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  1. C

    Asrock Z390 Extreme 4 & i9-9900K Overclocking

    Hello, does anyone have experience with this topic? I tried as lot of settings but could not get a stable system. I even don't know how to let the cpu consume more than 150 W. There seems to be a magic border... Cooling is not an issue because of water cooling. Thanks Chris
  2. Z

    Best gpu that i3 8350k can run

    What is the best gpu that you can run with a i3 8350k without bottleneck, please dont be one of those people that says there will always be bottleneck because thats not my question.
  3. S

    [SOLVED] I7 9700k very high temperatures

    I recently bought an i7 9700k (paired with gtx 1080) and i mount it on a gigabyte z390 aorus elite with a water cooler corsair h60 which i’ve been using for around 3 years now, the problem is i’m getting from 70 to 100 Degrees Celsius (160-212 Fahrenheit) regardles the cpu usage, and also the...
  4. J

    Best Way To Test Your PC?

    Hi, I've been suspicious about my PC's performance for a while now my Pc includes a: - GTX 1080 (overclocked to 2025 MHZ) - i7-7700k overclocked to 4.7 ghz I have been experiencing lower fps compared to benchmarks of similar pc builds in some cases by 50-100 fps. I am wondering what software/...
  5. C

    [SOLVED] Computer runs for few minutes before stops responding

    As title says, computer boots fine and runs things for few minutes before programs stop responding. Program don't freeze unless they have to load something new, for example I can continue to watch a video as long as I start it before the freeze. Can scroll through an Internet page but not load a...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] No wifi in my laptop

    I've hp notebook(15-ay119tx) with widows 10.These days I geting some problem with wifi.All settings and icons suddenly disappearing,sometimes it fix after restart.All upto date.First time error was few months ago and now it getting recently. Any solutions please?
  7. D

    Upgrading MSI CR620

    I'm thinking of upgrading my MSI CR620 - CPU, RAM, SSD. I don't know if I can upgrade the GPU but if I can, I will. But I'm on a budget of $100. I think I already found RAM and SSD but I will take suggestions. However, I do need suggestions for the CPU.
  8. I

    will this RAM kit work with this Motherboard

    will this motherboard and this set of ram work together!
  9. I

    gpu tech difference

    Since Maxwell Nvidia employs tiled rendering. Now they added Ray Tracing. Current gen consoles and AMD graphic cards lack both features as I know. That is next gen consoles (which presumably are to sport AMD-based APU's) and PC graphics are to go different ways?
  10. J

    Is a new computer THAT much better than a 7 year old system?

    Sounds like a stupid question - but - I have a 7 year old system I built with i7 3939, 32gb DDR3 1333 RAM, 1 tb Samsung 850 EVO SSD for OS, Radeon HD 7900, plus a bunch of spinning HD for data. I also put in a Corsair 1200W PS for no good reason other than I liked the idea. It has been on 24/7...
  11. R

    [SOLVED] New system randomly shuts down.

    I bought a new system because my old build started randomly shutting down. So I got new components and the exact same thing happened. PSU failed the paperclip test so I bought another one and now, 2 months later, I'm back where I started. I was just getting ready to install Windows and while in...
  12. M

    Should I continue increasing my Vcore? (i7-8700K @4.7GHz)

    Hi guys, I'm trying to OC my brand new i7-8700K and I'm targeting something like 4.8GHz. My complete setup: -CPU: i7-8700k -CPU cooler: Noctua NH-D15S -MB: Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 2.0 -RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB 3000MHz (but for CPU OC, I left it at stock 2133MHz) -PSU: Corsair TX750M -GPU: RTX...
  13. P

    [SOLVED] I need help building a PC under $180

    Im looking to build a PC under $180, i would like it to be able to run Fortnite,CS:GO does anyone have any tips on how to go about this? Can you guys tell me what i should buy and possibly send me links to stuff on Ebay? Could i buy a Dell Optiplex 790 DT with I5-2400 3.1 GHZ, 4GB Ram, 500GB...
  14. K

    amd files on windows after changing to intel

    Hello, After changing motherboard and CPU i performed a clean install of windows through USB, but after looking around on file explorer i found under windows > WinSxS a lot of files starting with AMD, what are these and how are they related to my system (I have an intel CPU and before I had AMD)
  15. S

    My pc crashes and i don't know why

    My pc only crashes when I try and play games like overwatch or siege and I got a minidump image name of ntkrnlmp.exe I tried to reinstall my graphics drivers but when I did I got this My windows is up to date.
  16. D

    [SOLVED] Question about my windows 10 key

    Hey guys, new to the forum. Not sure if this question has already been asked so here goes. I’m currently in the process of building a new PC and will be wiping my SSD and HDD clean for my install. However, I’ve already purchased and loaded a copy of windows 10 to my current rig. Can I make a...
  17. G

    Cant run 3000mhz ram at advertsised 3000mhz

    Bought a new system the other day with a B450m Motherboard and Hyperx 2x4GB ram 3000mhz. When i first started the system, the bios showed the ram as 2400mhz and I couldnt get it up to 3000mhz through the bios either... Any ideas? Is there any way to monitor the mhz while in game or just...
  18. E

    Is a 550 watt Corsair power supply enough to overclock the RX 570 4gb and Ryzen 3 1200?

    I would like to overclock the RX 570 4gb at least if not the Ryzen 3 1200 CPU as well. However, I would be fine with just overclocking the GPU. Can my Corsair VS 550 watt PSU handle it? If not I will skip the overclocking. Does overclocking void my warranty for my PC parts? Would a stock Ryzen...
  19. Sagar_20

    Is there really any benefit in updating windows?

    Every few days i get a message to update my windows. However i am not sure enough whether i need that or not, but as i see most of them are either security updates or .net framework/ virus removal tools. So should i update? Will it change anything?
  20. AndrewFreedman

    Asus ZenBook S13 Has Bezels So Thin it Needs a Notch

    Asus' new ZenBooks impressed us not only with their extremely compact designs, but also because few compromises were made to achieve such a small form factor. Asus ZenBook S13 Has Bezels So Thin it Needs a Notch : Read more
  21. A

    100% disk active 1800ms respond time HDD

    Hello. I have and Seagate 1tb as an second HDD (2 years old). i have Window 10 installed on SSD. Yesterday my HDD going extremly slow, even when booting to window and shutdown PC. I checked task manager, process tab tell the disk always at 33% usage (i have 1 ssd & 2 HDD), while on performance...
  22. J

    Is this error caused by my CPU or the motherboard? I'm receiving this error whenever I boot my custom PC. I though it was dead ram but I've tried seating some new sticks and still seeing this on startup. Is this more likely the motherboard or the CPU? Only started happening after I cleaned my PC and applied...
  23. L

    Is this Pc specs good for game streaming?

    CPU: Intel Core i5-4690 Motherboard: Asus B85-Pro-Gamer GPU: Asus Strix GTX970 RAM: Kingston DDR3 8GB 1600mHz(1x8GB) PSU: OEM brand 700W My hdd is WD Green 1TB, are those specs can make game streaming? Im using OBS Studio for streaming, and playing Overwatch, Medium graphic setting.
  24. V

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to make my display smaller with black bars?

    This probably sounds stupid but I have a 31.5" 1920x1080 monitor, but I find it too big, so is it possible I can make my display smaller using black bars and not lose quality?
  25. U

    [SOLVED] Scren flickering zotac gtx 1060 via hdmi

    Pc Using win 7 I7 4770, 16gb ram I bought zotac gtx1060 amp edition 6gb and hp N246v Sisplay yesterday. I connected via hdmi full hd resolution 60 ghz. Screen go black half second but only 2-3 time in a day while browsing, most of time while watching video. And I noticed flickering while...
  26. M

    [SOLVED] New Build Ryzen 2600 No Post, All powers up!

    Hey guys! I hope you can help me. My friend just recently build a pc with my help but all powers up and no post to BIOS. Specs: - Ryzen 5 2600 - MSI B450M Bazooka Plus - 1060 6gb Asus - 8gb Single Ram - Corsair 650W 80plus Steps tried: - CMOS Reset - Reseatting CPU - Reseating GPU...
  27. S

    Advice on upgrading AMD FX4100

    Hi All I want to work out whether to upgrade my computer or buy a new one. I'd spend max £500 on a new one, but upgrade to £250-£300. Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P (Socket M2) AMD 780G CPU: AMD 4100 4 Core 3.6ghz Ram: 16GB DDR3 Graphics: Ati Radeon 3000 512mb rs780 Windows 7 64 bit...
  28. A

    What motherboard should I get for my i7 4790 (non k)?

    My specs are: GTX 1070 ti 2 x 8gb DDR3 ram modules Intel core i7 4790
  29. J

    [SOLVED] My Corsair carbide 275r case has no hdd led

    My Corsair carbide 275r case has no hdd led help
  30. Z

    [SOLVED] All fans running 100% PC won't start when GPU is connected to PSU

    Hi. I built my new computer yesterday. To begin with, it booted up fine. The first time I powered it on, it turned off and on again a few couple of times. But eventually I got into BIOS where chose to run an XMP. Then i let it boot into windows (I kept the storage from the old setup) and it was...
  31. T

    Are my ram slots broken?

    I have a ASRock AB350M-HDV MoBo and I just tried to install new ram into the slots. The ram sticks are all the way in but my PC will not turn on. I’ve tried 1 8 GB stick in both slots, and I’ve tried 2 8 GB sticks in both slots. I know the problem isn’t the sticks because they work perfectly...
  32. Z

    What Can I Upgrade To?

    Hello, I would like to know which is the fastest processor my pc is able to upgrade to? Specs: Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU: AMD FX-6300 35 °C Vishera 32nm Technology RAM: 8.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 799MHz (11-11-11-28) Motherboard: MSI 760GMA-P34(FX) (MS-7641) (CPU1)...
  33. N

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 3 2200G VEGA 8 (BSOD)

    HI. i found problem in my CPUs ryzen 3 2200g. I've updated drivers but I often get a BSOD on games with the error VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE atikmpag.sys only when I play games can I immediately freeze and the blue screen (its sucks) Please post in English. Google translation follows: Are there...
  34. S

    ryzen 1600x with rtx 2070? will it bottleneck

    looking to upgrade my cpu to 1600x but if it bottlenecks than wich cpu should I buy?
  35. M

    i5-3570k Overclocking Questions

    i am planning to overclock my i5-3570k using cryorig h7 dual fan but i have some questions that needs answering. i am also planning on switching to a ryzen 5 or above cpu in a year or 2 after zen 2 is released. i want to atleast get 4.2ghz OC as a start and later go further. specs: CPU -...
  36. J

    how to update colorful battle axe a320

    how to update the bios of battle axe a320 i want to use athlon200 ge processor
  37. J

    [SOLVED] R5 2600+a320 gigabyte mobo or r5 1600 on a b350 mobo?

    Both are bundled but the r5 1600 on a b350 mobo is a bit expensive than the 2600+a320
  38. G

    [SOLVED] 144hz monitor with this GPU?

    So I have a RX480 8GB gpu and I am planning to buy a 144hz monitor for it. Will it be enough and will I still get good fps? I only play Overwatch and csgo and rest of the time im browsing the web. thanks
  39. T

    Terrible performance on gaming PC

    Hello. I bought a new gaming PC from my friend about a month ago. It´s decent PC in my opinion, however the performance is terrible. I tried 2 games already and both run horribly. First is Assassins Creed (2007), which runs perfect, but at places with smoke, bigger crowds and more complex...
  40. D

    [SOLVED] Does increasing RAM and using SSD helps in gaming performance

    If I add 4gb RAM and 500gb SSD to my laptop with core i7 7th Gen 7500U 8gb DDR4 RAM 1TB HDD and GeForce 940MX 2GB GPU will the gaming performance increase in my laptop? I usually play dota, CSGO, Hitman Absolution and GTA V.