Question Mid level gaming laptop advise

May 17, 2019

I’m currently looking for a good mid level gaming laptop. (Ik it sucks compared to pc but it’s all I can work with right now for the foreseeable future so plz don’t answer saying buy a pc xD)

I’m mostly considering an MSI laptop, but the graphics cards and ram confuses me a lot. Could anyone with any knowledge in this stuff just comment and maybe let me know if these choices seem ok? Or maybe add some if you know of any? I mainly want a laptop to play big games, but also just games like modded minecraft lol. But I’d like the freedom to play whatever I want with high graphics. My budget is about €2000/£1500 but I can maybe go up to around €2500 at a MAX. I’m hoping for at least a gtx 1070 or even a 1080 if I can afford it. I’m also partial to the 17” models as well as obviously with good cooling, anti glare, nice keys (I like RBG) all that other good stuff. I know there ya to be sacrifices unless I wanna pay more but I’m less picky than I seem.

Apologies if I posted this in the wrong place, I just made this account to ask.

Thanks a lot in advance :)
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Jan 14, 2014
The 2060 video card is better than the 1070.
The 2060 video card is even better than the 1660ti

The laptop on is a significantly better choice for the price. It has a better graphics card and barely sacrifices any performance comparatively in other sections. In my opinion, those 2 laptops should be much more similar or the same price.