Question May not be a virus, but it keeps happening - can't figure out how to fix it


Jul 14, 2017
My issue is after starting or restarting everything is fine, but after a certain (undefined and varying) time frame my screen will flash like it is refreshing then all microsoft programs will be in the top-left of my screen (in full screen) when I open them (see pic below).

The window is able to be used, it scrolls and I can click on it like normal, I can minimize and maximize it, but regardless of the view it is confined to the top left part of the window (screen).

The rest of the screen (from right around to the bottom) is the microsoft blue, the light blue that microsoft uses everywhere.

The programs I have noticed that are affected are:

Windows Security
Your Phone App - I understand if you might think this is what is causing it, but I really don't think so

Home Screen is not in the top left, but is not correct either

I just checked Control Panel and it is not affected, so not all microsoft programs are affected.

Might this be caused from High DPI being on with certain programs?



While I have a post up here in Antivirus / Security / Privacy I might as well ask about a few other things I have been trying to get working.

1. Dynamic Lock - my phone (Samsung Galaxy S10e) and pc are synced and the check box is marked to allow this, but it isn't connecting. I have tried and tried so many times with so many guides to get it working, but nothing ever does. Might this be a 2.4 or 5 ghz issue?

2. Core Isolation - I got it turned on through the BIOS, but Memory Integrity isn't working yet. I have to delete some drivers I guess, but I hate just randomly deleting stuff.

3. Security Processor - again, I figured out how to turn it on through BIOS, but the Attestation says it is not supported. I click on the Security Processor Troubleshooting and I have the option the Clear TPM, but I know that is not a good idea, so I have left it alone.

My PC SHOULD be able to turn all of this on with no issues (I think), but I haven't been able to.
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The window you are seeing will appear if the Windows (WIN key and the "I" key are pressed at the same time.

Test the key combination to be sure. Determine if the identical screen appears.

If so, be very conscious about your typing. You may be bumping or brushing the WIN key and all the more so when typing a letter "i".

Or the WIN key itself is just bouncing from your typing and randomly responds. However, in that case, I would any number of Windows to be suddenly appearing. WIN + "P" for example.

High DPI - what certain programs are you referring to? Games. For the most part intensive gaming is hard on keyboards and strange behaviors will result. Especially, again, if you are trying to type hard and fast.

Look in your games and apps for some shortcut combination that invokes "WIN" + "I".


As for the other three questions - separate them and open individual posts/threads in the applicable categories.

Otherwise this thread may get a bit jumbled up.


Jul 14, 2017
Well, what do you know (Win + I) fixed this issue, as well as a few others (blinking taskbar), at least it seems to. Thank you.

I am pretty careful when I type (slow and accurate instead of quick and sloppy, besides I have restarted my PC a ton of times and this happens every time even if I just restarted and came back without touching anything.

I'm pretty sure its a dreaded driver issue - for those who don't know, be wary of those driver update programs.

Needless to say, I'm taking a crash course in manually updating (fixing) my drivers - yes, I do have a backup and I know its an option, but I think I can get it on my own.

Had a few scares, thought I had screwed up my PC, but the restart fixed it. I'm trying right now to figure out if I need to flash my BIOS - and yes I know the risks in that.