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    100 fps on csgo with rx 480 and i5 6600k pls help

    I have an rx 480 4gb, i5 6600k, 8gb ddr4 ram, and all the latest drivers for my card installed yet I still get low fps in csgo (around 100 fps) even will all settings low (i have tried both low, medium and high settings on 1080p) and have checked that my frames arent locked.
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    Mafia 3 60fps Stutter

    I have a really weird stuttering issue with mafia 3 I hope I can get some help with. I know the game is famous for poor frame rates but even with a solid 60fps, the game still has a really noticeable stutter. I currently have in game vsync off and enabled in control panel and fps set to...
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    How to set up my 65” Roku tcl tv to my echo

    Need help connecting my 65” Roku Tcl to my 3rd generation Exho.
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    Razer Kraken Pro V2 mic problems!

    Hi, ive recently had an issue with my razer kraken pro v2's. I havent been on my pc for about 2 or 3 days but when i was it was working fine. I came back after the 2-3 day break to find out no one could hear me in my discord. I looked in my sound settings and my mic wasnt playing my voice what...
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    Connecting TV to Soundbar

    I have a TV with coax digital out (no HDMI arc) and a sound bar with HDMI ARC in. Is there a converter from digital coax to HDMI? Right now I have it connected with a converter from digital coax to optical, but A) the connection is sensitive and if bumped cuts out. So I thought HDMI would be...
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    HDD is not detected at times

    Hello, My cousin's laptop won't detect the internal HDD. The laptop boots fine because the OS is installed on the SSD. The strange thing is when he tries to run Overwatch for example if the HDD is not detected the Battle net client will say install the game since the game is on the HDD and is...
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    [SOLVED] i7 8700 vs r7 2700

    I have a r5 1500x and a gtx 1060 im planning to upgrade my processor and my ram to 16 gb for Christmas witch porcessor is better for streaming while gaming the r7 2700 or the i7 8700?
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    £1000 PC for a friend

    Hi there, My friend recently received a £1000 check from his nan, he is looking to build a pc with this. (His budget is therefore £1000.) He has asked me to build a pc for him, I was thinking of going with an R5 2600 paired with a GTX 1080. Just wondering people's opinion on this? He will be...
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    Curved monitor questions

    So I heard getting a curved monitor is not worth the extra money unless it supports 21:9. Was wondering if this is really true or not. Also if it is does anyone know a good curved 1440p 100hz+ monitor for under 500usd?
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    Is my power supply good enough

    I have been talking to some people and they are saying that i should upgrade my power supply asap i have a vs 650 with a intel core i5 7500 and a 1050 ti Should i upgrade my power supply or can I upgrade my gpu to a 1060
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    Integrated gpu taking unnecessary resources when gaming [laptop]

    Before i start, yes i have set the game to use the nvidia gpu instead of the iGPU. So i experient some little stutters in PUBG and i made a post about it on reddit (http://) and with help of one guy, i'm getting much close to actually knowing the issue. And we found that the iGPU is using way...
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    Memory compatibility for my motherboard

    Hello i have the motherboard “Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3 “whit an am3 amd athlon ii 640 x4 on specs says that “ DDR3 1666+ is supported with combination of AM3 processors and qualified memory modules, please refer "Memory Support List" for detail memory support information.” can i buy some ram...
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    Wi-Fi faster than Ethernet?

    Hi guys. My internet connection first of all is nothing special. However, I have noticed phone wifi speed is faster than Ethernet. On pc i download with 2.5mb/s but on phone around 4-5mb/s. Can someone explain this? I also tried using a wifi adapter on pc to test it, and same, 2.5mb/s. How...
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    ryzen 7 2700x

    will this Ryzen 7 2700x fit on a b350m bazooka micro ATX board? the ram I have is pretty tall but it's in slot 2 and 4 leaving slot one empty and I already updated to the newest bios also keep in mind I plan on using the stock Prism Wraith Cooler
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    Setting Up Separate Subnets

    I am trying to set up two subnets with two routers while making sure neither can access each other and anything connected to them. I swear I had this working properly a few weeks ago but needed to restore the settings on the second (inner) router and now I can't seem to set this up properly. I...