Question Merging 2 ssd's onto one without losing files on either.

Jul 15, 2019
In my computer currently i have a 128g samsung 840 evo, and a 1tb 840 evo. i have windows on the 128g and some other drivers for the graphics card along with misc files and apps that i dont wanna reinstall. i also have files and apps on the 1 tb 840 ssd that i dont wanna reinstall. i want to merge everything, windows and all files from the 128 gb to the 1tb so i can put the 128 in another computer. what do i need to do to get everything from the 128 to the 1tb without formatting the 1tb and deleting everything off of it. basically i want everything that is on the 1tb and the 128g on the 1tb ssd without reinstalling.

i also just bought a 256g m.2 that i would prefer to boot from, but as far as i can tell i cant use macrium or easus to transfer the 128gb ssd to the m.2 because of incompatible sectors, so i was just gonna put it all on the 1tb for now but if anyone knows how i can make this all easy i would appreciate it. i figured if i transfer all files to the 1tb and install windows on the m.2 i can set to boot from the m.2, and delete windows off the 1tb ssd, but its all very complicated,
  1. U have to do a complete backup of the 1TB to something.
  2. Then u clone 128 to 1TB and make it bootable. Take care of existing (clone as well) recovery partition if any. 1TB should now boot.
  3. Use Storage Manager to shrink that 1TB single OS partition to 128, your C:. Use rest of unused space for a second partition, your D:
  4. Copy backup --> new D:
That's it. Hope step 2 is not too complicated for u.

THIS IS TO BOOT FROM 256 M.2 (after I read your 2nd paragraph):

You should be able to clone 128 -> 256, AS LONG AS, space available. If u can't ur doing something wrong. U should be able to format 256 just like 128.
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