Jan 22, 2009
i want to know how to oc memory . also proper voltage for my cpu if any one could help me much love .

my specs are

q8200 (cooler master eclipse cpu heat sink )oc to 3.1 ghz
evga 750 i mbo
2gb ocz reaper ddr2 800 mem
800 gts 640 mb and 8800 gts 320 sli
750 watt corsair thx psu
antec 300 case


check out the overclocking guide in the stickies in the forum section you just posted in, it explains all this, but I'll give you some Cliff notes.

OCing memory is about math. Most boards use specific speeds listed in the BIOS, however they are usually* ratios that the board uses to select the right speed for your RAM.

Ex.: your FSB on the CPU is listed at 333 MHz, by choosing 667Mhz as your ram speed, you've picked a ratio of 1:1

If you keep this speed setting in BIOS, but raise the FSB of the board to 400, the effective speed of the RAM is now 800.

So, with your OC on your chip, you've picked 400FSB already, do you have the motherboard auto detecting the RAM speed, or is it manual? If automatic, it may check the RAMs speed (included in the RAM) and set it at that speed. If manual, and you've already picked 800Mhz, you are most likely already OCing your ram. Get CPU Z Id and see what the RAM is running at.

*I say usually, because some boards are smart and know what you are trying to do, and will adjust the ratios dependent on the FSB of the CPU and the speed of the RAM. Always do manual adjustments to the FSB and RAM speeds, they will be more accurate.

As for CPU voltage, your going to need to read the guide. It's complicated, and there are a lot of things you need to consider. Not all chips are the same.