Memory errors. Windows memory diagnostic says no errors, memtest says errors


Jan 11, 2015
I have recently started experiencing problems with my ram. I started to suspect my rams was due to my games crashing mid play and getting BSOD. Then I started to test using memtest to my surprise I got errors but these errors only came from one part of memory at 4500mb and the memtest already ran 9 passes. So after this I tried to change back the ram timings to default and only use default specs in bios. I then ran memtest again this time I had one pass with no errors but on the second pass I started to get errors again at the same memory 4500mb. I since then tested and removed the single ram stick that was causing problems and have not had a problem since then.

My question is why does windows memory diagnostic says no errors but memtest says there is and why only at one point of memory. Could heat be a problem with in memtest errors since I noticed my ram modules are very hot when I was testing them.

CPU: AMD FX 8350 stock clock
RAM: 4x2Gb Dominator Gt 1600Mhz stock clock, timing 8:8:8:24
PSU: 550 Watt Thermaltake Lite power
GPU: Radeon Hd 6950 2Gb stock clock
Cooler: 212 Evo Coolermaster

Believe MEMTEST. Replace that RAM. If it is a matched set of RAM you should replace the entire matched set. Depending on the RAM, the manufacturer may replace it for free.