Jan 17, 2013
Recently I built a computer, and have been accessing the internet via wifi. With my router being in the basement though, I have been getting a terrible connection (~30KB/s). I just realised that I have a cable connection quite near my computer, so I tried hooking my modem up to that and using wired internet. That worked perfectly, but now I don't have a modem connected to my router, so all the ethernet plugs around my house are dead. I did realise though that there was an other modem downstairs (that I never knew about) and I'm not really sure what it does. It is connected to a catv cable and has a phone line coming out of it. It also has a plug for cat5 cable.

What I want to know is what this modem is for and if it would be possible to get internet through it. I tried connecting it to my router and it didn't work.

The modem brand is Arris telephony
There is a light on at the front saying it's online


Dec 15, 2012

That is an emta, and it should only be provisioned for phone, it can do internet, but if its in a separate location generally you did not have a wire setup where both could be run from one device [cable, phone and power in close proximity with no doorways in the path. . If you have 2 modems provisioned for internet they charge you for 2 accounts so be careful if you start trying to get them to make that work for you.