Question Monitor making weird noises


Mar 26, 2020
I recently changed my monitor from an old DELL 768p to a used HP EliteDisplay E221 1080p monitor, and I am noticing that its making a weird sound every now and then like every 2 or 5 mins, the sound goes like "tek", or just to give you an example lets say you warm up a cold metal and starts to make crack sounds... I was wondering if its fine...? Even tho the sound is kinda annoying.
I did used different display cable, changed the power cable yet it still makes the same noise. Also when I touch the metal part of the monitor it gives me little bit currents...
no flickering or anything... just noise

Recently I have a personal experience with my +10yo monitor, also LED backlit screen, about a year ago the monitor started flickering with parasites appearing, I can fix it temporarily by removing the VGA cable for a couple of minutes, but the same issue reappears 2 days later, I thought the screen will be done as it's pretty old.

Two months ago I moved 3km away to another part of the city, the screen works normally, the issue disappeared definitely, same computer, same cable, everything is the same. So I think it must have something to do with the electrical wire, or something with the frequency, maybe the monitor is old so it's more sensible to an unstable frequency.

In your case, I would bring the monitor to a friend or relative's house for a quick test, just plug in a computer there for a day or so. If the problem persists, it's time to fix or replace the monitor.
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