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Question Monitor displaying no signal.Need help

May 5, 2020
Hi,as the title says,when I turn my pc on it displays "No signal".I do not know what is causing it but I am sure the power supply and display port cables are securely connected.My pc's cpu/gpu fans and gpu/ram leds turn on for awhile then suddenly stop.Then immediately turns back on again repeating in a cycle of on/off.Does anyone know the cause of this and a potential fix?I suspect its my power supply but I can't be sure.Thanks

My specs are:
Cpu:Ryzen 5 3600
Gpu:Rx 5700xt
Mobo:Asrock steel legend
Psu:Seasonic 520w bronze
Ram:xpg 16gb 3200mhz


Look in Reliability History and Event Viewer for error codes, warnings, and informational events.

If there are multiple and varying errors then that, to me, would also make the PSU a prime suspect.

How old is the PSU? Heavily used for gaming, graphics work, or bitmining?

Use the following link to work out the power demands of your system:


Note the listed calculators. Try two or three. What wattage value does your pc total up to be?

How close is your system to 520 Watts?