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Question Motherboard slightly scratched

I was removing the brackets of my cabinet then I accidentally scratched my motherboard near that REALTEK thing
View: https://imgur.com/a/ph3P1B3

Please help this my first build..... I'm feeling depressed....
I agree with COLGeek that it's cosmetic as it doesn't appear any traces are broken. But if it did affect anything it would most likely be audio related as that's the area it's in and those look like signal lines to the rear audio ports.

One thing I would suggest though: that's bare copper now and subject to corrosion. I'd suggest putting a coat of fingernail polish on it to cover it up.
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i don't even see the scratches

that realtek is or the soundcard or the ethernet adapter, if it died, you can replace it with a soundcard in the pci express slot, same for the ethernet adapter

next time dont let the screwdriver fall or don't go full strength at those screws to avoid bad surprises
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