Question monitor suddenly loses image

Sep 25, 2020
so i have this aoc c24g1 monitor. i had him for a year and had no problems with it untill now,i am using a ryzen 3200g with integrated vega graphics and a gigabyte b450m s2h mobo, no dedicated GPU

while pc in use, it suddently loses image once every 3,4 hours,other times less often,like once a day. in other ocassions in the first hour of using the pc. the monitors behaves like when the hdmi cable is suddenly unplugged. image is gone, but it remains powered.

what fixes it? reconnecting the hdmi cable either from the mobo port or monitor port.

or... reseting the pc from the pc unit button brings back the image.

turning the monitor off/on, aoc sign appears but no image.

i have also tried replacing the hdmi cable, same issue

i have tried DDU'ing the graphics drivers and reinstalling it, even tried other driver version

power saving options like ''turn off monitor after x minutes'' is OFF

otherwise, monitor is working properly, no other issues with it

so, is the monitor faulty? is it the mother board? is it the APU? is it software related? how can i diagnose what actually causes it?