News Microsoft Starts Emailing Windows 11 Insiders Who Don't Meet Hardware Requirements to Revert to Windows 10

Apr 1, 2020
Over the last 25 years or so there hasn't been a single Windows OS I would feel comfortable using on the day of release, except Windows 2000 and 7, with 2000 still being the last great OS Microsoft made in my opinion, and is something I want again: a stripped down OS where everything is an optional extra with a focus on speed, stability, and being very lightweight.

95 - BSOD heaven, but we dealt with it
98 - Schizophrenic. Could go from rock stable to unstable in a heartbeat for no reason
ME - Dumpster fire
2000 - Rock stable, best Windows version ever
XP - Issues until SP2
Vista - Bloated, compatibility issues
7 - Vista perfected. No issue.
8 - Garbage until 8.1
10 - Issues until 1901, upgrade roulette especially for generally non techie "Home Edition" users.