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  1. manu411

    Question Is Seasonic S12III 500w a good power supply?

    Hello! Recently my 6yr + power supply started to die (it makes some weird sounds that are extremely annoying) So I thought I'd replace it with a new one. And I saw Seasonic S12III 500w (I heard that Seasonic is very good brand of power supplies) which is very cheap in my country. And I...
  2. H

    [SOLVED] Should I change my PSU after a short circuit?

    Yesterday I play game on my PC while raining. Suddenly thunder strike quite close to my house and I believe I hear an explosion, not sure from where. I think a short circuit just happened. I am sure it disrupting my PC, then turn it off. I plug the power cable off the wall. I leave it and back...
  3. E

    Question Good psu for a 1080ti strix oc and a i7 4820k

    So my seasonic 1050x died and I need a new psu, i dont really want something really premium at the moment cause i just want to fix my pc as soon as possible and was not in my plans to upgrade. So if you can recommend something how would you say it, that does the job not that expensive probably...
  4. T

    Question Upgrading wattage, same model. Can I reuse cables?

    Built this (first build) PC back in August and PSU’s were very limited. I snagged a SeaSonic Focus PX750 and was told I could re-use my custom braided CableMod cables if I jumped wattages to the Focus 850+. Well, my 3080 is en route (paired with 10700K, want headroom for future) and I am now...
  5. rounakr94

    Question Sleeved Extension lowering voltage on high load

    Hello, I had Installed sleeved extension cables in my system to make it look good. But the issue is the voltage drop in high load scenarios is quite high. From 12.08V down to 11.81V measured in Hwinfo64. At the same time I had a Multimeter hooked to another sleeved extension on a pcie...
  6. A

    Question New PSU recommendation for around 85 USD ?

    i've been laying around finding psu, and i found Xigmatek minotaur 650w 80+ gold i find it pretty cheap than others and it has full range of volt from 100-240v, it also has full modular cable, and i wonder if this PSU was good for 85 US$ ? I also got option for Antec Neo eco semi modular 80+...
  7. B

    Question Seasonic Focus GX-850 Appears to be Dead on Arrival

    I haven't even installed the PSU yet. All I did was plug it into the wall like the instructions said and the thing won't turn on. I've tried multiple outlets and still get the same result. Any thoughts on something I am doing wrong or maybe I am just getting unlucky with these PSUs?
  8. tomafantomas

    Question Question regarding PSU RMA

    In the process of being transported, two of the blades from the fan in my seasonic prime broke. I sent it to the retailer to RMA it, it was working fine as it was, but I wanted to fix it. I think they will service it and not replace the whole unit. My question is: Should I test it beforehand in...
  9. O

    Question Swap Cables of thwo Seasonic Power Supplies

    Hello there, this is my first post on this forum so if I have done anything wrong just tell me. I will be happy to make changes. So I own 2 Seasonic PSUs being the: Seasonic Focus GX-650 Gold and the Seasonic Focus SGX Gold 650. (This one is from the H1 and labled NZXT but it is to my...
  10. B

    Question Seasonic X-650 and AMD 5700 XT - System Reboots, Freezes, Black Screens

    I've got a Seasonic X-650 from 2015 paired with what seems to be a high transient GPU; Sapphire 5700 XT Nitro+, as well as my backup, an Asus GTX 970 Strix, also high transient. Apparently these GPUs cause black screens, reboots and freezes with certain Seasonic PSUs, which is what I'm dealing...
  11. S

    [SOLVED] PSU Recommendations

    Hello Lovely humans, Looking to replace my current psu. I am looking for something in the 750-850w range. While never having taken true measurements, online calculators suggest my current setup has a load wattage of 542W with a Recommended PSU of 600W. These numbers are based around a GTX960...
  12. Cyber_Akuma

    Question Is my PSU bad? System seems to get power OK but PSU tester fails the PG test... but all voltage rails measure ok.

    I have been having a mountain of issues with my system. It started when I tried to replace a drive and it would no longer turn on. After stripping it down to essentials, it would turn on but would display no video, so I plugged my GPU back in and I would get video. However, after this I was...
  13. E

    [SOLVED] Adding GTX 2060 or 5700 XT to my current PSU

    Hi, I would like to know if my current (2or3yrs old) PSU can still handle either of these GPUs that I'm planning on buying. I currently own a SeaSonic S12II Series S12II 620 Bronze. and my current specs are: Ryzen 5 3600 Hyper 212 LED Turbo 16gb GTX 1060 6gb 3 HDDs 1 SSD 6 Fans SeaSonic...
  14. A

    Question UPS / Power protection suggestions?

    Have a pretty high end rig, and am paranoid that it may burn out on me. Have had frequent power cuts when the load from appliances in my house has been too much for the circuit breaker, and thus the circuit would be broken and my PC would suddenly boot off. In addition, when I play R6, the PC...
  15. S

    [SOLVED] Seasonic s12ii 520 and Sapphire Pulse Nitro+ Rx 570 4GB (And a 4 pin question)

    Can the PSU handle it? Rest of my mobo are: (I already searched the web and found answers but from only a few, while the PSU calculator also said like 450 watt recommended. So I still asked. Sorry :( GIGABYTE H61M-S2P motherboard I7-3770(non-K) 2x4 DDR3 RAM (Kingston ValueKing or something like...
  16. Albertodz


    Hi folks, I'm building my first pc and when it comes to PSU I don't want to mess it up since other components are not easy to get, I'm deciding in between a SEASONIC M12II 520 Bronze which I've seen quite a lot of reviews (mixed the majority) and for the EVGA 500/600BR too, I've heard some...
  17. G

    [SOLVED] Seasonic Focus PX 750 Platinum Upgrade?

    Hi everyone, I was lucky to get an Asus 3080 TUF and was thinking about upgrading my PSU to a Seasonic focus PX 750W platinum. I currently have a Corsair CX-750 which is now approaching 7 years old... I personally have not had any issues with it so far but wondered what others have...
  18. Kishiko

    [SOLVED] Which one the good one?

    Hey, i want to build my PC but i kinda confused which one good psu "Seasonic S12III-500w 80+ bronze OR be quiet! System power U9 500w 80+ bronze"
  19. M

    [SOLVED] HOW TO Plug CPU power connector in PSU ?

    Hello In seasonic PSU PCie Ports and CPU Ports are in the same group I want to Know Which PORTS I have to plug cpu power cables in ?? in the photo there is 5 ports in PSU to PLUG CPU power cables "but" there is only 2 ports are correct for CPU POWER CONNECTOR I need to Know : Which 2ports...
  20. H

    Question Seasonic GM 650 for RTX 3080

    So my current set up is: Intel Core i5 10600 2 x 8GB DDR4 1x 7200 rpm 3.5" HDD 1x M.2 SSD 5x 120mm fan Seasonic GM 650W I am wonderi=ng whether my PSU will be strong enough if I buy RTX 3080 and add it to my system. Yes I know Nvidia is suggesting 750W, but I believe that is their worst case...
  21. pastel_x

    [SOLVED] Is it harmful to flip the Power Supply switch off after I shut down my PC?

    I've heard that's an overkill to flip the physical switch on PSU. But I live in storm prone area, so I'm concerned about lightning strikes. Am i wearing out capacitors inside PSU by flipping the switch? (After shutdown) Should I just leave it on or flip the switch? PSU - Seasonic Focus Gold...
  22. O

    [SOLVED] Will my seasonic m12ii 520w EVO enough to handle the Sapphire RX 5700xt Nitro+?

    Hi everyone! Just upgraded my monitor from 1080p to 1440p and im planning on upgrading my MSI RX 2060 Gaming Z (non super ver.) to Sapphire RX5700XT. Will my m12ii 520w enough for it? My full specs Proc: Ryzen 2600 OC at 4000mhz Ram: 2x8gb nighthawk 3200mhz MoBo: Aorus b450 pro wifi Cooler...
  23. M

    Question Can I use Seasonic S12ii AC Power cord (or other PSU) with Corsair TX650m PSU?

    My newly purchased Corsair TX650m came with the plug that does not fit in any of the wall sockets or even my UPS socket. So I was wondering can I use the power cord of my older Seasonic s12ii 620W with Corsair until I find a better solution? Will it be safe for rest of my PC components?
  24. tomas2k20

    [SOLVED] Seasonic S12II-520 and RTX 2070 Super

    Good evening. I have a doubt about my power supply. My system is the follow : CPU: Ryzen 2700x ( PBO OFF ) Stock settings WC: Artic Freezer Liquid 240 MB: MSI B450 GAMING PLUS MAX RAM : 2x8 G.SKILL 2400 Mhz with 2800 OC PSU : Seasonic S12II-520 GPU : MSI AERO 1050 TI FANS : 3x 120M SSD ...
  25. 3bec

    [SOLVED] Seasonic S12III-550 or Evga 600W 80 Plus?

    Hello! So im looking for a new power supply and im thinking about this Evga 600w. But there is the problem that people think it is bad and i should get better one. Also im looking for a 550W power supply. (I was thinking about the evga one because it was like 50€). And now i will be really happy...
  26. A

    Question Seasonic PSU connectors

    Hi! Thanks to everyone on the forum helping me select my PC parts. I am waiting for them to arrive, so I am thinking about how to assemble it and I had a question about the sockets on the PSU and what cables they correspond to. I will be using a Seasonic Focus Plus Gold...
  27. Caramel19995

    [SOLVED] Which PSU should I use?

    I've got 2 power supplies. XFX pro 650w & Seasonic S12II-Bronze 620w. I know the XFX pro is better, but they are both bronze. I want to use the Seasonic since it has less cables and looks better. Would it make a difference which PSU I'm gonna use since my PC probaly won't reach above 500w...
  28. IBM_PS2

    [SOLVED] High 12V Rail caused by GPU's

    Hello I am just looking for opinions on a high 12v rail reading I have been getting from my Seasonic 1300w Prime Power Supply. I have recently discovered using a mult metre and Molex connector that at idle the 12V rail will be at 12.26v and under load this will jump to a max of 12.36. This is...
  29. M

    [SOLVED] Cooler master or seasonic

    I'm building my first pc and i'm still looking for a psu to pair with these parts: AMD ryzen 5 1600 AF Msi radeon rx 570 8gb ASRock b450m pro-4 16gb ddr4 3200 mhz 258 gb M.2 SSd The two psu's that i have in mind right now are the Cooler Master mwe 450w 80+ and the Seasonic s12iii 500w 80+...
  30. SageWindu

    Question Peculiar PC Lag Issue

    Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing well in these uncertain times. Anyway, I've been having a very bizarre problem regarding my PC lagging and try as I might I can't seem to figure out what's wrong nor how to fix it. So I come to you all for help. Here's the situation: at completely random...
  31. M

    [SOLVED] Seasonic Focus GX 750? Or EVGA G5 750?

    Trying to decide between these 2 PSUs. Heard the G5 can be noisy. But don't see many people use Seasonic. Any thoughts or perspective?
  32. Roresh1

    Question Confused about what to do

    hello,so i have a PSU with a height (H) of 8,5 cm,if i buy a psu that is 8,6 cm in height will it fit?i'm guessing there shouldn,t be much a difference.My current PSU seems pretty crammed in there. i have this PSU :
  33. F

    [SOLVED] nice budget psu

    im planning to build this systen gigabyte h81m-ds2 intel core i5 4690 kingston 4gb×2 two hdd's 500gb and 1tb gtx 960/rx 570 should i choose antec vp500p v2, seasonic s12ii 520w, be quiet u9 500w, or cooler master masterwatt lite 500w?
  34. manoloeltrolo

    [SOLVED] help, power supply explode?

    i was working in my pc, and suddendly the power supply emites a sound like a boom, i am scared, because i test the mouse in another pc and it is not working, i disconnect everything of the pc inside and i only connect de supply to 220v(south america) my house goes dark, and the power supply is...
  35. chasetherazor516

    [SOLVED] HELP New build No Display

    Hi guys I just Built my first PC and it will not display these are the specs cooler is the stock one that came with the CPU tried putting it all together and it would not display from the GPU HDMI so i tried the MOBO HDMI still nothing Tried doing bare bones...
  36. D

    [SOLVED] Which should I purchase, be quiet! Straight Power 11( Tier A+) or SeaSonic FOCUS PX (Tier A)?

    Should I purchase be quiet! Straight Power 11 750W 80 Plus Gold( BN619 ) or SeaSonic FOCUS PX Series 650W 80 Plus Platinum (FOCUS PX-650) According to psu tier list be quiet! Straight Power 11 is on Tier A+ - Recommended for high...
  37. L

    Question Seasonic 550W Platinum enough for Ryzen 3600? Quiet PSU

    Hi guys :) I decided i want a quiet Power Supply that is passive during Idle, browsing and writing, and not make much noise during photoediting or video editing either, I wonder i a Seasonic Focus plus 550W Platinum would be enough for this setup? B450 Mortar + Ryzen 3600 (65W TDP) + GTX...
  38. Question +12v got only 10.2v max Seasonic Platinum 750w

    I have issue with +12v reading in Mobo is just 10.2 at max and it suddenly off and on again and again. My PSU Seasonic Platinum 750w only 6 month y.o What should I do?
  39. N

    Question 8pin and 2 x 4pin connector confusion

    Hello everyone, I have seasonic SS 500-ET power supply and it has an 8 pin connector and a 2x4 pin connector, and I don't know which one to use for powering CPU or I don't know about the use of any of these connectors in general. kindly help me asap. Thanks
  40. yullbarez

    Question PC Turns Off It's Own

    Hi recently my PC turns off it's own. PC turns off like Windows "Shutting Down" so it's not shutting down suddenly. I think it's doesn't source from Windows itself. Sometimes it's turn off when at booting screen. I've not found which component causing it. Also after it shuts down sometimes it...