Jan 31, 2012
I have 2x ADATA 1Gb 800MHz DDR2 CL5 (5 5 5 18)
and 2x ADATA 1Gb 800MHz DDR2 CL6 (6 6 6 18) memory modules.
I have heard that BIOS should automatically use slower timings for the RAM. But my IP35-e sets the ram to
5 5 5 18 timing, forcing the slower CL 6 RAM to run at 333 Mhz (orginally 400Mhz). I have tried to manually increase the memory timing in BIOS but it causes errors in Prime95 and sometimes wont even boot. Increasing memory voltage wont help either.
Is it even possible to increase the timing on CL5 or what am I doing wrong?

The answer is no. If the ram runs well with the board timings (no bluescreens or error messages), let it run. Don't set the timings or voltage manually. You're mixing two sets of ram with different specs; you're lucky if they work well together at any settings.