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  1. M

    [SOLVED] Cooler master or seasonic

    I'm building my first pc and i'm still looking for a psu to pair with these parts: AMD ryzen 5 1600 AF Msi radeon rx 570 8gb ASRock b450m pro-4 16gb ddr4 3200 mhz 258 gb M.2 SSd The two psu's that i have in mind right now are the Cooler Master mwe 450w 80+ and the Seasonic s12iii 500w 80+...
  2. SageWindu

    Question Peculiar PC Lag Issue

    Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing well in these uncertain times. Anyway, I've been having a very bizarre problem regarding my PC lagging and try as I might I can't seem to figure out what's wrong nor how to fix it. So I come to you all for help. Here's the situation: at completely random...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] Seasonic Focus GX 750? Or EVGA G5 750?

    Trying to decide between these 2 PSUs. Heard the G5 can be noisy. But don't see many people use Seasonic. Any thoughts or perspective?
  4. Roresh1

    Question Confused about what to do

    hello,so i have a PSU with a height (H) of 8,5 cm,if i buy a psu that is 8,6 cm in height will it fit?i'm guessing there shouldn,t be much a difference.My current PSU seems pretty crammed in there. i have this PSU :
  5. F

    [SOLVED] nice budget psu

    im planning to build this systen gigabyte h81m-ds2 intel core i5 4690 kingston 4gb×2 two hdd's 500gb and 1tb gtx 960/rx 570 should i choose antec vp500p v2, seasonic s12ii 520w, be quiet u9 500w, or cooler master masterwatt lite 500w?
  6. manoloeltrolo

    [SOLVED] help, power supply explode?

    i was working in my pc, and suddendly the power supply emites a sound like a boom, i am scared, because i test the mouse in another pc and it is not working, i disconnect everything of the pc inside and i only connect de supply to 220v(south america) my house goes dark, and the power supply is...
  7. chasetherazor516

    [SOLVED] HELP New build No Display

    Hi guys I just Built my first PC and it will not display these are the specs cooler is the stock one that came with the CPU tried putting it all together and it would not display from the GPU HDMI so i tried the MOBO HDMI still nothing Tried doing bare bones...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] Which should I purchase, be quiet! Straight Power 11( Tier A+) or SeaSonic FOCUS PX (Tier A)?

    Should I purchase be quiet! Straight Power 11 750W 80 Plus Gold( BN619 ) or SeaSonic FOCUS PX Series 650W 80 Plus Platinum (FOCUS PX-650) According to psu tier list be quiet! Straight Power 11 is on Tier A+ - Recommended for high...
  9. L

    Question Seasonic 550W Platinum enough for Ryzen 3600? Quiet PSU

    Hi guys :) I decided i want a quiet Power Supply that is passive during Idle, browsing and writing, and not make much noise during photoediting or video editing either, I wonder i a Seasonic Focus plus 550W Platinum would be enough for this setup? B450 Mortar + Ryzen 3600 (65W TDP) + GTX...
  10. Question +12v got only 10.2v max Seasonic Platinum 750w

    I have issue with +12v reading in Mobo is just 10.2 at max and it suddenly off and on again and again. My PSU Seasonic Platinum 750w only 6 month y.o What should I do?
  11. N

    Question 8pin and 2 x 4pin connector confusion

    Hello everyone, I have seasonic SS 500-ET power supply and it has an 8 pin connector and a 2x4 pin connector, and I don't know which one to use for powering CPU or I don't know about the use of any of these connectors in general. kindly help me asap. Thanks
  12. yullbarez

    Question PC Turns Off It's Own

    Hi recently my PC turns off it's own. PC turns off like Windows "Shutting Down" so it's not shutting down suddenly. I think it's doesn't source from Windows itself. Sometimes it's turn off when at booting screen. I've not found which component causing it. Also after it shuts down sometimes it...
  13. R

    [SOLVED] PSU died, getting opinions about best budget PSU to get

    Hi my corsair VS550 seems to be dead . My buid is : MSI a88xm-e35 AMD a8 6600k AMD XFX RX 580 4gb Corsair XMS3 4+4gb RAM so what is the best budget PSu to get to replace my dead PSU ? I have this two in mind : Seasonic S12II 520W Seasonic M12II Evo Edition 520W Full Modular there´s anything...
  14. Mezoxin

    [SOLVED] Seasonic Focus plus vs Prime Ultra vs Corsair HX-1000

    the 3 models corsair HX-1000w Seasonic PRIME 1000 Gold SSR-1000GD and Focus Plus 1000w gold are nearly identical in price were i live ? Which one should i go with ? I know they are an overkill for my current build but i would be planning to upgrade in the near future
  15. rcald2000

    [SOLVED] EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G5 vs Seasonic PRIME Ultra 650W

    Me and a bunch of friends are building a gaming computer for a friend-in-common, and we're each purchasing a part for him. My contribution will be the power supply. Since several of us are involved, I don't yet know the entire build, but my guess is the following: Ryzen 7 3700X / 16 GB / RTX...
  16. A

    [SOLVED] Is the Seasonic S12II 620w good enough?

    Hello, My current PC specs are: ryzen 5 2600x CPU 2x8 gb ddr4 Ram rx5700 xt GPU And i currently have a Seasonic S12II 620W PSU Do you think it is good enough for this PC? I mean, not only if it has enough Wattage, but also if its safe and reliable enough, if its of good quality. Should i keep...
  17. F

    [SOLVED] Is Seasonic 550W GOLD PSU enough for Sapphire Nitro+ RX 5700 XT?

    So I just bought the Sapphire Nitro+ RX 5700 XT to replace my dead GPU. Before i bought my new GPU, I have read posts and reviews that 550W is fine/enough for the 5700 XT(which i think they're referring to the reference model). The wattage calculators also says it's fine. But what's stated on...
  18. R

    [SOLVED] Can I overclock on this PSU?

    Hi tom's Hardware, I know that 450W is more than enough to sustaim my system on vanilla settings, but I was wondering how much overclock possiblity I can have on my CPU and RAM with Seasonic FOCUS PLUS 550W 80+ Gold PSU , im contemplating between 550 and 650 My system specs are as follows...
  19. D

    [SOLVED] Seasonic vs CoolerMaster

    Hi, i need just a quick answer. Looking to buy a new PSU for my RX 580 and Ryzen 5 1600. Looking to buy one of these two as they are quite good when it comes to power draw, they both got a bronze certification but also they are fully modural, so i can get some headache off from the...
  20. InSovietRussiaComputerBuildsYOU

    [SOLVED] Seasonic SS-620GB vs Coolermaster Masterwatt 700W

    Hey guys, I am looking for a cheap way to power my retro rig (Phenom II x4 (120W?) and R9 290 (275W?)). The CPU and mobo are more than 10 years old, so I'm not too worried about power failure and all the things people warn when cheap PSUs are mentioned. I found a local seller that sells second...
  21. S

    [SOLVED] Can 550w PSU handle GTX 1070 ti and R5 3600?

    Hi, I am currently looking to upgrade my pc but retain my GPU (GTX 1070 ti). I have tried to research regarding the subject matter but it seems opinions revolve on 550w being enough and 650w for OC headroom. Here are my planned specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5...
  22. O

    Question 650W vs 750W PSU

    So I just realized that I was using a cheapo chinese 80 plus 700W power supply for 3 years and since I don't want my house to burn down I decided to upgrade. I looked around a bit and I can't decide between the Seasonic 650W Focus plus gold
  23. R

    Question Seasonic 850w Titanium active pfc

    A few months ago I built a new PC. Since the build date my PSU makes a constant tick sound. While it never becomes very audible it does increase in volume minorly depending on load. It even does it when it is powered off. I contacted Seasonic to see if it was something to be concerned about, in...
  24. consptheory77

    Question Best options for new PSU: EVGA or Seasonic, used or new?

    When I built a Haswell desktop back in 2015, it originally had a Seasonic 450W Bronze. When I upgraded the CPU the next year to an i5 K series, I upgraded the PSU to an EVGA 850W Gold. I bought the EVGA used from ebay, it was a good price ($75) but the desktop did have one tendency after that...
  25. Nervly

    Question Seasonic Focus Plus 650w vs 750w | Ryzen 3900x & RTX 2080 Super

    Hello! Currently planning a build for the end of the month, here's what it looks like: The only thing that's left is deciding on the PSU. I'm getting the Seasonic Focus Plus, however, I don't know if I should go for 650w (94€) or 750w (109€), especially...
  26. S

    [SOLVED] Seasonic prime ultra titanium 750W or 850W.

    Hello, I'm assembling a new PC and I heard that the PSU work best when working between 50% and 70% of its capacity, it will go well with the 750w or the 850w Will be better, the Price difference between them is almost nonexistent. My main uses will be playing videogames at 2k resolution, video...
  27. Tibone101

    Question Normal or strange?

    Hallo, I recently bought a Seasonic Focus Gold 550w for my system, it works/looks really good, the only thing if i turn it on, it turns on for 1sec (fans blowing etc), then it turns off for 1 sec (no lights), then it turns on again and it works perfectly fine? Is this normal or just some safety...
  28. the plantation owner

    Question seasonic m12II 520 evo for my rx 580 and ryzne 5 1600 (i bought the psu just wana ask some questions)

    Hello, today i came here to ask a question about Seasonics evo 520w m12II, is it going to do the job for a year or a half a year for my rx 580 and ryzen 5 1600 ? I bought this while i was drunk and i didnt even take my time to read the spec sheet or nottin so im gonna ask u ppl on what do...
  29. S

    Question Weird static noise is it normal ?

    Hey guys, so recently I have been hearin something strange coming from my Seasonic focus plus gold 550W psu. It's a sort of constant static noise and it's when I point my ear specifically in the direction of my psu and when I put my ear directly to it I can hear it really clear. I bought a...
  30. mangaman

    Question SeaSonic Focus or S12III

    My current PSU is 4 years old, and I'll most likely be swapping it out with something better once I upgrade my system. My upgraded system will be a Ryzen 5 1600 or 2600, 8GB DDR4, and a R9 270x (I'll later upgrade my GPU to a RX 580 once I get the chance). I was wondering if the SeaSonic focus...
  31. seagatedoge

    Question New build with old PSU

    I am planning a new build, roughly: lower-end X570 motherboard, Ryzen 3800X, Nvidia 1080. I was planning on using my existing PSU for it: a Seasonic XP-1000 Platinum 1000W that I have been using almost daily since July 2013. There is conflicting information in my research so far on whether this...
  32. J

    Question Would this PSU be good enough?

    I was thinking of getting this PSU (Seasonic SS-650HT 650w power supply) for my ryzen 3 2200g build. Is it sufficient enough for overclocking and gaming on the side?
  33. Info PSU Comparison Table (A Sortable Database of Desktop PSU/SMPS)

    A consolidated list of Desktop PSU/SMPS (Power Supply Units/Switch-Mode Power Supplies) for comparison of different brands and models (the link to the list below opens to a shared Google Spreadsheet, no sign-in is required): Link: POWER SUPPLY UNIT COMPARISON TABLE - A Sortable Database of...
  34. K

    Question Motherboard might be fried

    Hello guys, I recently assembled a computer using the INWIN 101, and upon bootup using the breadboard method, the computer worked just fine. Getting it into the case, it still justified its functionality through another test startup, this time with the parts in the case. One thing to be aware of...
  35. G

    Question PSU Causing Issues

    My PSU (~6-year-old 650W Seasonic modular, not exactly sure what model) has made noises now and again for quite some time but after upgrading my GPU (from evga 950 to zotac 1050ti) recently, it's consistently made a clicking sound which I've discovered persists when I stop the fan. It also has...
  36. X

    Question 2x 4pin in 1 8pin, or a 4pin?

    I have a Seasonic Focus 750 Gold ( ) and a i5-8600k with the Asrock edit z390 Extreme 4 Motherboard. I have bought the motherboard and cpu just recently, and when building it I saw that I have a 8pin and a 4pin for the CPU, now I have plugged...
  37. R

    Question Seasonic 850W Titanium psu ticking noise

    Hello, just have a quick question since I can't seem to find anything similar. I just put my rig together roughly about 2 weeks ago. I wanted to go as high end as possible on the PSU to avoid any potential power issues. One thing I've noticed since I've had it, is a very faint ticking noise...
  38. jcchimaera

    Question Best choice between seasonic psu

    is there any much differences between: Seasonic S12II-620 620W - 80+ Bronze Certified - 5 Years Warranty Replacement - Retail Box (NO OEM) and Seasonic M12II-520 Evo Edition 520W Full Modular - 80+ Bronze Certified - 5 Years Warranty Replacement - Retail Box (NO OEM) because in my area /...
  39. A

    [SOLVED] Which upgrade should I prioritize?

    Hi,I currently have the following: Ryzen 5 2600 B450 Mortar 2x4GB 2133MHz Kingston (Yeah, the green pcb) Asus Expedition GTX 1050Ti Corsair VS650 240gb ssd 1tb hdd 720p monitor I have a max budget of Php 8,000 (150 USD). I'm thinking of the following: -A second hand monitor 24" 1080p 60Hz for...
  40. Z

    Question Wich result from which Wattage calculator should I trust? new PSU

    The result are the Load wattage unless specified otherwise: = 198W = 245 W = 259W = Recomended PSU wattage 472 W...