Migrating XP installation to new hardware - Help!


Jan 1, 2001
Hey guys, I just built a new system and wanted to move my C:\ to it. I followed instructions here:


Basically used the backup tool to backup my old comp's C:\ and all installed stuff, then installed winXP fresh on the new comp and then went to restore.

Well it didn't work quite as hoped. All the data is there, but registry settings appear to be non-existent, I'm missing my quick launch links, desktop settings, etc. Basically I wanted it to "ghost" the drive over except work with the new hardware and that was my understanding on what it did.

In actuality it seemed to copy all the files over (and start menu) but half the stuff doesn't work, etc. etc.

Where did I go wrong? Anyone able to help?

P4c 3.2Ghz NWood / ABIT AI7 / 1GB XMS-Pro DDR 3200 / BFG GF-6800GT 256mb / Antec 380W

A64 3000 Venice / Epox 9npa-U / 1GB HyperX DDR 3200 / XFX GF-6600GT 128mb / Antec 330W
OK if I understand you correctly you've built a new system and the HDD you had your old setup on with WinXP on it is what you want to use in the new setup.

If thats right heres all you need to do, boot from the WinXP installation CD, if you need to load drivers at the F6 prompt do so, when it asks you if you want to install Windows Now, select OK or Enter whatever option it gives you, continue like you're doing a normal installation from scratch, after you get to the F8 agreement screen and agree to the licence, the setup scans your existing HDD setup, it will find your old WinXP setup and give you an option to press R to repair the old setup, Press R and the repair begins it will delete all your previous M/B setup data, and complete the WinXP installation as an Upgrade, you won't loose any of your pre-existent files, you will have to re-input your WinXP licence key, but don't worry everything will be there and operational when it completes.

You will need to attend this repair process because if you've installed any driver software that was required for some programs to operate thats not microsoft digitally signed, the repair process will ask you to confirm the softwares installation, confirm it and continue.

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