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  1. VermilionNeko

    Question Advice on new laptop

    Hi. This is related to this thread I made a little while ago. I've tried asking on Reddit but haven't had much input off anyone, so I thought I'd try my luck here. Essentially, I've been seeing a number of tempting Black Friday deals on gaming laptops and I need to make a decision before the...
  2. Gamefreaknet

    [SOLVED] Is there any way to make an RTX 2070 (mobile) Max-Q to run with better FPS stability at high frame rates?

    PC Specs: i7 8750H (2667Mhz)16GB RAM (to be upgraded to 32GB) (Main Storage) - 1TB SSHD (to be Upgraded to either 1TB or 2TB SSD) iGPU - Intel UHD 630 GPU - RTX 2070 Mobile Max-Q Laptop Design: Alienware M15 - Mounted on a Fan deck I've heard of things where people use programs to get better...
  3. jbrualdi

    I need help finding the right laptop.

    So, I've been looking for a new laptop for a while now, and I can't seem to find something that works for me. I mostly use my laptop for work; some computer programming, graphic design, and AutoCAD. Occasionally I do play games on my laptop, so I am looking at gaming laptops. My main problem...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Gaming laptop

    Hello everyone, my brother wants to buy his first gaming laptop & the budget is $1,225. He prefers Geforce Gtx 1660 Ti. I suggested some of these 1- Acer Predator Helios 300 2- Dell G7 7790 3- MSI GL63 4- Asus Rog Zephyrus G GA502DU 5- Gigabyte Aero 15 Classic Please suggest any laptop from the...
  5. Anirudh T

    Question Help needed with laptop purchase urgently

    I am looking for a new gaming laptop and I have narrowed it down to 2 options based on price, performance and availability in my country 1)Acer Predator Helios 300 (2019) with an i7 9750H and GTX 1660Ti (at INR ₹1,19,990) 2)Asus ROG Strix Scar III with an i7 9750H and RTX 2060 (at INR...
  6. EannaS

    Question Mid level gaming laptop advise

    Hi, I’m currently looking for a good mid level gaming laptop. (Ik it sucks compared to pc but it’s all I can work with right now for the foreseeable future so plz don’t answer saying buy a pc xD) I’m mostly considering an MSI laptop, but the graphics cards and ram confuses me a lot. Could...
  7. ilikegirls

    Question Asus Zephyrus M High CPU & GPU Temps of 90c

    Hello! Thanks in advance for your help :) I've recently had to sell my gaming Desktop due to a sudden move related to health issues. My brother helped me out and I got an Asus Zephyrus M with an i7 8750H, 16GB RAM, GTX 1070 (None Max-Q) and have been enjoying it so far! My desktop had a GTX...
  8. xSimone

    SSD 'Transfer Mode' x17 vs x40?

    So I have two Samsung 960 250GB NVMe's, however when looking in Crystal Disk Info, I notice some difference. One says 'Transfer Mode x17' the other one says 'Transfer Mode x40' C: 17 D: 40 This is in a Laptop, a G752VS with an i7 6700HQ, GTX 1070 and 32GB of ram. Why is this? What is...
  9. E

    I5 4690 overheat issue and fps drops while gaming

    I got a non "k" Intel i5 4690 @ 3.85GHz (with turbo boost) that is overheating while gaming (100°C is not rare in games like Battlefield 3/4, Star Wars Battlefront..) My story with this issue started when I was looking for the cause of sudden fps drops in Battlefield 4, the drops were registered...
  10. T

    Intel I5 6600K good for gaming ya?

    Bern looking good cpu for runing games. Is Intel I5 6600K good or bad. ?¿? :》
  11. K

    is a sapphire fury 4gb gona fit in my case

    is a Sapphire Radeon R9 FURY 4GB gona fit inside a Fractal Design Define R3 case.
  12. S

    Windows 10 BSOD

    Alright. I am getting constant blue screens of death. So far ive gotten Bad Pool, memory management, page on nonpage, kernel security, and thats it. It happens constantly and whenever i try to scan my hardware at all, i get another one. How in the world do i get this to stop? Ive already...
  13. S

    Celeron G3900 for Gaming

    So I want to build a super-cheap gaming pc (around $500AUD) including shipping, excluding OS (I have win7 disc). All builds go above $500 by around $50 because I want to be able to game on it. I want to play Warframe decently. My laptop does around 40fps med settings, but it can get pretty bad...
  14. T

    Spec 03- Or phantom 240 matteblack

    im not sure what case to get i want a nice big case With a good quality side panel This is for a upcoming build the specs are: Cpu:I5 4460 Ram:Kingston HyperX Fury 8gb (2x4gb)-Red Cpu Cooler: Cooler Master hyper 103 Storage:1Tb Wd 7200RPM 3.5x2 Motherboard: MSI H97 Pcmate PowerSupply:XFX 650W...
  15. M

    Windows Shutdown Command Virus

    It set so that when I log into one of my PC accounts it launches the console with something along the lines as "Windows Shutdown -f" I have booted in safe mode and looked into the startup folder but there is no BAT or dodgy files. I have also booted in safe mode and ran anti virus scans etc...
  16. C

    new blank disk not showing fully blank

    every brand new disk i insert into dvd drive it says only 631mb free on a 700mb blank disk
  17. W

    3tb seagate 746gb found after external corrupt

    Hi all, first time poster and need some help, this topic has been answered on several places but mine is completely different. I can usually handle my own on pc's but this one I managed to break beyond my knowledge... 3TB barracuda external hdd. worked fine until the power cable was pulled...
  18. B

    Build needed for £700

    Hi, I'm trying to help a friend build a PC. We'd like the PC to be from CyberPower (UK one) for a £700 budget, but we can go up to around £750. If you could help us build one, that would be great! Also, please make the system an i5 4690 with a GTX 760! 1TB is fine and some cooling would help...
  19. M

    Black screen with vsync enabled

    Hi all, I recently noticed that whenever I have vsync enabled, my screen will go completely black in dark areas of the game (as if I had no signal coming from the gpu). I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions. Here are my specs: Amd fx 8350 Gtx 780 x 2 (in sli) Gigabyte 990fxa ud3...
  20. exfileme

    Toshiba Adapter Turns External Drives into Networked Devices

    Here's an interesting adapter. Toshiba Adapter Turns External Drives into Networked Devices : Read more