last years left to this wonderful operating system before Tim Cook leave apple (or apple's roots) and who knows what awaits us then...
Get a cheap second hand iPhone as well and enjoy the freakin eco system!

ah well, i wanted to get it out of me...

Just one last thought. When someone wants to try one after the other (ex. being a long time windows user that wants to see macOS or vice versa). Keep your old machine. Stay with the new for at least 3 months of continuous use and then go back to the old one for a few days. From my experience this is the only way you can decide with the clearest possible mind, what suits you best.