Question Minecraft struggle ot run above 200 fps on an RTX 2060

Sep 25, 2019
Recently I bought an RTX 2060 from Gigabyte and switched out my GTX 970 and decided I would start off with Minecraft. I thought the performance would be greatly improved since its a much newer card but for some reason I barely get even half of the number of frames I use to on the 970, which is very annoying considering that I am used to have shaders on constantly.

Currently, the performance on the RTX 2060 are:

Minecraft (Max settings, no shaders, Optifine installed):
100-180 frames with massive drops going down to 20 fps

Minecraft (Sildur's Extreme Vibrant Lighting Shader, same settings as above):
30 -70 fps averaging at about 45 fps normally.

On the GTX 970:
Minecraft (same settings, no shaders)
350-700 fps, very consistent 200 fps even when I am in massive farms that would bring the RTX 2060 down to about 20 fps

Minecraft (same shader, same settings):
100 -180 fps, drops to 70 on large farms.

I have tried many things including uninstalling Geforce Experience, updating drivers, rolling back the drivers, nothing works. One thing I have noticed is that while running normal Minecraft my PC tends to use barely any CPU, ranging about 20-40% usage, even on shaders.

Also mentioning that other games that are much heavier than Minecraft like GTA V, ARK and Fortnite run flawlessly at very high settings.

My specs:
i7-8700 @3.2ghz
Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra
Gigabyte RTX 2060 6GB
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb @2666hz
Corsair RM750, 750W 80+ Gold Fully Modular
CoolerMaster ML240L AIO Liquid Cooler
WD 240gb M.2
Seagate Barracuda 1tb

Thank you in advance <3