Question Motherboard might be fried


Jan 30, 2018
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Hello guys, I recently assembled a computer using the INWIN 101, and upon bootup using the breadboard method, the computer worked just fine. Getting it into the case, it still justified its functionality through another test startup, this time with the parts in the case. One thing to be aware of in the Inwin chassis is that it comes with an RGB header for the front accompanied by a daisy chained SATA connector. That being said, me being a klutz, I plugged both connectors and started to computer before hearing a sudden shut off, and the faint smell of smoke. I attempt to diagnose this by checking everything is plugged in, and after a short lived bootup, the power supply shut off the PC after less than a second of being turned on. The smoke smell is giving me the idea that the power supply is shot of course, but after trying it with a friends working unit, I am still imposed with the same issue, of my board turning off almost immediately. My question is, will I have to replace my motherboard, or is there an issue, and/or should I contact a proper PC repair apparatus? Thanks for reading.

TL;DR: Is my motherboard fried because my power supply frying due to a case front panel issue?

Ryzen 7 1700
16gb Hyperx fury ddr4 2400
Power color rx 480 8gb
Seasonic 650w Gold Modular Psu
Msi B350 tomahawk
AMD Wraith Prism Cooler
Inwin 101 ATX chassis
120gb SSD