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  1. O

    Question What is a cache folder and can you delete it?

    Hi, sorry - I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to PCs. What is a 'cache' folder and can I delete it? I was having problems with the EA app staying signed in and I've seen online that deleting the cache folder for the EA app resolves the issue, I'm just a bit anxious about doing so though. Any...
  2. LORYT699

    [SOLVED] core vs ring ratio

    Hi, The question is: For gaming is better have increase cpu ratio or ring(cache) ratio?Does ring ratio actual give some visible benefits? I have an i5 9600k at 4.5(actually I m about to bring it to 4.6 he can cause I tried it)(is at all core btw, I don t know why my mobo do not save oc for each...
  3. H

    Question Clearing Bluetooth Cache or History

    Right then, months ago I purchased the Creative Soundbar V2 for my shop. It's connected via Bluetooth as I have it high up on the wall. Not long after I set it up, roughly once every ten days, the sound would start to 'clip'. Aye, the wee pause in music or videos. My solution was to remove...
  4. simontompkins

    Question BurnAware Trashes BD-R Disc

    Hi, I've been burning avi and mp4 files from an external hard drive to BD-R disc. Most have been fine but I've just trashed two discs and I think the issue may be read/write speed. 1. I've tried moving files from external HDD hard drive to internal HDD to see if windows has trouble moving...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Does accumulated browser history/cache actually slow down a browser at all?

    I'm on Microsoft edge. I know clearing history can help protect your information and refresh some pages that are having issues loading, but other than that do you really ever need to clear browser cache/history? Does browser history itself take up space/resources somehow? Say for example over...
  6. haeki1

    [SOLVED] Parallel I/O performance 1 vs. 2 drives ?

    Hello everyone, I am about to buy a new macbook pro M1pro/max for video editing and I am not clear about the size of internal storage as it's often recommended to seperate OS & software from footage and media cache. So I thought taking a smaller internal drive + an external Thunderbolt 3 drive...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] How do these memory tests work?

    So I was wondering what do these tests actually do and what are the differences. Which one is the slowest and why and which one is the fastest? MATS+ Stride38 WSCHKR WStride-6 CHCKR4 WCHCKR3 ERAND Stride6 CHCKR8
  8. sobchak

    [SOLVED] memtest86 errors, what do they mean?

    Greetings, lately I have been getting bluescreens with "whea uncorrectable error", so after searching on internet to see what causing the issue, i ran memtest86 today and got this result: Clearly there are some issues with memory but it showing i have errors in CPU too. Does this mean i...
  9. RyzenNoob

    [SOLVED] How do I turn my old nvme into a cache drive

    I've just updated my C: drive to the ADATA SX8200 pro, but now want to turn my old Crucial NVME to a cache drive for my Storage Space or RAID 1 My mobo has the Intel® Z270 Chipset, the rest of the specs is in my signature for the intel system I have I can't even find this after searching for...
  10. zackeyarn135

    Question All My RAM Cached

    Hi, I have been stumbling into issues recently with Cached RAM, Here is a picture: View: So when i start my pc, (normally this would use up all my RAM) It would be slow at opening apps, Spotify, Firefox, Etc. But when i open a game and get into a menu or a ram...
  11. Muhammad Jahid

    [SOLVED] Does cache latency really matter if not gaming and photo/video editing?

    If anyone does basic stuffs like regular web browsing, youtube watching, Ms Office, then does cache latency really matter if not gaming and photo/video editing?
  12. kzainshah

    [SOLVED] What Cache you would go with?

    What Cache you would go with? AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Desktop Processor 6 Cores up to 3.9GHz 19MB Cache AM4 Socket and AMD Ryzen 5 3400G with Radeon RX Vega 11 Graphics Desktop Processor 4 Cores up to 4.2GHz 6MB Cache AM4 Socket what would you say?
  13. S

    [SOLVED] memtest86 errors, what do they mean?

    Hello, For the past while I have been getting bluescreens with "memory_management" and "system_thread_exception_not_handled" errors. On top of this while using the computer apps would randomly crash or close sometimes without any errors and then minutes later it would bluescreen. I did test...
  14. T

    [SOLVED] Is CPU cache amount important for gaming?

    Apart from amount of cores and frequency, is the CPU cache amount important for gaming. for example, how much difference would a a 12 mb cache make compared to a 16 mb cache?
  15. Seabass101

    [SOLVED] CPU Cache Size to Performance

    Hi, Why aren’t the L1 and L2 cache sizes not getting any bigger with new CPUs especially in 2020 and beyond? Would it not help with the performance if you increased L1 and L2 by a little or to the next size amount? lastly, why are 8 cores 16 thread CPUs L1 and L2 kind of low of a size for cpus...
  16. N

    [SOLVED] Help! CPU cache issue (probably)

    Specs Ryzen 7 1700 Gigabyte Windforce RX 480 8gb Corsair Vengeance 8gb 2400mHZ DDR4 Samsung 860 EVO 500gb SSD ... Hi, I've got an issue with my PC and I think I've narrowed it down to my CPU cache. The last few months I've been experiencing some instability with my PC while running more...
  17. Z

    [SOLVED] System shuts off when gaming. Help needed.

    A little while ago I tried booting up and old game that was sitting in my Steam library (Slime Rancher) with my new pc*. To my surprise, after about 50 seconds of gameplay my pc crashed and didn't restart. I booted up my system and tried the game on low and max settings with no prevail. Since my...
  18. E

    [SOLVED] NVME + SSD for System, program, projects?

    Good day!Want to easy upgrade of my home computer for work with video + motion graphics. System at the moment: mother: Asrock Fatal1ty B250 Gaming K4 CPU: intel i7-7700k System SSD: Samsung 850 pro 256GB Storage HDD: WD blue 4TB GPU: Nvidia 4200k 4GB RAM: Dual 2100 16GB + 16GB The motherboard...
  19. Zvonkoo

    [SOLVED] NVME - Cache and no Cache SSD's

    I was comparing some NVME SSD's and ran into this. How come some SSD's have cache memory, but price difference is minimal? Is cache important? Will it affect gaming? What is the best choice between those 3 (except Samsung in 1TB category and ~ 512GB category). Will seq. read/write of...
  20. S

    Question Please Help! "SATA SSD on Controller 0, Port 5: At risk (SMART event)" What does this mean?!

    I've been receiving the message: "SATA SSD on Controller 0, Port 5: At risk (SMART event)" for the past couple of days. Obviously an impending problem is on the horizon, but I have no idea what it is or how to fix it. Can someone please help me identify the problem and how to go about fixing it...
  21. D

    Question NAS ssd caching vs drive caching

    Hi all, Just purchased a used QNAP TS-453BT3 for video editing and the original owner had installed two 256gb M.2 drives for caching. At the moment, I'm shopping for drives to populate the NAS and am wondering how much of a practical difference will exist between a drive that has 128mb vs 256mb...
  22. T

    Question Missing Icons

    I've made this thread before, but somehow I can't find it, sorry to duplicate, I'm not familiar with this new UI. My icons are missing from desktop, and file explorer, deleting iconcache didn't help, and making new User also didn't help, but everything is fine with my other User, the problem...
  23. Y

    [SOLVED] Intel optane benchmark error?

    My desktop dell 5680 inspiron came with a Intel Optane+931GBHDD 1TB whenever all of my components are above expectation but there seems to be a problem? after using user benchmark I receive this notice... Relative performance n/a - RAM cached drive detected what does...
  24. F

    Laptop CPU comparison and difference

    Hello everyone, I've recently started looking for a new laptop, and I'm stuck on choosing the right CPU, mainly for everyday use, university-level coding and university-level projects. As I've noticed, both core i3 and core i5 are 2C/4T processors (until the 8th generation), with a slight...
  25. A

    Question NVIDIA / How to fake GPU for game redemption

    Hey everyone, it is my first time posting here so hope the post meets all the requirements! I am really desperate here. If the thread is in the wrong section, please move, don’t delete :) I am in the process of building a new rig and as a student and I didn’t have enough money to complete it...
  26. U

    Question Could I power a cars instrument cluster that I found in the trash at work?

    Hello everyone. So, quick background story, I work at a car dealership and I was doing the trash when I saw 3 instrument clusters sitting next to the recycling bins in perfect condition. I decided to take one because it is from a fairly new car, a 2015 acura MDX, plus it just looks kinda cool. I...
  27. G

    Question i7 8700k upgrade

    I am looking to upgrade my CPU from an i5 6600k to i7 8700k. How significant will this upgrade be? I know it's an i7 but want to know if it's going to be worth it. Cheers.
  28. M

    Question Will I get free games with Colorful RTX 2060 Ultra OC?

    So recently I bought Colorful RTX 2060 Ultra OC from my region(Bangladesh). I asked the shop members if there was any free games with RTX cards. They said they didn't know and said there was no offer like this with Colorful RTX Cards.Now will I get any free games?..Or the "Triple game bundle...
  29. O

    [SOLVED] Problem with Acer KG241 monitor

    My computer: Ryzen 5 2600x cpu Radeon RX 580 8gig gpu 16 gig 3000hz ram Rog Strix B-350f motherboard Windows 10 os I recently purchased an Acer KG241 monitor because I wanted a refresh rate higher than 60hz. I connected the monitor via dvi cable and although the documentation says the monitor...
  30. S

    Question One fan not spinning before Windows boots up?

    I've just bought an EVGA FTW2 1070 second hand, and due to an issue with the only screen I have available now I'm not able to do anything once Windows boots, but just to test if the GPU turned on after I bought it I booted up my system with it connected. Before Windows booted up only one fan...
  31. nutFLIX

    [SOLVED] What should I upgrade?

    Should I get a i5-2400 or a GT-1030 GPU? I'm looking forward to upgrade my PC and can only afford one of them. I currently have a core 2 duo E7400 and a GT-710. This is for low settings gaming
  32. spardason

    Question Should I reinstall drivers?

    Hello! I recently upgraded my pc from an i5 3570k to a ryzen 2400g (a budget build) I obviously changed the board and the ram is DDR4 now, the only two things i ketp were the hardrive and the graphic card, a 1060 gtx, so my question is...should i reinstall the drivers for the GPU? or is ok if i...
  33. L

    Question How to pick up RAM for specific motherboard (ASRock B450M Pro4) and processor (Ryzen 5 2400G)?

    Hello. I'm choosing RAM memory for my new build for home purposes. I'm looking for 2x8Gb modules working on 2.9Mhz. So here is the thing, QVL list from ASRock is not updated since processor is coming out (speaking the words what tech. support asnwered me) and only couple models what they are...
  34. K

    [SOLVED] Windows wakes up from sleep when I turn off other appliances

    After I put my PC to sleep, turning on/off other stuff in the room like the subwoofer or even the AC unit makes it wake up from sleep. It's as if the change in the power draw causes it to wake up. I had specifically configurated it in a way that only the power button can wake it up from sleep...
  35. P

    FPS drop after 10 mins of gaming

    my problem is acting like a nightmare to me and actually pissing off my life.. i have a new gaming laptop which is 3 month old a dell inspiron 7577 i7 7700 HQ with 16gbs of ram and gtx 1060 6gb max-q GPU, everything was running perfectly fine till i started getting fps drops after playing for 10...
  36. B

    [SOLVED] Help with my new PC build (Case and cooler)

    Hey guys, looking for some help here. I'm pretty green with PC building, but I'm doing a new build and need help finalizing what I need. So far, I have: -i7-9700k -MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Armor -ASRock Z390 SLI/AC motherboard -G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB RAM -Thermaltake 750W 80+ Bronze...
  37. M

    Trying to get ethernet on 2 PCs

    To start, I know little to nothing about networking, so I'll need a little help understanding how everything works. There is a router connected to the PC in the room next to me, and I was wondering if there was a possibility that I could run a second PC through a second Ethernet cable on the...
  38. U

    1080p laptop to 2k monitor

    I have a laptop and I want to buy a 2k monitor. How do I make it so that it displays in 2k not 1080p?
  39. T

    [SOLVED] TDP Cooler 150w, Mobo 130w max TDP

    will this work!? I have a asus p5e vm hdmi with max tdp of 130w and a cpu heatsink cooler which says 150w tdp on the box. will this mobo support my cooler? does it mean my cooler can handle up to 150w tdp? or this is what my cooler will be using 150w tdp while on this mobo
  40. H

    [SOLVED] Fx8350 not at 100% with prime 95

    I have it at 4.7ghz @1.34v and all cores are only at 100% for the first hour then they just die down to some cores not at 100%. I woke up about 8 hours later and cpu total is at 40%! Temps are a high of 58c under load with 17 thermal margin at the end of the test. I believe it’s throttling? So...