Mixing ram latency, will it be a problem?


Sep 18, 2007
Hello there!

I just recently built a computer, and have a 2g kit of ocz reaper pc8500 (latency is 5-5-5-15). I now want to upgrade, and ordered another 2g kit, but instead of getting the pc8500, they gave me p9200 with a latency of 5-5-5-18. Can i mix these 2 different ram types, or should I try and return the product? I tried to change the latency on my 8500 ram to 5-5-5-18, but vista doesn't boot due to a memory error (blue screen of death :'( ). Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated!


If the new ram is the same brand & model, it should work with ram of similar specs. Oh I see. What are the rated voltages of both kits? Set the ram voltage to 1.9-2.2v. 5-5-5-18 should work. If not, then 5-5-5-15. If not, then auto & note the timings in bios. 4 sticks of ram needs more voltage. Finally, if vista loads, do super pi mod (google) 32mb. Then, do memtest (google) for 5+ passes.

FWIW, my ram consists of 2 different sets of specs & they run on more volt at 5-5-5-15.