Question Swap Cables of thwo Seasonic Power Supplies

Feb 13, 2021
Hello there,

this is my first post on this forum so if I have done anything wrong just tell me. I will be happy to make changes.

So I own 2 Seasonic PSUs being the:
  • Seasonic Focus GX-650 Gold and the
  • Seasonic Focus SGX Gold 650. (This one is from the H1 and labled NZXT but it is to my knowledge said Seasonic PSU with a NZXT Sticker.)
I am planning to swap some of the cables between these two PSUs since they are from the same manufacturer. However i could not find any information on the wiring of the PSU Cables. Do you guys know any source to find that information. Or does Seasonic probably have a wiring standard so cables are interchangeable for their PSUs?

Any help will be greatly appreciated thank you in advance.