maximum temperature?


Oct 8, 2007
thank Mzaiar, can you also recommend me of a good benchmark or a torture test for the cpu?
i tried Virtual dub but it doesn't max the cpu and prime95 doesn't work on vista.
No problem mate :) glad i could help u :) and thats Maziar :) :D

OCCT is a good software which takes less time than other softwares to test and its a very useful app:

Orthos is also a good software


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guynaa, you missed it. From Section 6 of the Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide, second processor variant from the bottom (E6x50):

Section 6: Scale

Scale 1: Duo
E7200: Tcase Max 74c, Stepping M0,TDP 65W, Idle 8W
E4700: Tcase Max 73c, Stepping G0, TDP 65W, Idle 8W
E4x00: Tcase Max 73c, Stepping M0, TDP 65W, Idle 8W
E2xx0: Tcase Max 73c, Stepping M0, TDP 65W, Idle 8W
E8x90: Tcase Max 72c, Stepping C0, TDP 65W, Idle 8W
E8x00: Tcase Max 72c, Stepping C0, TDP 65W, Idle 8W
E6x50: Tcase Max 72c, Stepping G0, TDP 65W, Idle 8W
E6540: Tcase Max 72c, Stepping G0, TDP 65W, Idle 8W

--70--/--75--75-- Hot
--65--/--70--70-- Warm
--60--/--65--65-- Safe
--25--/--30--30-- Cool

(1) Remember that Intel's Processor Spec Finder - - shows the Thermal Specification for Tcase, and NOT Tjunction, so don't confuse CPU temperature (Tcase) with Core temperatures (Tjunction). The Scale shown above illustrates the proper relationship between CPU temperature and Core temperatures.

(2) If you've tested your temperatures with Prime95 Small FFT's, then regardless of what games you run, your temperatures will never approach the 100% workload temperatures of Prime95, so it's unnecessary to monitor in-game processor temperatures.

(3) The most accurate temperature utility available for monitoring Core temperatures only, is Real Temp 2.6 - - which is more accurate than the popular utility Core Temp. Read the Real Temp documentation - - to understand what Real Temp does differently than other utilities, and why it's more accurate.

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Jun 28, 2008
Would someone be able to provide me with a good program to monitor a Pent D 940 DC. The NVidia program that I am using has bugged on me and will not reinstall appropriately.


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News Flash!!! Core Temp has been bested by Real Temp!!! Anyone else out there who didn't get the memo already?

The ever popular Core Temp and Everest, (which import Tjunction Max values from mobile Core 2 variants), have been proven inaccurate by the research and testing involved in the developement of Real Temp, and the validation performed by others, who have reliable inside information from Intel.

Only SpeedFan, when calibrated using my Temp Guide, (which does not use Tjunction Max values to achieve accuracy), will be within 3c, which also validates Real Temp, since Core temperatures will then coincide within a degree or two of one another in both programs.

Although SpeedFan has included calibrations for quite some time, only after Real Temp recently gained favor has Core Temp and Everest jumped on the calibration band wagon. Core Temp 0.99 is OK... if you use Real Temp to calibrate it!

Use the link I've provided in the last paragraph of my above post, read the Real Temp documentation, and understand why Core Temp should now be barely visible in your rear view mirror!

If you're still not convinced, then read all 66 pages and 1639 posts in the Real Temp thread over at Xtreme Systems -

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